Blazblue te stick mod issues


Ok I’m modding my friends Blazblue fightstick with new buttons. The issue is the positive cables are all soldered onto the buttons I tried heating them up to remove them but my solder isn’t getting hot enough to affect it. Any hints?


Which BlazBlue fightstick is this. I’m assuming that this is the HORI one seeing as the buttons are soldered and not using QDs. For the MadCatz one however, the buttons aren’t soldered and all you have to do is to slide the sleeve down, then insert a flathead screwdriver under the QD and then gently wiggle it out.


Try tinning the soldering tip with some solder which will improve the heat transfer to the old solder. Example here (


Really need to explain which brand. If it’s the MadCatz one, it’s not supposed to be soldered (and you might have ruined it by trying to use your iron to “desolder” it).


It’s listed as Blazblue TE and he says fightstick, so I’m guessing it was the MadCatz one. You shouldn’t have to desolder it, you just need to pry off the Quick Disconnects to change the buttons.


If it’s the Mad Catz TE version with quick disconnects, then try this.

If your soldering tip does not look clean, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. An oxidized tip will not transfer heat well enough to solder properly.


Yes it’s the madcatz te and they are soldered on


It’s weird, I have a BlazBlue TE and the buttons aren’t soldered, it’s the same as a regular TE (except the turbo pannel, the LED reflects the BB layout).


What do you mean by “Positive Cables?” TEs out-of-the-box are set up with quick disconnects & a barrier strip. There’s no specific positive/negative cables. One (your choice) is ground, the other goes to the PCB.

If there is one line daisy-chained to all the buttons for ground, that would have to have been modded. And therefore the soldering to the buttons would have been done during that modding.

(this is all due to my understanding of how all TE’s are setup. If there is a model with daisy-chained ground, then that is what it is… but i haven’t heard of it heh)

Do you have pics so we can see with what you’re working?


If it’s a Mad Catz BlazBlue TE and the contacts are soldered, someone else probably did it. If they used lead-free solder it will be harder to melt than leaded, so even though you might be able to melt leaded solder with your iron, you might not be able to melt the solder on the contacts. Make sure the tip is clean and tinned and let it get very hot, then try.

Yes, pics plz.


I can when I get home it was bizare I got some needle nose pliers and actually broke the switch then looked and dammed if it had solder. And I said positive because it’s only on one wire per button. And was guessing


Pics or it never happened.