Blazblue Weeklies TBA!

TBA when I finally get time off to run it!

This will be the thread for my Blazblue weekly tourneys.

2 out of 3 matches (regular bracket play)
3 out of 5 matches (winners/losers/grand finals)
2 out of 3 rounds
99 seconds
Unlimited Characters - Disabled
Easy Specials - Disabled
Astral Finish - Enabled (Unless the standard is to have it disabled ; just let me know)
Singles - Double Elimination
Teams - Double Elimination

[Team Tourney Match formation is like so:
Player a+b vs Player c+d-
player a vs player C - winner player A
player a vs player D - winner player A
Team a+b wins and moves on] (I had it 2 out of 3 in the tourney tho but now it’s just ONE set but double elimination!)

For team tournaments: Both players get 1 character, this is how it has always been!

The next tourney will be on August 29th (Saturday) and will be singles! Sign up now to get your spot!

Concerning connection issues :
If you can’t connect to your opponent if it is the 1st rounds I can try to switch you with opponents (it’s best if you just have your router NAT set to OPEN). After that though we have a couple of options;
A. someone else host the room and invite you both (there will more than likely be unplayable lag with this)
B. one player gives up the win
C. coin flip

In the case it’s just one person who just can’t seem to connect with half the players I have no choice but to give you the FFL seeing that you can’t connect to people no way since there’s no need to punish someone who can connect with people.

For team play only (ignore for singles) :
The next weekly will be 2v2 teams and I’ll once again cap it at 32 teams (not players).

Sign up with two people and one of those two being the captain. The captain is will be the main contact until I either get a tournament XBL acct or I clear up ALOT of space on my list hehe. Just put " © " next to the captains name when you sign up your team.

After you sign up send me a MESSAGE and NOT a FRIEND REQUEST, thank you.

Waiting List:

i’ll get back to you with a team/

wtf no unlimited chars !? in any case i need to find a partner for this also… i’ll prolly edit this post once i find one

Can teams use the same character?

Why does this surprise you? Anyhow, I’ll get back to you sometime later this week with a partner, NinjaCW.

Sorry I forgot to put in rules, no :[

None of the same character in teams

yo McSoap wanna team???

anyone want to team up for this?

Haku player here. decent but not great. if you want to get some trial matches with me hit me up anything with a message & Friend request. I’m around 60-62% in ranked with about 300+ games. Pretty bad but never played BB until 360 release.

Scrub Carefree

Need a partner for this, if anyone wants to try me play me on live and see if I’m up to your standards…No same character teams I’m guessing?

i need a partner, try me out if you like :smiley:

I might be around for this (got a real life tournament that day, lol).

Butters you want to team for this?

Team MajinHajinLajin

  1. BlackMambaMoan ©
  2. Majin Kimimaro

Dreadz or DJ I’ll team up with either of you.

edit: Nvm

Z Shenak0om / Strong Machin3

I’d be down for this anyone want to team up I play bang.

i’ll get back to you with a team… maybe…

Anyone down!!! i play…ragna-jin-hakumen

Sounds like fun, I’m game. Anyone need a Carl to buddy with?

twas a joke

edit: if anyone wants to be my partner / train online my tags mysticcubistic and I play rachel / v-13