Blazblue tier list v2 - If you don't like tiers don't enter (troll at your own risk)


Are there any more recent tier lists out?

I have a feeling that the tiers will constantly change on this game, new things about each character are constantly being discovered and tournament level play (outside japan) is still in it’s infancy.

The last list I’ve seen had



But that doesn’t seem right at all to me.

I think the balancing is so stellar, that these could just as easily flip around (ok maybe not arakune, and def not Nu (I kinda wish they would just take her out of the game)


if there were a new tier list out recently, there’d already be a shitstorm about it somewhere.


Tier list discussions are typically pointless and lead to flaming.

If you really, absolutely need some sort of an update on the tier lists, here ya go: They are basically the same.

Nu, Arakune, and Rachel are considered top. Hakumen and Tager are considered bottom since they match up badly against the top 3. Bang is higher than them due to him having a good matchup against Nu. Carl is really good, and is a major threat to Nu and Arakune, however, he has a bad matchup with Rachel.

I will now step away and allow this thread to devolve into lockage.


I agree… It seems with this game it also get particularly nasty due to things like “Carl is worthless!” Enter X player who rocks a few tournaments with Carl “Carl is the best! You just can’t play him…” I really think in this game tiers are pretty useless since they very rarely hold the test week to week except for the top 3.


Why does Carl have a good matchup against Nu, besides the fact that Nu can’t reliably escape (to my knowledge) the clap loop.


That’s kind of what makes it worth talking about to me.

I guess I just wanted to discuss the character “rankings” or whatever.

So Hakumen and Tager are so low because of their matchups with the top 3? But they still match up pretty well against the rest of the cast correct?


As long as this one doesn’t turn into what the last one did it stays open. The second it becomes retarded like the last one I’m closing this. Just giving you guys a heads up.


Nu loses the match the second she blocks Carl with the puppet near in theory if she doesn’t have 50% meter. You can green guard/instant guard and stuff to escape lockdown but backdash once you get in between is shut down and if you jump into a clap accidently you will eat 80%.

Really i think it’s 5/5 but the truth of the match is if Carl gets first momentum it’s much harder for Nu to escape carl than it is for carl to come back if Nu gets momentum thanks to clap loop and doll lockdown.

Roll escapes a large number of Nu setups so one bad sword means clap loop for Nu, the matchup makes nu play very precise or she loses pretty bad. Also if her alpha counter gets baited it’s GG.

Happy to see bang at the bottom, always said he was worse in game.

The game is balanced unless you play Hakumen, Tager, or Bang and that’s really the reality of the game. People just like excuses for when they lose rather than admitting the opponent is better. Though i think Jin should be considered in a top 4 he’s equally stupid to Arakune and Rachel just doesn’t have the pure BS factor but his tools are just to solid.


Jin is number 5 at best. Keep in mind that no Jins got passed the 2nd round at SBO. He’s good, but nowhere near broken.


Has everyone seen this? Could prove interesting. Just ignore that “epicdamage” guy if you read the thread, he’s an idiot.


Just wondering, who would you put in the 4th spot?


carl due to clap loop.


I’ll say Carl. He matches up against Arakune and Nu better than Jin does, although this is evened out by the fact that he has a straight up disadvantage against Rachel. Still, I’ll give the edge to Carl since he has some dominating matchups against other characters.


why is hakumen so low on the tier listings?


His backdash has no invinciblity
His forward dash sucks
His A and B moves have pathetic range
His C moves have decently punishable recovery
His D moves can be (depending on the Hakumen player) easy to bait and punish
His combos prorate horridly
He has a meter for his special moves
He can’t see (lol I’m joking)

The only things putting him above Bang and Tager are his one-hit damage output and his drive w/meter to followup attack.


Carl in the 4 spot?
I haven’t seen any mention of Litchi, in my personal tier list I put her at 5 or 6.


correct sir


I think its because of the traps. With Jin or Litchi, you make a mistake, and they hurt you pretty badly, with Carl, you make the mistake and you’re essentially dead.

My experience would match the above tho’

Top 3
Everyone else
Bottom 3

The sad part is that the middle tiers are actually so close together, its just the extremities that are messed up


I would put Carl in the 5th spot behind Jin and the big three, but that’s iffy.



Bottom tier: everyone else