Blazblue VS Skullgirls: which one do you suggest me?


I start by explaining what kind of player I am: I like FGs a lot and play them a lot in single player mode, but I actually suck at playing them and I barely have the basics down. I usually know a couple of veeery basic combos with my character of choice and that’s where my skills end >_<"

I would really like to improve, but online is hard and training without a friend is so boring.

Blazblue is my favourite fighter hands down, with Guilty Gear being a close contender. Yes, I really like anime fighters and after playing BB since Calamity Trigger, I grew to love its whole cast so I have a lot of fun with it even if I’m not competent with the gameplay. I do like Skullgirls too, but that’s not my FG of choice (there are both things I love and hate in SG. The very definition of “mixed feelings”). I’ve always been curious to go more in depth with it, but every single time I found myself going back to BB after just a few days.

However, a friend of mine who is usually into SSB revealed me to like SG and that he was curious to go more in depth with it. As I “like” SG to some extent, even if I don’t “love” it as BB/GG, I am now looking for suggestions. Playing SG would give me a sparring partner (and a good friend) to enjoy the game with. That’s much more fun than grinding training mode alone forever, even in the best game possible.

So, which game do you suggest me in this kind of situation? I’d also be curious to learn your opinion about which game is easier to pick up for a newbie like me. That’s not the core of the problem, but I’m curious to know that too :slight_smile:



It depends I guess. If you can’t get your friend to play BB and you’re not into SG then it’s hard.

I think blazblue is easier to get into. It was my first fighting game I played seriously, but I’m not sure if it’s a great game for noobs. You’d learn fundamentals faster with sf5, but you probably will have more fun with BB. I suggest once you begin getting better, to really start applying fundamentals, which means getting comfortable with hitboxes, frame data, footsies, setups, etc etc.

I’m just going to recommend BB solely because you like it most…SG’s meta game isn’t very hot imo. It’s all about resets which means more being unpredictable rather than developing yomi (ability to read and predict opponents actions)


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Choice is pretty obvious, in my opinion. One game has a unique and interesting cast of characters, a decently sized international player base, and a sizable amount of single player content. The other one is Skullgirls.



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