BlazBlue Question Mu13/Lamda11 Legacy Edge

This is a very odd quesiton. I´ve noticed the EXACT same thing playing a Nu 13 on the previous game. I’m curently playing Continuum Shift Extend because I want to play all 4 main games, mostly for the story.

But, does anyone else have trouble getting the super move to come out? Usually I have zero issues with QCFx2 D Commands for other characters (for example I use Taokaka, Cat Person’s Secret Art: Hexa-Edge all the time with NO problems and in battle), but for her I cannot get it to come out. I have to maybe try it 20/30 times before it comes out once. And I`m not talking battle, I’'m talking training (and according to the input printed on the screen I pressed the right buttons and directions) or challenge modes (so yes, I have 50 Heat). I find it odd that this is with this ONE character… I was wondering if anyone else had this issue… Thanks