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" Regarding Button Setup?
I have played GG but not Blazblue before and am wondering what the best control setup is for my SE fightstick. I modded it so that it is a standard 6-button street fighter setup, but where should i place the ABCD buttons respectively?


or this?


(where x represents one of two unused buttons)

-this best? three attack buttons on top row and juggle on the bottom left button?

Any suggestions appreciated,

It’s a combination of character choice and personal preference. Most people (myself included) prefer the first way though. Drive != Juggle, btw. It’s character-specific gimmicks (puppet for Carl, staff projectiles for Litchi, etc.)

Both control layouts are selectable in arcade, so either one is 100% valid. The first one will feel more natural for anyone that’s played stuff like TvC, melty blood, arcana heart, etc. whereas the second is more like GG and other Arcsys games.

well i personally prefer the second one “B”. i can use my 3 fingers for normals and my thumb for drive.

first one seems weird to me cause i’ll either have to use my thumb for weak attack, or my pinky for drive depending on how i let my hands rest on the configuration.

they did a poll on dustloop and i think it was 2/3rds in favor of B layout iirc.


any “official” word on how balanced it is? any tier lists laying around?

here’s the latest character match up chart. Should answer your question :wgrin:

Courtesy of our friends at -

Top 3 (Nu, Arakune, and Rachel) have a significant advantage, but they’re not unbeatable. There haven’t been any official tier lists that I know of, but there’s a matchup chart here:

Keep in mind that it’s just based on player opinions though.

You can also check the list of SBO qualifiers to see how many players have won a qualifying tournament with each character.

Edit: Ha, beaten to the matchup chart. The one he posted is slightly different, but it’s based on the opinions of many of the same players, so emphasis on the “slightly”.

I didn’t want to keep linking to dustloop, so I just got the file straight up from the guys :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m checking out the official BlazBlue English site, and there’s a notation in the characters’ movelists that I don’t understand. Beside each move, there’s a “SP1,” “SP2,” etc…what is that?

Question: What exactly is 236? I been reading around the forums and I keep seeing 236+A, 236+B etc.

Excuse the noobieness :sweat:

The joystick layout is like this


Remember 5 is in the middle and you should be alright. So for examble a hadouken would be 2,3,6+A

Wow, so its just QCF in number form. And here I thought I was going to be lost with all this talk about numbers. College has made me afraid of numbers :rofl:

Thanks very much OP:tup:

not official, but my very educated guess is that SP1 for example is the shortcut for a Special Attack bound to the right analog stick (as a shortcut)

they used the SP1 notation in Wii Guilty gear for the specials bound to ‘hold these buttons and swing the remote’

just speculation though

Can you still use the plinking method for links?

The game repeats the same button press for 5 frames if you hold it. So, no, plinking isn’t to your advantage in comparison.

plinking is a SF4-only glitch

Is there a list of character health/stamina anywhere? In SF I always seemed to be drawn to the frail/pixie characters…