Blazblue players around Riverside area?


Hey, so HOPEFULLY the new year of inductees at UC Riverside see this thread, and hopefully some of them enjoy playing Blazblue. As of right now, the BB scene in the IE is seriously lacking. The only place that has any decent comp is at Denjin/FFA. AI is OK, but it’s a good 40 minute drive from UCR.

SOOOOO here’s a call to all UCR/IE BB fans, I’m gauging the interest level of holding some sessions once the school year starts. As of right now, from what I’m hearing, the UCR arcade is being shutdown, and the 360 setups at Latitude 55 are a joke, so house sessions are the way to go. I will probably be hosting, and I hope to get at least a good 3-4 ppl to come to each one. Post here or contact me on my facebook

I have a nice HRAP, so hopefully someone brings a TE or another HRAP. Of course, there are controllers for the pad warriors.

There will be shit-fighter fo, but I personally will make every one of the attendees hate that game with my Sagat shenanigans if I see it trumping Blazblue :cool:. It’s all bout BB baby!!!


Bump for BB?


I would be down, I owe your Noel some pain.


hey watsup man, I’m not a hardcore BB player but trying to get better. My homies are really into the BB scene, I live out in Rancho Cucamonga so if you wanna hit up some games hit me up man… we gotta get some sessions up in the I.E since we gotta drive to find competition. hopefully we can spread the word!


Can i get some confirmation on the ucr arcade shutting down? it was closed for summer but i’m pretty sure it’ll be reopened in fall. Where’d you hear it was closing?


Wow where am I supposed to stay between classes now? That place can’t close!


make me hate the game plz!


yo mike im down but dont expect too much from my rachel haha i play more sf4 but hopefully i can level up my BB game but im planning on bringing my 360 TE so yeah. this is troy from facebook btw in case you forgot.


Thanks for the responses, I’ll contact you guys when the sessions start. Right now my new apartment is pretty unfurnished because we just moved in, so give me a month or so lol. But yea, I dunno bout the UCR arcade, but the rumor is that its being moved to latitude 55 (hopefully its true).

Like I said, there will be a mix of SFIV and BB, depends on what the people want more!


woo woo more IE community :smiley:


thats good, its a sign we are growing LOL, but yoo mooyang check out my session thread, i be grinding over here on saturdays BlazBlue and Street fighter 4 hit my homie huber up if u wanna come by on saturday

Link to the Alta Loma/ Rancho Cucamonga I.E 909 AREA Sessions


Hey good shit I’ll be sure to do that, nothing to do this Saturday and right now I don’t even have a TV at my crib yet lol.


UCR Arcade is closing down? Damn, so many OG memories in that place… :sad:


I can’t believe they’re shutting down the arcade. This place got me back into the scene. I miss the old 3rd strike crew. Haven’t been there in a year now. I miss that place…


what are you talking about? that arcade had the worst sticks in the history of man.

Despite beating hella ppl in cvs2 there i never did a full bison custom.


Haha I went to the UCR arcade often when I was in a mid-college program at my high school. Everyone was pretty scrub cept when Jesse came by to fuck me up in CvS2.

I live in MoVal if anyone wants to play MvC2/SF4.

EDIT: Haha I have BB too for 360 but no sticks or anything just wanted to show IE some love didn’t intend to de-rail the OP.


Lol they removed CvS2 for Soul Calibur 2 last fall.


So now there’s no more 3s at UCR, and all games have been moved to Latitude55 and the marvel machine has some buttons that don’t work.


I’ve heard that there’s a 3s machine in Tapioca Express off Blaine now. I’m guessing it’s the same one that was in the campus gameroom.


OK sessions are starting now, in fact we just had like 2 in the last week. We play SFIV/BB. If you want in, pm me and we can exchange numbers and stuff. We prefer UCR students, or at least people who live close by, because a lot of our sessions happen spur of the moment.


o dang i need to meet some more sf players that go to ucr. im adding u to my facebook mooyang