Blazblue stylish mode

You know where this is going, How much shit are people gonna give me for using this mode?
Truth be told, I’ve never been good at combos…least not High string corner rape level combos.
And I always liked Persona 4 arena which stylish mode feels similar to
Even so will people still give me a lot of BS for using it? Despite only using it to focus on evasion and defense and not worry about knowing how to imput combo strings when i catch people?

Any semi competent player will take a massive dump on you by killing you off far fewer hits in the neutral than you can kill them with.

Seriously just take the time to go in training mode and learn the execution, the difference between someone who can and can’t do combos is usually just the effort and time spent getting your execution on point as opposed to trying a couple of times saying “I can’t do it” and giving up.

Which would be the case if the skill ceiling wasn’t so high. Lowest amount of matches I’ve seen from someone was 300, and that’s assuming they only played that character. Besides, between school and work I don’t have time to spend 3-4 hours just practicing the same combo over and over again, When I got 20 other things to do. I’m just not that hardcore mang. I mean if it was street fighter or Tekken or hell even Dead or Alive where everything was more methodical and combo execution doesn’t make or break your game then maybe. But with BB I’m sorry to say no, I don’t think I can do it.

It would be pretty scrubby to let this matter to you. Go check out the Play to Win series by Sirlin.

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Actually, what’s more likely than people giving you crap for using this mode is people being salty when you beat them using this mode.

It’s in the game. It’s fair game. Just be advised you probably won’t be allowed to use it in tournaments. But if you just want to be an online warrior, go to town, my friend.

i agree that the combo system feels unintuitive and random for a new player but i will be playing technical mode and slugging it out

Nah, he can use it in tournaments. Stylish Azrael in top 64 BB @ Evo set the precedent already~ You’re right about getting salt for winning though… people get wild when they dont think the opponent deserves the W