BlazBlue XBOX 360 Player Roster



Post your gamertag, where you are , game system(s), main character(s), sub character(s), and availablity here (more than 2 characters optional) :karate:

Gamertag: GrumpiSmurf
From: Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY
System(s): XBOX 360
Main(s): Iron Tager
Sub(s): Carl
Availability: Mon-Fri between 6 and 10PM
Sat-Sun: Various


Gamertag: SRK Raeli
From: Belleville, IL
System: 360
Main: Rachel
Availability: Whenever I feel like it, damnit.


There’s already a thread about this in the BB section.


Gamertag: DeadlyRave-Neo

Location: Atlanta,Ga

System: 360,ps3

Main: bang

Avaliable: anytime :china:


Bang baby!


Gamertag: Mr Mokuro
From: Denison, TX
System(s): XBOX 360
Main(s): Arakune
Sub(s): Taokaka
Availability: If you see me on then I’m on!


Gamertag: BouncingSoulR6
From: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
System(s): XBOX 360
Main(s): Ragna The Bloodedge
Sub(s): ? possibly Bang, Litchi, Taokaka
Availability: Friday - Sunday
Once i get out of the marine corps, will be on more during the week


Gamertag: Beatface22
From: Ny
System: xbox360
Main: Jin
Sub(s): Ragna, Hakumen, Taokaka
Availability: Monday-Sunday
im a night owl


From: SC
Sys: xbox, duh
Main: Hakumen
Sub: Rachel
avail: when I’m online


GT: supersayinjeff
From: FL
Sys: xbox
Main: Rachel
Sub: ragna
avail: day time

just send a friend request if you want a challenge.


GT:Not Madwak
From: WI
Sys: xbox
Main: Noel
Sub: Carl


GT: xLil Seanx93
From: NC
Sys: xbox
Main: Ragna
Sub: Jin
avail: pretty much anytime lol


Gamertag: Spud334
From: Alabama/ Atlanta
System(s): Xbox 360
Main(s): Litchi
Sub(s): Rachel (but I really have no experience with her)
Availability: Various times, generally sometime between 3:00 and 11:00 EST

Please hit me up, I need hella practice.


Gamertag: WuTangFinanCEO
From: South Jersey
System: Xbox 360
Main(s): Jin
Sub(s): Iron Tager
Availability: Various times, generally sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 EST

I am awful and I need a ton of help to get better.


GT: Vizince
From: New Hampshire
Sys: …
Main: Ragna
Sub: (I’ll let you know)
avail: When I’m on, I’m on. If I’ve got BB in the console, I’m down to play.


Gamertag: Kaoshin DyN
From: Abilene, Tx
System(s): XBOX 360
Main(s): Litchi
Sub(s): Noel, Jin
Availability: Sun-Sat between 7am and 2pm & some nights after 1am Central Time Zone


Gamertag: mnmetal
From: Grand Forks, North Dakota
System(s): XBOX 360
Main(s): Noel
Sub(s): Ragna
Availability: Whenever not playing fallout3 or ace combat 6


Gamertag: spudlyff8fan
From: RI
System: Xbox 360
Main: Hakumen
Sub(s): Ragna
Availability: Whenever

BTW, I’m really needing some help with my Haku vs. Jin matchup. Can anybody give me a hand with that?


Gamertag: neondr4gon
From: Las Vegas, NV
System: Xbox 360
Main: Litchi
Sub(s): Don’t know yet
Availability: Whenever I’m up for it.


Gamertag: BBM2012
From: DC
System: Xbox 360
Main: Jin
Sub(s): ? not sure yet
Availability: Whenever you see me online invite!