BlazBlue Story Questions *Spoilers*

So here’s the questions

  1. Is the black beast that hakumen fights in the beggining the fusion of nu + ragna brought back in time like he was? I could see that argument working, but I could also see that after hakumen beat the black beast, he was sealed within saya and ragna (and possibly jin too). I think the second explanation makes more sense because there would be no reason why ragna and nu become the black beast in the first place. The former would mean he’s trying to kill ragna before he becomes the black beast (causing a massive paradox) or trying to kill ragna from returning into the black beast.

  2. In the end terumi wants to kill jin and noel. Are they also able to become the black beast? (or purple, or green, or blue, etc. Just kidding, but you get the point). Notice how jin wants to kill noel similar to ragna vs nu.

  3. WTF is the azure?

Azure is the thing ragna uses, which i also think is the black beast, and is blazblue

i dont get this game, whatever.

Forgot what page it was on, but we talked about pretty much the entire story at length in this topic.

No, pretty much Noel is a failed/damaged clone, similar to Nu. She might and probably does have the power of azure but she also might not. If I remember correct she couldn’t or wouldn’t bring herself to complete her mission thus, she is targeted.

As for why they wanted to kill Jin, the short and simple answer is that he is a icecar riding dick. The long answer, he is a respected but unhinged soldier that abandoned his post for a personal vendetta and those is targeted because of his treasonous behavior and possibly being a headcase.

I don’t know about you guys, but here is what I personally think.



  1. See, the Black Beast was a monster. As far as I know, there’s no real explanation as to where it came from. After the Black Beast ravaged the world, this is, until the Six Heroes came. (presumably) Haku-men, Nirvana, Hellsing, Nine, Jubei, and Termui banded together to fight the Black Beast. Nine, a powerful mage, created Armagus (This is what gives the characters in BB they’re powers, that why they say “Activating Armagus” if you have the language set to english) The humans then used Armagus to fight, and eventually kill, the Black Beast. After that, is when humans began to use Armagus against each-other, this is the Ikaruga war. The result of this war was the city of Ikaruga (Where Bang is from) being reduced to rubble by a powerful explosion. From what I can gather, somehow, Haku-men got blamed for this, and was exiled from the planet and sent to “The Edge”. That’s the explanation for where Haku-men was trapped.

  2. The reason Nu wanted to fuse with Ragna was, I believe to bring back the Black Beast. The reason Terumi (Hazama, who was possessed by Terumi) sent Noel after Ragna was to stop that from happening. Why? Because Terumi wanted Ragna to activate Azure. What is Azure? Well, to put it simply, Azure is Ragna’s Armagus. Now, why would Terumi want to activate Azure? Well, from what I can understand, when Azure becomes active, so does Terumi’s Armagus. Terumi’s Armagus is that giant satellite thing that you see in the opening (When it shoots Ikaruga, and Noel escapes, which also explains how she became her own person, not just another robot like Nu) and the ending. Terumi was successful in activating his Armagus, but as you can see, Rachel put an end to that by activating HER Armagus, which is Tsukuyomi the ultimate defense. Also, let me add that Terumi had been planning this ever since Ragna was a child. When Jin cut off Ragna’s arm, that was not Jin, but Terumi possessing Jin’s body. When Ragna was on the edge of death, Terumi saved him and implanted him with his fake arm, Azure. Terumi was also possessing Jin throughout the present timeline of the story as well. He was doing this, from what I can understand, to get Ragna to activate his Armagus. This explains why Jin was a psychopath, for the most part. Now, here’s the weird thing. When Terumi took control of Jin, Jin’s soul went to The Edge, where Haku-men was/is. Somehow, Jin’s soul went inside the Susano’o suit, and Haku-men’s soul, well, I don’t know where his soul went.[/details]

That’s a fantastic write up, and made sense… well, as much sense as anyone can make of it. It’s all very… “complicated”…

BB2 better have a nice little “okay here’s what actually happened” movie/write up/etc.

Yeah, and that’s just the basics!


It’s all very convoluted, maybe they’ll do some kind of OVA to sort things out for the die-hard fans

thanks querty, but that doesn’t explain why the Beast would re-appear after v-13 and ragna fuse. It’s not their azure’s because it has to be their body and blood fusing.

Also, where did the info about terumi’s armagus comes from? I’ve seen no indications that armaguses (armagi?) are creatures. That looked like something alive in the satellite. And I was under the assumption that the creature is the one doing the loop. Rache’s stopping of it stopped the loop. Otherwise I see no reason why the loop ended.

because noel saved ragna, thus preventing him and nu from fusing in the cauldron

do want

That explains why they no longer will become the beast, not stopping the loop. Nothing indicates that the transformation of the beast creates a loop. In fact, it makes less sense if it was true. A few scenes, including rachel talking to jin and offering to aid him to become a true hero, occurs after v-13 and ragna fuse. On top of everyone else’s ending where they see the beast appear. If the fusing was the trigger, they wouldn’t see it.

Ragna and Nu fusing might not be the exact moment the loop starts, but it’s likely the direct catalyst of it, with the fused duo, Rachel, and possibly anyone else there at the time back 100 years for the rampage to start anew. When Rachel witnesses the pair fall into the cauldron, it’s basically when she resigns herself to starting another loop.

The scene with Jin is, presumably, after Rachel saves him by taking him with her somehow when time resets in an attempt to use him to break the next loop, the end result being the Hakumen we get in BB Likewise, her familiarity with Carl is likely due an attempt to use him to break the loop in a past attempt, since he likely is one of the few people with the ability and the motive to be there in time to stop the fusing, but when push came to shove Nirvana wasn’t strong enough to stop Nu and Carl basically shuts down once ‘Big Sis’ gets broke, making him a dead end.

(It seems not all the stories ‘true’ endings are taking place in the same loop- If it wasn’t for the bit with Noel it’s entirely possible that Rachel’s story would be part of a failed loop (And for all we know, Noel/n-12 might be a sidetrip Rachel makes every loop, although that seems odd considering Noel was the piece of the puzzle that finally stopped the loops from happening.) Jin’s is almost certainly part of the one directly previous to the True Ending, and Carl’s may or may not be a history lesson in why Carl sucks instead of being anything that’s actually happening this time around. Due to the weirdness with time loops, ALL the endings might be true in that they all happened at one time or another. Figuring out which ones happened THIS time… might be harder.)

That’s. . . confusing.

‘likely’ Doesn’t mean anything. There’s nothing I’ve seen that indicates them being tied other than possibly rachel (or other character) doesn’t want the beast to re-emerge and does the reset. And that’s not a direct link at all.

heres a simple question that hopefully warrants a simple answer:

why did kokonoe’s hakumen warp fail in the true ending? just by chance?

Haven’t done true ending yet, but I did do all of Hakumen’s story. In his alternate ending his pride prevents the warp from succeeding, because he refuses to be beaten (by Tager specifically) so Kokonoe’s warp isn’t able to be triggered properly.