Blazblue Spinoffs, Which is Canon and Which is Not?

Blazblue has time travel, multiple dimensions, and multiple time lines.
Side stories and spinoffs are likely not part of the main time line in the main dimension but could be canon. Are “Blazblue x Guilty Gear” and “Cross Tag Battle” sidestory canon? which among the spinoffs are canon? Are the card games and comics canon? Which among the stories is tournament-based and which is not?

I have no idea, but I would like to see the reply, so I am just going to comment here. Sorry.

You have to be more precise.
Every Storymode got a true canonical ending.
Novels are mostly canon, Remix Heart, Bloodedge experience etc.
X-Blaze is also canon.

BB x GG is not canon, same with CTB, unless Mori decideds otherwise.

There is also no Story in BB that is tournament-based. At least non I’m aware off.