Whoa, that is way easier than plinking

Why is the music actually good? Aren’t 2d fighters supposed to have mind numbingly painful soundtracks?

Serious questions:
How do you get the unlockables? What are the unlockables?

Question for Xbox 360 users:
Is the gameplay/loading times/etc. better if you install the game on your HDD? I know for Halo 3 Bungie specifically said not to install the game. However, SFIV has much better load times and stuff with the game installed.

Someone is bound to ask this so… Here are the Xbox 360 achievements

Halo 3 was one of the few games really ,really optimized around streaming.

I don’t have the game in my hand yet, but I can almost 100% guarantee that, yes, it will be significantly faster load times if you install it to the hard drive.

Also, it seems that the achievements website I posted earlier dropped all the secret achievements…

This one is complete

yea the hotkeying of special attacks exists in BB. Tager 360 on 1 simple button :looney:

Indestructable is now playing in your head, on loop :tup:

Welcome to the world that Gear heads have been living in for years.

All hail Daisuke Ishiwatari

ahhhhhhh if only you SF players new what you have been missing.

True story. Senkei33 and I were at a big SF tourney in orlando a month ago or so(GoogleMyNames) and when he hooked his ps3 up to the projector for finals we had some casual time and he turned on his Guilty Gear Soundtrack while we were playing SF and we had numerous numerous comments/ questions about it lol.

So from what I understand, if you don’t press anything when your opponent is doing a combo on you; they can make it a “false” combo making it longer than intended (as a result the heat gauge dims a bit).

So is it in your best interest to hit an attack button as soon at the heat gauge dims to get out the combo; or is there an alternative method to determine when the best time to recover out of a combo is.

Very, very newb-esque question, but here goes: are there any charge characters in BB? Because I normally use those type of characters in SF.

Do you mean characters with a Guile type move set? If so then I don’t think so. Noel’s astral finish is a charge down combo. I could be wrong though. I’ve only used a few characters so far.

I mean just any character that has specials which only require holding back/down than releasing forward/up, as opposed to a joystick motion like QCF or a 360 motion.

So yes then my answer fits. Though I’m unsure if its correct.

There are no pure charge characters. Everyone uses commands (quarter circle, dp, etc).

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

A note to all players that plan to main/sub/hug Taokaka, you will want to map the taunt button somewhere your fingers can comfortable reach & combo with, her most damaging combo uses taunt.

Anyone working on story mode? Still trying to get the 100% for Arakune and cant figure it out yet.

Figured I should post this here instead of his thread.

Hi guys, ive lurked around these forums now and again, this is my first post. I was wondering if you could answer me a question. I love SF and most Neo Geo fighters, and when choosing characters ive always gone for shotokan or kyokugen characters, with their f,d,df,f anti air and d,df,f projectiles. ive never owned a guilty gear outright, but when i played it, it seemed a bit too crazy for me. i think i was being too narrow minded, for example i was very sceptical about sf4 and i ended up loving that! so i want to skip GG and give BB a try.

sorry im going on with myself; my question is - is there a good character in blazblue for shoto/kugen fans like myself?


imo SHObr, maybe Jin or Ragna, maybe even Noel. Jin is probably the closest, an upper motion, and has projectiles. But, his play style is awkward. But that may be where Ragna comes in. Sorry if my advice sucks. I am also still new to the game like everyone here. So my suggestion might be a little bad.