Make sure your inputs are clean and fast, don’t mash. Dustloop is the place to go for combos and further strategy discussion.


22B/C is a followup when your opponent is knocked down only, you can’t do it raw.


Oh I see what you mean now. I’ve only seen it used on knocked down opponents. Thought you could do it raw.

Thanks for the help!


This. BB is super forgiving of inputs, and you can basically mash stuff like this out - literally, if you do something super messy like 3C > 2 > C > C > 2 > C > 2 > C you’ll probably get 3C > Silencer.

But Silencer will NOT come out unless your opponent has been grounded at some point during the combo. You can’t just do 22B at neutral and expect it to work. Which is something that would be nice if the game told you, but it probably doesn’t.

Anyway, I suggest looking at the Dustloop Wiki page on Noelfor stuff like this.


I took a quick peek at dustloop, and nothing immediately helpful jumped out for makoto play.

Like the wiki has no combos, and they say she has good normals, but I’m finding that she just gets reck’t (and how do you use qcf qcf d super?) BUT I’m going to stick with her, even if my fiance is absolutely disgusted by the “whore chipmunk”

Any tips from you folks about where to look for this rushdown 0 range underboob (I’m pretty sure her character design document was just “underboob” and people said, “you need more,” so they flipped a coin, it was tails, and they decided “just add a tail”


You really would be better off asking on Dustloop. I can tell you some things, but the Makoto forum has folks more knowledgeable than me. The forum has two combo threads and a really good guide, even though it’s from CSE.

For combos, your basic midscreen BnB is:

5B > 5CC > 2D(2) > 5B > 6A > 2D > ender

Depending on the character and how long you delay the 6A and 2D, you can actually put them on whichever side you want. From here, the normal ender is:

… 2C > 214B > j.C > j.B > land > j.C > j.B > jc > j.D

If that puts them into the corner, you can then do 5D into orb oki. There are also some other enders:

… 2C > 214A~A > 5CC > j.C > j.B > jc > j.D (for side switch if you mess up the first one)
… 2C > CT > 2B > 5B > 6A > j.B > jc > j.D (some damage)

If you start the combo with them in the corner or close to the corner (which, for Makoto, means like starting positions) you can confirm with 5C > 6C instead of 5CC into a corner route. You should just autopilot it this way, because 5C > 6C comes out as 5CC on block.

5B > 5C > 6C > 214A~C > 236D > 5B > 6A > 2D > 2C > 214A~A > 6A > j.B > jc > j.D > 5D

OD combos are important for Makoto, but they’re difficult to explain because they’re highly dependent on your health and distance from the corner. You usually want to get them to the corner and do 623C~D and TK j.623C~D, then end in Particle Flare. Some examples:

Full screen: 5B > 5CC > 2D(2) > 5B > 6A > 2D > OD > 5B > j.623C~D > 66 5B > 623C~D > 5D > 214A~D > 236236D
Close to corner: 5B > 5CC > 2D(2) > 5B > 6A > 2D > 2C > delay 214A~C > 236D > OD > 214B~D > 623C~D > j.623C~D > 236236D

As for your other questions…Makoto uses her supers pretty much never outside of OD combos. You can end most corner combos with 5D > 5C > 236236D, but you give up all of your advantage, so it’s not really worth it unless you can kill. Meter is mostly used for RCs during pressure or making DPs safe, or you can throw a CT into the middle of your combos to increase the damage.

Her normals aren’t bad; 5B has deceptive range, j.CC has a great trajectory from a dash jump or 214B, and you’ll be approaching with that very frequently. Cosmic Ray (214A~D) and Lightning Arrow (214B/C~D) are both great moves which are +0 on block (usually, Lightning Arrow varies). 6A is one of the best anti-airs in the game now. j.B is great at hitting enemies above you, and j.2C and 3C are both useful for being tricky.

Her pressure is pretty standard stuff: frametraps from 2A stagger and 5C delay C, pressure resets with Asteroid Vision A into gimmicky mixup/frametraps, or Asteroid Vision B into j.CC, Lightning Arrow, or j.2C. You should check the guide or ask on Dustloop if you want to know more, since I don’t main Makoto anymore.


Yeah, I’ll definitely train up so I’m not fraudulent–really digging BBCP and P4 even though I’m super noob to anime.

But these games are so fun!


Some of the character ‘communities’ on Dustloop are pure crap, and the Makoto forum, I believe, is one of them, since they only even got CP matchup threads like two weeks ago, and they don’t even have a full list, to say nothing of actually updating their wiki section. (If you want a low tier character that actually has a community that does stuff, play Tsubaki instead :P) That said, there IS a “Q&A for newcomers” thread that handles most of your questions.

To answer a couple of your general questions:
Two use Particle Flare - 236236D (Hold appropriately, release). Push D again, hold appropriately, release. Push D AGAIN, hold appropriately, release. (Isn’t this stuff in the character ‘trials’?)

Generally for Makoto, you need to win on footsies, because you don’t really have any ‘fancy’ tools. 5B and 2A are your major tools here, though 5A and various jump normals also have their uses. Don’t be afraid to run forward - a Makoto who is too scared to dash forward is doomed - but in so doing, you’re basically saying “I think my reactions and spacing are better than yours, come get some.” If you get cold feet and don’t want to throw out a normal, or feel they’re going to DP or something weird, you can cut your dash short with barrier guard (just holding back to block will inexplicably cause you to ‘skid’ to a stop and you’ll be vulnerable for like a week, whereas pushing back +AB to barrier will stop you into barrier instantly. Dumb mechanic, IMHO, but that’s how it works.)

You can do some shenanigans with Asteroid Vision, most of these require you to persuade your opponent to block for a while first, so you really need to be able to approach with normals and dashes before you can start getting gimmicky.


Depends what you mean by crap. If dead = crap, then the BlazBlue section of SRK is crap too. Just because nobody’s posting doesn’t mean there aren’t helpful people there. Makoto mains are dying for somebody to be interested in their character.

rofl, I’m pretty sure he knows how to input the move. I assumed he was asking about its practical applications.


I mean that they basically don’t have their info organized. The amount/quality/findability of information on Makoto is poor compared to some other characters.

I’m not casting aspersions on how helpful they are, just how organized/productive.

Meh. Then he needs to ask the question better. Besides, that answer is nearly as obvious. Combo Finisher or Reversal Super. z.z (And I guess some side switch combos still?)


Hello guys, I really want to play blazblue online, but I have a xbox 360. With all this stuff about Blazblue Chrono Phantasma being PS3 only, Im wondering if there’s still any version that ppl play on xbox live. I just dont want to buy a game and have no community to play with.


There is a small and dwindling number of people playing Extend on the 360, but depending on your time zone and availability, you may be able to find matches. I didn’t have any trouble finding some last night, but again, I expect the number to drop as more people’s copies of CP arrive.

CP as a PS3 exclusive remains a really sad thing.


How is footsies implemented into this game? I’m trying to figure it out and it feels like I’m running in with Ragna or jumping in and hoping for the best of luck. I’m getting in this from street fighter so it does feel a lot different witht the neutral game but this is a game I really want to get into


Is there a Ragna thread in this forum or is it okay for me to create one?

EDIT: My question to BlueFlamingo


I’m a Venom player in Guilty Gear.
The only character that kinda clicks with me in CPE so far is Nu.
Despite her learning curve, is it a good starter if I’m used to zoning types? Or would Lambda be a better choice?


In CPE, Nu is a better choice than Lambda, fullstop.

But if you’re used to Venom, you might find that Mu fits you better.


Back from BBCP, ditched CPEX but might play it because its on Steam. So what has changed now with Central Fiction?


The fact that it’s not out yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Its long been out in Japan and the changes and the knowledge of such has already spread into the community. I was just asking some stuff I missed about the new info. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not out on consoles, so unless you have an arcade near you with the game, any info is not useful. :peace: