BlazBlue Side-Tourney at EVO (Please Close)


For those that want to play, and don’t want to bitch about its non-official status, this is the the thread I found on dustloop. Please Visit if interested in turnout or if you want to go.

Note: If excessive bitching does happen I will have a moderator close this thread or remove the offending post. This is for people that just want a competition scene for BlazBlue and might be at EVO this year.

Edit: Added notes. Added a close notice for any mods going through since EVO was in early July.


Xie is the win for doing this.


Yeah, dustloop is the place to go for the BlazBlue announcements and once I saw a tourney that was definitely at EVO I figured I should post it here. Hopefully this’ll get people on the west coast involved enough to go, but you never know. Give Xie my regards if you go :slight_smile:


Will it be streamed?


He’s been PM’d as it was not mentioned in the thread. Waiting for a response that will hopefully be in this afternoon.


It will be streamed if our mi-fi works on site. If it doesn’t work, there’s nothing we can do unless EVO staff wants to hook us up. That’s pretty much the jist of it.