Blazblue sucks

Its turning out just like Soul Calibur IV. I dont know why the few people that support this game support it. I mean, its graphics are horrible, its gameplay is imbalanced, its not cared for or patched by the company often, a small roster of characters, and a small fractured community dwindling by day. How do you even consider this a fighting game compared to Street Fighter? That game has over 30 characters and amazing balanced gameplay.

The game gets alot of support by the players and Blazblue is also on the second rebalance since the arcade release was just now released on console similarly to that of AE. Balance honestly does not make for fun gameplay. I honestly love to play a game with a diverse group of fighters. Blazblue has the exact same character builds as SF also. Tager= Gief and Hawk, Taokaka= Vega, Ragna= Ryu…etc etc. If it is not a game for you then it is not for you. I will honestly just say keep that opinion to yourself and not flame on their board. The fighting game community is big enough for everyone and there are other boards for you to talk on about other games and not flame on someone elses place to network.

wow someone ban or infract the OP. thread is totally uncalled for. Write a bog. goddamn.

Thanks Tim.

It’s funny that you just described street fighter (almost) and almost opposite of blazblue (aside from the fractured community which neither has)

This is retarded. Both games are great, OP just sucks at one of them (guess which one). Request a close/ban.