Blazblue TE fight stick, NOT moddable?


i have a blazblue TE fight stick. never modded or owned a stick before, trying to now. i watched many tutorials and. my buttons just wont pop out. everything is so sharp. and not to mention i cannot get those wires unplugged from the buttons. my hands are destroyed my finger nails are chipped, its hot outside and im sweating. is this common for first time modding??


not to mention it jus broke trying to take them damn plug off. im getting very angry


I’m a bit scared, seeing as I just bought a blazblue stick. :frowning:


It’s still just a TE. Use pliers and/or a flathead screwdriver.


beware those plugs destroy ur finger nails. ive put it back together and said fuck it. now i have a RB that doesnt work


Well, aren’t you modding it? If you’ve got any extra buttons, it should be just fine.



It is actually somewhat difficult to get the parts out of the TE. This is why I’m moving away from using the snap-ins.

It gets (a little) easier with the right tools. To pop the buttons out, get a small flathead screwdriver and depress one of the side tabs with it while holding the other tab in with a finger/thumb. Push down with the screwdriver on that side until the button is partially out. Then repeat with the screwdriver for the other side.

To remove the quick disconnects use a very small flathead screwdriver and try to bend up the metal that is curled around the prong of the button a little. Then wedge the screwdriver between the end of the quick disconnect and the black switch of the button. Apply pressure to force the QD off the prong towards you.

Obviously you’ll need to replace that button you broke unless you want to solder to the remaining bit there.



i pushed the buttons in as pushed as hard as i could. the buttons would NOT budge or even turn in any way. i seriously think its super glued in


simple art mod. no extra buttons here


try using a knife (or flathead, as suggested above- knife is my personal favourite) to push the tabs in and pop it out.


i have eczema on my hands, so my hands are VERY SENSTIVE to sharp thing. warning to other people if u have eczema and try to do this. use with extreme caution cuz your hands will f***ing hurts!


To remove the quick disconnects it helps to use a small screwdriver to get under the quick disconnect to pry it off a little to loosen it.

Now removing the buttons are not easy.
You have to push in one side the snap in tabs very carefully and push up firmly on the upraised part. Then do a little on the other side, going back and fourth. It does take considerable hand strength to do.


Why don’t you just ask an experienced modder to do this for instead?

I usually prefer to grab a pair of pliers and grip the end of the quick disconnect with enough care that you don’t grab onto the button prong and break it off while removing the QD.


Use needle nose pliers, and make sure you are pulling directly away from the button. If you need to wiggle, wiggle side-to-side in parallel with the ends of the contact pin and QD, NOT the direction that causes the metal to bend back and forth, weakening it and eventually snapping it off.

You can also use the (closed) needle nose pliers to press in the button tabs in to remove them, and to remove the plungers from the button if you need to. Many pliers of this type have rounded edges on the outsides, so they won’t scratch the plastic.


This. Needle-nose pliers are godlike.

As for the buttons, try pushing the snap-in tab with a flat-head screwdriver, then with your free hand, push the opposite tab with your index finger. Push inward and downward so that the button slowly falls out of the panel.


anyone happen to know what size buttons i need (since i need to replace my broken button). im wanting the screw in buttons too. not these painful snap ins!


Did you wiggle that bitch? Make sure you wiggle that bitch.

Anyway yeah it’s a delicate process the first time around. But if you break a button or microswitch, you can always just buy a new one.

These are the screw in buttons you are looking for. The size is 30mm

Only downside to screw-in’s is that there aren’t as many colors as snap-in’s. But I guess it doesn’t matter for the colors on the Blazblue TE.


You also might have to file down the joystick mount if you want to use screw-ins.


Use a small flat head screw drive and expand the middle space on the quick discount. There are two ends that curl and meet at the middle, put the screw driver in the middle and twist a little. This will expand it to loosen it’s grip. If you do it too much to the point it won’t stay on when reconnecting use pliers to tight it up.

Never pull too hard or something will certainly break.


From the pic he showed earlier, the broken button isn’t close to the joystick mount so he is all good.