BlazBlue Review Thread of WOW and YESS! - 9.4 from IGN. - Review by Arlieth

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Review by Arlieth

wow. This is probably the first time ive seen a 2d fighter getting so much love :smiley: cant wait for this game

I think this is the first 2d fighter to ever score 9+ in the history of fighting games.

SF4 scored a 9.0 iirc.

Sf4 isn’t a 2d game though.



Er, he’s right. LoL

The only thing not 2d about SF4 are the ultras… the real actual gameplay is as 2d as it gets.

my review of BlazBlue:

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I couldn’t possibly be talking about the way the game was rendered. That would be too obvious. Considering the first major difference between Blazblue and every other recent fighting game.

Shocking I know, but let’s take into consideration, once, just once… that when someone calls a fighter “2d”, that they aren’t talking about the limitations of their axis of movement, and that they are talking about the fact the game was rendered in two dimensions in lieu of three. (Just in case this happens again with KOFXII lol)

SF4 is a 3d game without sidestepping or 8-Way movement. Don’t argue with me, I came from the N64 era. There isn’t a 2d vs 3d topic I haven’t heard. You should have been around when Megaman 8 came out. Oh heaven help me.

Yeah, no hating on SFIV for no reason. It is a 2D game and got good reviews.

I’m not into the whole paranoid thing of "Oh they don’t like us because we are 2D, or not a FPS, or Not Halo, or not Madden or anything like that. Create good games and your game will score high. And just because it scores high doesn’t mean YOU have to like it, or just because it scores low, doesn’t mean you can’t like it. After all we are all individuals. Which is why the aggregate score better tells the picture than any one site.

well I know that. SF4 is more like 2.5 D.:encore:

Except 2.5d doesn’t exist, and people need to start understanding what 2 dimensions mean. As in, it’s definition. :razz:

Anyway, the game is getting solid scores. It’s very impressive. Wonder why Game Informer gave it such a “meh” score though.

Have you read their review? It was like 1 paragraph long.

So basically they popped the game in for like 20minutes and they were done. They probably got destroyed by the computer on Easy.

No I haven’t read it, I tend to read respectable sources. LoL still, I was curious.

…one paragraph, damn.

Stop sending me PM’s for Rep. FFS.

Why can’t game informer simply think it is a meh game. It is their opinion. I’ve seen the greatest games in the world get poor or meh reviews.

Because it’s obvious they didn’t give it a lot of thought, and/or felt it was just another old school 2d anime fighter that nobody would bother with. Thus it wasn’t worth a page, thus it wasn’t worth a real attempt at a review. I seriously doubt the guy got much time to play it online even with an early batch, or that the person reviewing the game has experience with fighters.

It’s obvious the guy who did the IGN review has a history with fighters, GG especially and knows the audience and the technical aspirations the game attempts to achieve. Which is rarer these days in the publishing industry for gaming.

Lost Odyssey suffered a lot of that kind of thing due to it being turn based. During the PS2 Era most would have said “So what if it’s turn based?” heaven forbid the 360 get a game of that sort. It’s like people suddenly forgot what the fuck it was.

Well, sometimes it is because A. They only have limited space and the executive editor forced him to pare down his review.

B. Print magazines no longer make as much money as an IGN supersite and therefore they must maximize their space by putting a ton of stuff in it, and thus shorter reviews

C. It isn’t a “blockbuster game” and therefore the editors deemed it not worthy or a full page or 2 page review

D. Or simply, he played it, tried a few things out, and didn’t like the game.

Regardless of the reason, it is their review and they are only 1 review. Which is why the aggregate review is what matters and not a single review. I still think Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever and still surprise when I see a review, or there is a post by someone where they think it was the worst, or deserve a 6 or 7, or whatever.

Eventually though, you learn to accept people’s review and move on, instead of "OH they must not like 2D games and that is why it rates so low. Or Oh, he must not have spent a lot of time with the game and thus why it rated so low. Or even worse, people will search for typos and grammatical errors and then say, he is a poor writer anyways and therefore he must not be able to review games etc…

SFIV is a 2D game and MOST people loved it. So, while on the blazblue forum, you get a few jokes about how “bad” street fighter IV was, or how they already dropped it and I too come to just accept their review. I don’t like though “Well it is street fighter, that is why it got 90s”. People were saying, Watch, wait till Blazblue comes out and you’ll see how it will be flooded with meh scores. If it got meh scores, they would have said, “see I told you, only SF gets good scores” and when it got some good scores, they go “well I’m shocked”. That is being Paranoid, or at least what I think being paranoid is.