BlazBlue Wiki

Hey everyone. I’m working on the BlazBlue wiki page, and I want to get as much input as I can regarding content. Besides all the character data from the threads here, system mechanics, and the usual stuff, any suggestions for content?

I will make a point of attributing all the info I get from the threads here appropriately.

Sorry to make a new thread, I just figured it would be nice to consolidate all the information in one place.

Any help with the wiki page would be greatly appreciated. Just send me a PM.

The notation is way off.
BB doesn’t use SF notation, it uses GG notation.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3


jb j jf
b f
cb c cf

Also, BB doesn’t have “lp, mp, hp” or “lk, mk, hk”. since they’re not exactly Punches or Kicks.
The moves are noted as A, B, C and D.

Are you looking for character specific information?
Me and Killey could provide some good Jin information, also, have you pitched this idea to Dloop?
Those guys are great over there and know much more than us.


it looks like 3rd strike copy pasted in as its format or something. Notice the arcadia tier list.

Doesn’t Sonichurricane have the notations down aswell?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this. You are correct, it is a 3rd strike copy/paste. I just wanted to get it started.

Not sure who I would talk to at dustloop. But you’re right, theyre the source. I feel like everything’s gonna get pulled from there. It would just be nice to have it consolidated. At least I would have liked that when I picked up the game. To be honest I wish they would make a sister guide to their one for ggac. Good idea though.

I’ll see if I can make some progress on this over the weekend.

There is no such thing as “wrong” notation. Just understandable and not. What you are complaining about is apples and oranges, so long as the player understands the inputs they need to do.

Not beefing just saying. It’s annoying when people act as if one type of notation is better then the other “just cause”.

It’s not ‘better’ just 'cause. It just makes a hell of a lot more sense to use numeric notation when it comes to games with long combos such as BlazBlue.

There are other games with long combos that use the shorthand system (QCF+P, D,DF+P etc) fine (MVC2). Like i said apples and oranges. It just seems that people like to use the numerical system more for games with alot of quick movements, which is fine. Whatever floats your boat. I personally don’t care so long as i understand what i need to for the game.

Anywho let’s dead this here, dont want to derail the topic. OP use whatever suits ya.

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