BlazBlue XBL Bad Games Thread

Sad, but it’s going to happen sooner or later.

BGs’ to the guy who rage quit on me then sent me a message saying “Thanks for a laggy session,” when there wasn’t any lag on my end, and he was host of the game.

I got a couple people I could add to this list on sight in my recent players list. I will when I boot up my 360 again.

I <3 bb! 3rd post!

Bad games to my fucking power company. I was playing TheSlyMoogle01 and he beat me and just as the match was gonna go to the score screen, the power goes out, making me look like a ragequit. Of course I get an email from him saying good job on the ragequit yadda yadda (and rightfully so since thats what it looked like) My bad yo! :sad:

I haven’t played him, but I have glanced at SuperNovaXX’s record sheet. He has something like 97% wins and 100+ incomplete games.

Since BB counts ragequits against both players, challenge him at your own risk!

same guy who quit on me after i beat him.

Damn bad games already? lawdhavemercy.

SuperNovaXX…What a bitch!

I am looking for some good BlazBlue training partners. I don’t mind getting my ass knocked around in order to improve. My gamer tag is Warriorsrage. Send me a message.

BGs to xFtZx. He had a perfect record in ranked play and 90% wins in player matches when he challenged me, and I stomped him pretty cleanly, so he dropped before the results screen showed.

I was going to send him a GG message, but I guess not. Can’t mess up the perfect record, can we?

red name = a disproportionate # of disconnects. don’t play ppl with red names.

bad game to rico suave after he lose he kick me out the lobby


He didn’t have a red name, he had maybe 5 incompletes.

Trust me, I don’t get risky with the red flagged players.

Bad games to me for getting disconnected and being an all around ass.

I have 2 more names to add NASTYLIFE and LIL L90 both ragequit before the end of game.

wow. did you really have to make a video dedicated to one guy?

Bad game against Hoodie Assasin, I bet his noels ass badly then rage quits after i destroy him. i told him what a piece of shit he was and then he sent me a msg saying “pwnd” which i replied with “Funny you say that, cuz if i remember correctly i beat your ass”


BG to Tentanman, tries to play keep away when he got up in life with Taokaka against my Noel, I still beat him 1st round. 2nd round, I stayed up in life so he actually had to try to play the game, was in the middle of a 26 hit DD combo that would’ve left him with 10% life, and he ragequits.

BGs to Logikbomb SRK. If you’re going to use the SRK name, at least make sure you can handle folks better than yourself. Played him one match Jin vs Hakumen, raped his C mashing garbage, then he boots me from the lobby. I sent him a msg saying “I expected better of someone from SRK” he only replies “Jin zzzzzzzzzz” I guess it’s too boring for him, seeing as he plays hakumen… oh wait…