Blazblue TE have seal?

Hi so I just got my xbox Blazblue TE stick from and theres no seal on the box unlike my SF4 TE for ps3. Also another strange thing was one of the hex screw was not screwed in… I dont have a hex screwdriver right now sooo Imma have to live with it for a while. So main question: is there suppose to be a seal or did i get a refurbished/used/tampered shit from GS…


From all the Mad Catz sticks I’ve seen, there’s always a seal on it if it’s new. You probably got that BB TE used.

The box is different, mine also didn’t have a sticker over the cardboard slot. As for the hex nut, it is probably just something that was missed by MadCatz. My Chun stick had the balltop fall off right out of the package.

Well, I don’t know about the seal but as for the half screwed in hex, that’s kind weird. If you feel strange about it take it back and get another one or get a refund, Gamestop was already busted for selling used games as new ones; so who knows.

man for that price you would expect no problems… oh well…

man if only markman is here to answer this… where you at markman?

Without invalidating the warranty, you could open the other hex screws and make sure that your stick has Sanwa parts (e.g. if your buttons don’t look like the below, they could be SE buttons)

what size hex screw driver do I need to get? 6?

Yeah a 6 sided on also known as an Allen Wrench, the proper size that you need is a 7/64 wrench.

I suggest use of the proper metric size or risk stripping the hex hole.

Which is 7/64, I have a Allen Wrench all-in-one set from Kobalt Tools and the 7/64 size takes off the screws cleanly without stripping.

Here are pics of the tool and the proper sized wrench:

I know your eager that you just got your stick, but this shit just sounds way too sketchy. Take pictures and return it. I recommend not opening it.

you know everyone here is talking like modders/customizers, we do that here but coming down to the guts of it; I’m going to agree with Twinniss. It may be a whole lot better in the long run if you take it back, and get your money.

The proper metric size to use is 3mm.

You gave an American measurement.
Which is why rtdzign typed that Post in response to yours.

My BB TE didn’t come in a sealed box, and it had problems ( Tons of problems. The stick is now broken, due to me failing at fixing a short in the USB wiring)

Also is the side white bezel of the BB stick more dull than the standard SF4 TE stick? Coz I was surprised that a new stick (side bezel at least) looks older/yellower than my old TE.

Take a picture of your BBCS TE. When I got mine, it didn’t have a sticker seal but everything was brand new. No scratches or anything.

alright I will post a picture tonight when i get off work

Freezer B, do you have a normal SF4 TE? coz my BB TE’s side white bezel looks yellower/duller than my old Sf4 TE…

Yeah, like they said.

Yeah, my sides weren’t yellow or duller. It was brand new.