BlazBlue Tier Rank List v1.0

Taken from the July issue of Arcadia magazine, organized by match ups in a spreadsheet:

BlazBlue Tier Rank List v1.0

Carl made a huge jump from his bottom tier position in preliminary tier lists, thanks to Dio and the discovery of that nasty [media=youtube]2pk9TR9A6ls[/media] I personally don’t think Tager’s harder match ups are that lopsided; 8 - 2 is an exaggeration, but I imagine things will change after SBO and in the coming months as we get a stateside console release and more is learned.

For your convenience:

  1. V-13 : 11.5
  2. Rachel : 9.0
  3. Arakune : 6.0
  4. Jin : 4.5
  5. Carl : 4.0
  6. Ragna : 0.0
  7. Noel : 0.0
  8. Litchi : -1.0
  9. Taokaka :** -1.5**
  10. Haku-men :** -3.5**
  11. Bang : -7.0
  12. Tager : -15.0

Finally, the character I choose to main before tier lists is top tier. I always get screwed when it comes to these things.

I played Sakura when SF4 came out at first. What a trip. I played a Paladin when WoW first came out. I had the worst Marvel team of all time (It included Marrow if that tells you something). I used Cypher in Virtual On: OT.

It’s about damn time I’m at the top of the tiers. Ya’ll can bite my ass. :3

lulz, both my planned main and sub are the top 2… wow such a fate.

These tiers aren’t set in stone yo. They were interpretations by the characters respective top players and are all over the place lol

…You honestly can say that you didn’t know Nu, Rachel, and Arakune would be top tier…?


Including having been posted twice in the Q&A thread. Lol.

The top 3 isn’t the problem. They’re universally agreed upon but the rest of the cast is still all over the place. If your post wasn’t directed at myself then disregard this.

Lol, nah I thought I’d be lazy and not use a quote but you beat me to the punch :lol:

I was talking to Inverse and Kuru, as the top three have been sitting pretty ever since a month or so after Nu’s release in the arcade…

Agree 100% with your post about the other cast though.

thier is definitly something wrong when taokaka and ragna are in those positions especcially taokaka ragna’s all around for some reason poeple label him as the best but taokaka definitly will get bumped way up more tier lists say she is top 3

I didn’t even know who Nu was until I got the game. I didn’t see many youtube clips of her and she’s not in any of the media artwork. Neither is Hakumen. You would basically have to have seen her in the Arcade.

When I played the game I was like “Who the hell is this?” and I fell in love with her design.

I got a wallscroll of Battle Angel Alita and Armitage in my gameroom. I love robot girls, and mecha shojou’s most of all. I giggled like a school girl when I found out Nu even existed. Before that I was close to being another Noel or Jin.

No more. :slight_smile:

Damn it! Sorry about that. I even checked that thread to make sure it wasn’t in the first post, and when I saw that it wasn’t, I made a thread. Maybe I should have kept reading…

I knew Nu was top tier for a bit ya, but I don’t see the huge point of her being it. It is easy to figure out the block positions for her zoneing. I wanted a more challanging character to learn and personally Carl and Arakune aren’t my cup of tea in looks so I decided to main Rachel.

This can stay open… for now. However yes, the big thread that says read this before you make a thread had this info in it, just FYI :wink:

Jees Flamingo, you’re on a spree. I thought you were going to sticky my auto thread. When you get the game, you will know my pain! You will! ;-; You just don’t know!

Anyway, it’s a different tier list than the one in the sticky, and this thread can be used for tier discussion.

tier lists threads just don’t seem very worthwhile for the most part IMO. A lot of the time it’s theory fighter from people who for all intensive purposes aren’t good enough at the game or have the extensive knowledge to argue their points enough to justify them.

Don’t worry about the other thread, I’m going to implement your information in a sticky. Just have a lot going on ATM.

I guess that’s a good point if you didn’t see any of the Youtube videos or are near an arcade :lol:

Agreed on her style though, I think she’s one of my favorites in the game as far as that aspect goes. I almost used her as my main, but Ragna beat her out as he was closest to HOS in GG:AC, but then I decided to go off on a tangent and main Rachel. She has a really fun style too.

After seeing the AI tourny, and how well Nu can be used it’s pretty crazy… But then again if someone who didn’t know the game at all they might think Tager was top tier from those matches as well :rofl:

Rachel is somewhat unconventional and hard to pick up right away but she’s definatly fun :tup:

I’m sorry but a character moving up the tier list because of ONE combo is sad. That and curse on block are two completely broken things in the game. Despite the fact that neither characters are broken themselves, those two things need to be patched out. And yes, Carl needs a boost in other areas.


Don’t worry I’ve got my “clap-loop cooler” here. If I see it happen I’ll just pop open a cold one and wait it out, got all the right stuff to make me a mean sammich here too!

…oh wait I play Rachel :rofl:

So the clap loop… you can’t burst out of it?

Heh, the two characters that I want to main just happen to be on the bottom of the tier list.

I am going to have to practice a lot.