Hey guys, I’m looking in to getting into Blazblue! There’s two versions… CS and CT so I’m not really sure which to get. It looks really nice and stuff, but how are the game mechanics? What’s the differences from SSF4? Or should I get Guilty Gear?

Thanks ;D

If you’re going to be getting BB, pick up CS. CT is the old version, and would be like buying vanilla SF4 today. For BB game mechanics, I suggest going to Dustloop’s beginner thread.

Thank you ;D! Oh okay, just found that out… that CS is the newer version! and it even has a tutorial ;D.

If you’re in Scarborough, make the trip to Lovegety, the only arcade left in somewhat-Toronto. It’s Hwy 7/Leslie (google it) and they have a BBCS machine with a good BBCS community.

Thanks ;D, I’ll go look it up.

I’d definitely get into BB over GG. GG IMO is a superior game, but it has no online mode and offline communities are borderline impossible to find nowadays, not to mention that the execution is ridiculously hard.

BB has much stricter execution than SSF4, although it is far easier than GG and uses chain combos as opposed to the link system SF uses, so comboing normals is generally easier but overall I’d still say execution is more difficult. It is also far more offensively oriented than SF and more combo heavy, and zoning feels much different (hard to explain, you’ll know what I mean when you try it), although with most characters you’re still fishing for that hit confirm, characters such as Lambda (new version of Nu) and Arakune, the vast majority of their game against a large portion of the cast is simply playing keep away through zoning and wearing them down, although Arakune also works with his curse system and once he has a curse up works into combos.

I still haven’t picked up the new version but did play CT a fair bit, and have had a few days experience with CS with my buddy who preordered it and got one of the few copies that have actually arrived so far in Canada.

What? What did you find in GG to be “ridiculously hard”?

GG>BB. One day GGPO will get Naomi support, one of these days… Also, what?

Hehe, sounds like fun… and yeah ;( might not be able to get CS soon… because it’s not really here yet.

I only remembered GG from PS2 but I wasn’t really into fighting games back then.

:S oh wells… I guess I’ll go BB.

How is execution really that hard in comparison to Street Fighter? Links seem to be way, way easier to do than in SSF4.

Never said that GG wasn’t better than BB, only that GG is essentially dead at the moment outside of Japan and a few scenes in NA.

And I’m assuming the “Also, what?” is in regards to my saying execution in GG is ridiculously hard. If you can honestly point me to a 2D game with harder execution than GG I’d be shocked. FRCs, RCs, strict timing, etc. makes it one of if not the hardest game execution-wise ever made. The only thing I can think of that is as hard/harder would be VF, and that’s not a 2D game.

Hell even Daigo said he dropped GG because he couldn’t keep up with the other JP players.

2 words: Input leniency (in regards to SSF4)

Inputs are much more strict for specials in BB. Also, a lot of combos generally require far more complex and faster hand motions than SF does due to how long they are.

And links seem to be way, way easier because BB doesn’t use links, it uses chain combos. Being able to chain a few normals in BB =/= good combos.

links are not easier.
chain combos are way easier.
fyi hakuman can only link his jab

it comes down to who you’re using. ragna and jin probably the easier chain combos in the game.
the only complex ones to newer players would be tao and litchi.

So Basically, Execution in GG = MvC?

LOL@inputs for SPECIALS in BB being strict. FGs are not for you friend.

LOL@Roman Cancels being strict in GG. Really? It’s easier than FADC.

I said the special inputs are strict in comparison to SSF4 homie, not in general. And I didn’t say RCs are strict I just said they somewhat add to the difficulty of GG. FRCs are the strict ones. Just because RCs aren’t super strict doesn’t mean their existence alone doesn’t make the game more difficult.

Stop generalizing shit. I’m sorry, in the future I’ll be super specific and make even longer posts for the folks out there who can’t connect the dots.

Not exactly, BB still has a few links they just aren’t anywhere near as important as in SF4 and the vast majority of combos are chains. Links won’t be any harder or easier from game to game in comparison to links which have the same amount of frames for you to hit the button (i.e. a 3 frame link in SF4 won’t be an easier/harder than a 3 frame link in BB).

I don’t believe there are any 1 framers in BB considering how few links there are anyways, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier on execution that SF4.

I can actually only think of 1 or 2 links in the game and I’m not even positive that those are links. Then again I don’t have experience with all the characters and I’m not super involved in the game so I could be wrong and there could be a few link heavy characters.

You’re right to say Blazblue doesn’t have many links. Advance Input makes most of them easy (5 frames at the worst) except it only applies to buttons and there are plenty of cases where combos involve delays or movement between hits, and the timing for that can be pretty strict. As for FADC being harder than [F]RCs… they’re about the same. The real reason GG is harder than any SF has to do with the strength of GG’s mixups and okizeme game (which are made stronger by RCs) than combo difficulty. After all, combos are just muscle memory.

The first link to come to my mind in BBCS is Taokaka’s Taunt Loop, which is her main source of damage. Also, Lambda’s Throw -> 66A, which is required to combo out of her throw. Most every character has combos involving some form of delay, though.

@sektr: I’m part of the SSFIV crowd. You know how we are.:coffee:

Buy CS. The game’s tutorial mode and challenge mode will help greatly in catching up with the competition. Depending on your experience with Street Fighter, you may want to read this Shoryuken - Strategy Corner: General Guide for New-School 2D Fighters, Part 1.

Hahahahaha, no hate man I just hate when that shit happens although it happens so much online I should be used to it by now.

BB is really cool because there are a lot more jump and dash cancels that allow slick looking combos to occur.

Furthermore the netcode of BB is amazing, there isnt really a part of the game play that is ruined by the internet as long as you play against people with a normal connection.

Plus every char in Blazblue is completely unique, no two play the same.

Def get CS though if you like story modes buy a second hand copy of CT because its story mode is AWESOME.