BlazBlue TE Fight stick for Xbox360 button layouts

Hi guys, first time posting here.
I’ve been looking for a fight stick for SSF4 (Hori ex-se or madcatz TE) for a while… it’s been hard to find a reasonable priced (including shipping) since I live in Canada, and most of them are out of stock.
So I came across a Madcatz BlazBlue Tournament limited edition xbox 360 on amazon. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fightstick Tournament Limited Edition: Xbox 360: Video Games
Total was $170~ with shipping

I was planning to mod it with custom artwork + buttons since I thought it should be the same as other TE’s.
However, when I looked closely to the picture of the Blazblue TE, I found out that the button layouts are different than the SF4 ones

As you can see Y and LT are switched compared to the SF TE…
I’m just wondering if this is normal, will this affect my gameplay or modding in any way?
Since the stick is not shipped yet, I can still cancel the order anytime, I just lost my patience for finding sticks in Canada.

thank you very much!

That is the Microsoft Mandated layout for arcade sticks. The only way to get around this is to make a game specific arcade stick. That is why the TEs for SF4 are like that. Also the Rnd1 Marvel TE has the default MVC2 layout which is different.

You can rearrange the buttons how ever you want.

That’s how they come and it wont affect the stick in any way. When you play SSF4 with it set the inputs to Joystick type 1 and on MvC3 it’s either the Beta or Gamma setting I can’t remember which one. Also if you still can cancel the order and get it from the Aksys store you save like $20.

you can move the layout inside the stick itself. bb uses a different layout than sf4 that’s why the colored buttons are all lined up like that and not side by side like on the sf one.

Pretty much this. You can change the order of the buttons by rewiring them however you like, which is quite easy to do since the buttons use quick-disconnects, and since you plan on customizing the buttons you will have to unplug the buttons in the process anyways.

Just make sure to look back on the wire terminal, seen here, to find out which wire goes to which button.

So is this pretty much the exact same stick as the Madcatz TE ?

It IS a Mad Catz TE.