BlazBlue TE Flexing at the top. Normal?

So I noticed that this BlazBlue TE I got off eBay is flexing near the top, right above the turbo panel/cable compartment. The other parts don’t have this problem. Is this normal? Here’s a youtube video I made of it: [media=youtube]JvdHBkQuwhE[/media]

my mvc2 TE also has some give above the storage compartment. and I just bought it brand new from madcatz online.

Good to know it’s not defective. On another note, do people actually put their cables back in the compartment? I find that it seems like you need some origami skills to get it back in so I just leave it out.

It does this on every TE I’ve seen and owned.

The TE are made out of plastic and some flex or “give” is to be expected.

I put my cables back in, but I’ve seen people with snapped cable compartment door tabs and broken USB cables. Just depends how careful you are with your stuff.

Out of my friends with TE’s, those who take the effort to fold the cable properly every time they finish with the stick have no issues. The ones that are a bit lax and wrap the cable around their hands/try and stuff it back in tend to be the ones with snapped compartment doors and now settle for wrapping it around the body.

My only reference is the SE and the old Dreamcast Agetec which both seem pretty solid cases since they are just 1 big top piece of plastic.

The build quality on te sticks isn’t the best. It is Madcatz afterall!
Every te stick I have owned had scratches and scoffs on the side plastic wings.
Including the Blazblue one.

It’s hard to notice on the white ones. But black shows it clearly.

Thus the reason why i prefer HRAP series over TEs. Nothing but steel and rugged solid plastic on their cases, there is no give or flex.

The bottom and top panels of the TE are steel. The only thing that should be capable of flexing at all is the artwork or thin piece of plastic that covers it, but there is adhesive on the stick to keep the edges secured to the panel.

The “wings” on my TE-S didn’t have any scratches on them.

thats because the te-s didnt have any wings