Blaze Asks Em: CHUNKSTA!

Blaziniflo36 (4:03:52 AM): Gentlemen and Lady, this is one of the most anticpated Blaze Asks Em’s ever produced
Blaziniflo36 (4:03:57 AM): He’s been a ghost
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:02 AM): He’s in hiding
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:11 AM): training his MSS in the 37th chamber
Chunksta408 (4:04:17 AM): lmao
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:27 AM): but the journalists at Blaze asks Em’ FINALLLY tracked him down
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:38 AM): No. 2 at EVO 2k6
Chunksta408 (4:04:41 AM): hhahahahaha
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:42 AM): Don’t hate
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:45 AM): it is what is it
Blaziniflo36 (4:04:57 AM): "IS HE DONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN?"
Blaziniflo36 (4:05:06 AM): THE CHunkSTA!!!
Chunksta408 (4:05:07 AM): LOL
Blaziniflo36 (4:05:10 AM): sup homey
Chunksta408 (4:05:16 AM): What’s really good?
Blaziniflo36 (4:05:37 AM): now let’s get some background
Chunksta408 (4:05:37 AM): fuckin school’s almost done, gonna pack my bags for Evo East next week
Blaziniflo36 (4:05:46 AM): i don’t like tootin’ horns
Blaziniflo36 (4:05:54 AM): but let’s tell the world why you’re number 2
Chunksta408 (4:05:58 AM): lol, tootin horns
Blaziniflo36 (4:06:02 AM): remember you were number 13
Blaziniflo36 (4:06:18 AM): and you were about to retire and quit and go pimp dominican repulican whores
Chunksta408 (4:06:28 AM): hahahahah yup
Blaziniflo36 (4:06:31 AM): tell everyone what changed your mind to stay in marvel and get better
Blaziniflo36 (4:06:44 AM): who had faith in you when you were still a relatively unknown
Blaziniflo36 (4:06:50 AM): who gave you the advice to keep you going?
Chunksta408 (4:07:35 AM): first it was my parents, second it was you, and 3rd it was korngo
Chunksta408 (4:07:36 AM): =D
Blaziniflo36 (4:07:45 AM): wait wait wait
Blaziniflo36 (4:07:50 AM): let’s back up to option 2
Blaziniflo36 (4:07:59 AM): what did i have to do with the equation?
Chunksta408 (4:08:20 AM): you told me to not quit because I had mad potential that I had to grasp
Chunksta408 (4:08:43 AM): yipes quote, but true
Blaziniflo36 (4:09:02 AM): good shit
Blaziniflo36 (4:09:05 AM): so it’s safe to say
Chunksta408 (4:09:06 AM): i needed to step my shit up seriously if i want to be in the competitive scene
Blaziniflo36 (4:09:17 AM): that you’ve only got 2nd at evo
Blaziniflo36 (4:09:23 AM): directly because of me, true?
Chunksta408 (4:09:39 AM): yes
Chunksta408 (4:09:45 AM): but others as well influenced me
Blaziniflo36 (4:09:51 AM): damn
Blaziniflo36 (4:10:00 AM): i’m even more gdlk than i though
Blaziniflo36 (4:10:01 AM): t
Blaziniflo36 (4:10:02 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:10:10 AM): let’s give people some back ground
Chunksta408 (4:10:14 AM): yeah
Chunksta408 (4:10:16 AM): lets do that
Blaziniflo36 (4:10:17 AM): what’s your age, occupation and name
Chunksta408 (4:11:05 AM): I am 19 years old, I am a student enrolled in West Valley Community College, and my name…well, it’s long, but here it is:
Chunksta408 (4:11:14 AM): Alexandre De Sousa Brisbane
Blaziniflo36 (4:11:54 AM): so how do you go from A D S Brisbane to Chunksta?
Chunksta408 (4:12:14 AM): well
Chunksta408 (4:12:22 AM): it’s a long story
Blaziniflo36 (4:12:50 AM): give us the gist of it
Chunksta408 (4:12:50 AM): as you know, i am member of the GOONIE SQUAD
Blaziniflo36 (4:13:00 AM): no not really
Chunksta408 (4:13:04 AM): ever see a move called “The Goonies”?
Chunksta408 (4:13:07 AM): movie*
Blaziniflo36 (4:13:08 AM): of course
Chunksta408 (4:13:11 AM): well
Blaziniflo36 (4:13:14 AM): cory feldman
Chunksta408 (4:13:14 AM): as you all know
Chunksta408 (4:13:24 AM): Cableguy aka Mr. ScubaSteve
Chunksta408 (4:13:30 AM): gave me the name Chunk
Chunksta408 (4:13:58 AM): ‘cause his dumb ass thought i looked exactly like Chunk, the little blond haired kid from The Goonies
Chunksta408 (4:14:14 AM): I was fat at that time, when i was like 12-13 years-old
Blaziniflo36 (4:14:30 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:14:33 AM): so every time i would go to the arcade
Blaziniflo36 (4:14:35 AM): that’s a good reason
Chunksta408 (4:14:37 AM): everyone
Chunksta408 (4:14:45 AM): got used to calling me "CHUNK"
Chunksta408 (4:15:00 AM): so I was like
Chunksta408 (4:15:18 AM): I need to spark up the name a bit if I will become popular one day
Chunksta408 (4:15:38 AM): so as I was listening to rap back in the time when Eminem was the shit
Chunksta408 (4:15:42 AM): gangsta rap
Chunksta408 (4:15:44 AM): im like
Chunksta408 (4:15:53 AM): "Gangsta
Chunksta408 (4:15:54 AM): "
Blaziniflo36 (4:16:25 AM): chunk + gangsta —> chunksta
Chunksta408 (4:16:25 AM): hmmm, “Gang” has four letters in it, so does "Chunk"
Blaziniflo36 (4:16:26 AM): tight
Chunksta408 (4:16:32 AM): that’s right
Blaziniflo36 (4:16:45 AM): how long you been playing marvel?
Blaziniflo36 (4:16:53 AM): and who got you into it, and what was yuor first team?
Chunksta408 (4:17:22 AM): to tell you the truth, i’ve been playing FPS (First Person Shooting) games before marvel
Chunksta408 (4:17:34 AM): I played marvel the day it came out into the arcade
Chunksta408 (4:17:51 AM): then i stopped playing for 1-2 years because i was into FPS
Chunksta408 (4:18:09 AM): and then i got back into marvel
Chunksta408 (4:18:24 AM): because i became too good at my local arcade FPS games
Blaziniflo36 (4:18:27 AM): doom, halo, wolfenstein?
Blaziniflo36 (4:18:36 AM): oh shit silent scope?
Chunksta408 (4:18:45 AM): i was ok at silent scope
Chunksta408 (4:18:46 AM): but nah
Chunksta408 (4:19:03 AM): I played War: Final Assault and Spawn: In The Demon’s Hand
Chunksta408 (4:19:09 AM): right now im trying to pick up Halo
Chunksta408 (4:19:38 AM): CS i don’t really like because there is too much camping in that game
Blaziniflo36 (4:19:41 AM): halo’s for fags
Blaziniflo36 (4:19:51 AM): marvel’s where it’s at
Chunksta408 (4:19:54 AM): Halo = More money than marvel son
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:09 AM): cable+drones = best fps than any game out there
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:10 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:14 AM): money aint’ everything
Chunksta408 (4:20:36 AM): last time i checked, money revolves around us more than anything
Chunksta408 (4:20:41 AM): MONEY
Chunksta408 (4:20:48 AM): is what gets us through everything
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:49 AM): yea
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:51 AM): i’m lying
Chunksta408 (4:20:51 AM): think about it
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:58 AM): money is the only thing that matters
Blaziniflo36 (4:20:59 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:20:59 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:21:31 AM): so when i got back into marvel
Chunksta408 (4:21:42 AM): I stopped playing FPS games
Blaziniflo36 (4:21:47 AM): yea
Chunksta408 (4:21:48 AM): because the crack got to me
Blaziniflo36 (4:21:59 AM): cable > the doom guy
Chunksta408 (4:21:59 AM): i became addicted
Blaziniflo36 (4:22:05 AM): what was your first marvel team
Blaziniflo36 (4:22:06 AM): ?
Chunksta408 (4:22:23 AM): Cable/Ironman/WarMachine
Chunksta408 (4:22:25 AM): THC ALL DAY
Chunksta408 (4:22:41 AM): that was my serious team
Chunksta408 (4:23:02 AM): my fuck around teams were Iceman/guile/doom
Blaziniflo36 (4:23:03 AM): damn
Chunksta408 (4:23:07 AM): Iceman/Anything
Blaziniflo36 (4:23:08 AM): no wonder you never won
Blaziniflo36 (4:23:13 AM): jk
Blaziniflo36 (4:23:20 AM): so when did you pick up mss?
Chunksta408 (4:23:28 AM): i started picking up that team
Chunksta408 (4:23:57 AM): because when i stopped going to my local arcade (Nickel City) i went to SVGL (Sunnyvale Golfland)
Chunksta408 (4:24:05 AM): SVGL had the best comp back in 2003
Chunksta408 (4:24:10 AM): Korngo
Chunksta408 (4:24:28 AM): and Kim (Ohayo1234) taught me how to play
Chunksta408 (4:24:32 AM): Korngo had a sick ass magnus
Chunksta408 (4:24:41 AM): Ohayo has a sick ass strider/doom
Chunksta408 (4:24:55 AM): but korngo also used Storm + sent
Chunksta408 (4:25:13 AM): i had a little cable experience too
Chunksta408 (4:25:19 AM): so that’s when i became practicing the big 4
Blaziniflo36 (4:25:22 AM): what was that tourney when you wanted to retire
Blaziniflo36 (4:25:27 AM): and i talked you out of it
Chunksta408 (4:25:31 AM): and the first team i started practicing with was MSS-A
Blaziniflo36 (4:25:32 AM): wasn’t it that big svgl tourney?
Chunksta408 (4:25:46 AM): don’t remember lol
Chunksta408 (4:25:56 AM): it was probably all the evo’s i’ve been to
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:04 AM): might’ve been some cali qualifier
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:08 AM): nah wasn’t evo
Chunksta408 (4:26:10 AM): and i thought that there was no point of trying to win anymore
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:16 AM): but like a big wc evo qualifier like 3 years ago
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:20 AM): yup
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:26 AM): adn i told you to man the fuck up
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:27 AM): and you did
Chunksta408 (4:26:37 AM): indeed the fuck i did
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:38 AM): and the next year you got top 8 right?
Blaziniflo36 (4:26:42 AM): and the next year yuo got 2nd
Chunksta408 (4:26:47 AM): no
Chunksta408 (4:27:06 AM): i’ve only got 2nd
Blaziniflo36 (4:27:25 AM): that’s what i said
Chunksta408 (4:27:35 AM): Evo 2k3 through 2k5 i don’t recall placing top 8
Chunksta408 (4:27:47 AM): but evo2k5 i placed top 10
Chunksta408 (4:27:54 AM): top 15
Chunksta408 (4:27:58 AM): or some shit like that
Chunksta408 (4:28:15 AM): then came evo2k6
Chunksta408 (4:28:22 AM): and i took 2nd
Chunksta408 (4:28:24 AM): =]
Blaziniflo36 (4:28:54 AM): yea that was it
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:04 AM): for your fans out there
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:10 AM): let’s break it down to 2 parts
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:15 AM): 1st strategy
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:23 AM): 2nd getting to know you better
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:35 AM): you recently went to seattle for 2 wees
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:37 AM): weeks*
Blaziniflo36 (4:29:52 AM): Seattle has long been appraised as marvel gd central
Blaziniflo36 (4:30:04 AM): what did you gather from you stay there?
Blaziniflo36 (4:30:11 AM): did you learn anything new?
Chunksta408 (4:31:06 AM): I learned that it’s best if you come up with new shit in marvel and I’ve learned patience and gained more experience vs cable players
Chunksta408 (4:31:49 AM): Kuan’s run away storm for example
Chunksta408 (4:31:59 AM): gave me patience
Blaziniflo36 (4:32:27 AM): kuan’s my illegitimate son did you know that
Blaziniflo36 (4:32:32 AM): he gets his nose from his mother
Chunksta408 (4:32:38 AM): LOL
Blaziniflo36 (4:33:13 AM): i belive the consensus is that you’re top 2 teams is mss and thrax
Blaziniflo36 (4:33:18 AM): correct me if your wrong
Chunksta408 (4:33:21 AM): yes
Blaziniflo36 (4:33:25 AM): let’s get some strats out to your fans
Chunksta408 (4:33:38 AM): im trying to buff up other teams as well
Blaziniflo36 (4:33:47 AM): when you have mss against a thrax with 2 cases, storm on point, sent on point
Blaziniflo36 (4:33:51 AM): sent on point first
Blaziniflo36 (4:34:04 AM): how do you fight that with mss, especially w/o an aaa
Chunksta408 (4:34:27 AM): if sent’s on point
Chunksta408 (4:34:59 AM): i try to get him with the 1 touch kill
Chunksta408 (4:35:08 AM): but i have to rush in when i see gaps
Chunksta408 (4:35:16 AM): dodge commando assist
Chunksta408 (4:35:18 AM): or block it
Chunksta408 (4:35:34 AM): most mag players get hit by commando a lot, including myself.
Blaziniflo36 (4:35:55 AM): how critical in the game play do you think waiting out cap and then counter call rp is in that matchup?
Chunksta408 (4:36:16 AM): i try not to do it a lot
Chunksta408 (4:36:30 AM): because it’s going to make my opponent realize that im countercalling
Chunksta408 (4:36:36 AM): so i have to mix it up
Chunksta408 (4:36:39 AM): use my brain
Chunksta408 (4:36:49 AM): another thing i use
Chunksta408 (4:36:51 AM): is the corner
Chunksta408 (4:36:58 AM): the corner is my best friend
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:07 AM): isn’t it eeryone’s
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:15 AM): this might seem like a simple question
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:25 AM): but i’ve actually had a lot of msgs about it
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:36 AM): you seem to tech hit mag throws better than a lot of people
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:45 AM): is there a secret to teching his throws
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:51 AM): like is there any gimmicks to look for
Chunksta408 (4:37:52 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:53 AM): any signs
Blaziniflo36 (4:37:59 AM): you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to
Chunksta408 (4:38:01 AM): yeah
Blaziniflo36 (4:38:05 AM): i know that’s you’re bnb
Chunksta408 (4:38:11 AM): no secret to tech hitting though
Blaziniflo36 (4:38:17 AM): i don’t want you to give up your tactics before evo
Chunksta408 (4:38:25 AM): you just gotta look at how the character is coming at you
Chunksta408 (4:38:32 AM): if they are going to attack or throw
Chunksta408 (4:39:41 AM): about the corner
Blaziniflo36 (4:40:05 AM): well mss is one of the top3 teams imho
Chunksta408 (4:40:08 AM): i know it’s everyone’s best friend, but still…a lot of people like to rush down sentinel mid-screen
Chunksta408 (4:40:16 AM): and they end up getting hit by fast flies
Blaziniflo36 (4:40:25 AM): it’s pro-con factors
Blaziniflo36 (4:40:28 AM): con, no aaa
Blaziniflo36 (4:40:31 AM): BIG PRO
Chunksta408 (4:40:43 AM): hahahaha
Blaziniflo36 (4:40:47 AM): mid game DHC saftety net for the incredible comeback
Chunksta408 (4:41:02 AM): MSS is cheap
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:03 AM): let’s say you’re fight a thrax or matrix, both with storm on pt.
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:06 AM): and they’re running
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:08 AM): chipping
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:12 AM): flooding the screen
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:15 AM): you have no aaa
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:17 AM): what do you do?
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:21 AM): just take the chip
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:22 AM): ?
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:26 AM): be patient
Blaziniflo36 (4:41:32 AM): and try to rush them down when they land?
Chunksta408 (4:41:37 AM): gotta get technical
Chunksta408 (4:41:45 AM): use EM disruptors
Chunksta408 (4:41:55 AM): to hit storm out of the hail
Chunksta408 (4:42:17 AM): but if the call drones + hail, then you have to take the chip
Chunksta408 (4:42:35 AM): it’s too risky to try to EMD that bitch
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:05 AM): it’s crazy how this game evolved
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:11 AM): from mad traps
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:13 AM): to rush down
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:24 AM): to just flat out cvs2 turtling and patience
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:34 AM): basically it’s a game of chess on steriods now
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:38 AM): on the higher level
Chunksta408 (4:43:40 AM): ahhahahahahahaha
Blaziniflo36 (4:43:56 AM): i hate playing fuckers that just hold back low or back high for no reason
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:03 AM): not even looking at my characther
Chunksta408 (4:44:17 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:44:19 AM): a lot of people
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:21 AM): so i can do a double crossup sj whiff lk land
Chunksta408 (4:44:27 AM): think that if you hold up in marvel
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:31 AM): and they just held back low
Chunksta408 (4:44:32 AM): you can jump out of resets and shit
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:34 AM): oh well
Chunksta408 (4:44:43 AM): but that’s not true
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:44 AM): not true though
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:47 AM): yea
Blaziniflo36 (4:44:53 AM): glad to see we’re on the same page
Chunksta408 (4:44:59 AM): marvel you gotta think if you wanna be good
Chunksta408 (4:45:02 AM): you can’t just be like
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:07 AM): we’re gonna have a bomb team
Chunksta408 (4:45:08 AM): "WHATEVER WORKS"
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:24 AM): well correct me if i’m wrong
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:30 AM): if you hold up after a reset
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:40 AM): isn’t there a frame or 2 where they can still cr. lk you?
Chunksta408 (4:45:46 AM): yes
Chunksta408 (4:45:51 AM): you gotta time it
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:55 AM): i knew it
Blaziniflo36 (4:45:59 AM): damn i’m fucking nice
Blaziniflo36 (4:46:08 AM): we’re gonna have a bomb team
Chunksta408 (4:46:09 AM): but if you don’t time it right
Chunksta408 (4:46:15 AM): they’ll jump out
Chunksta408 (4:46:18 AM): and call assist
Chunksta408 (4:46:23 AM): panic mode
Blaziniflo36 (4:46:29 AM): double snap
Blaziniflo36 (4:46:31 AM): GG
Chunksta408 (4:46:33 AM): yup
Chunksta408 (4:46:39 AM): most common mistakes
Chunksta408 (4:47:05 AM): is simply because a few people are too lazy to block
Chunksta408 (4:47:38 AM): too much shit to block, but hey, if you block all of the shit, it pays off in the end ya know?
Blaziniflo36 (4:47:50 AM): right now i honestly think block and guardcancelling to get out of certain dangerous setups
Blaziniflo36 (4:47:57 AM): accounts for 75% to 80% of the game
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:04 AM): 19% is patience
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:08 AM): and the 1% is doing combos
Chunksta408 (4:48:12 AM): hahahahahahhaa
Chunksta408 (4:48:15 AM): nah man
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:17 AM): i mean anyone can do a fast fly and ahvb
Chunksta408 (4:48:27 AM): execution is the number one thing you need to have in marvel
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:36 AM): that goes w/o saying though
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:41 AM): i’m past that
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:45 AM): if you can’t execute
Chunksta408 (4:48:57 AM): then…you’re fucked
Chunksta408 (4:48:57 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:48:59 AM): you shouldn’t be reading this or on this site or go to any tournaments or be breating
Blaziniflo36 (4:49:08 AM): breathing*
Blaziniflo36 (4:49:24 AM): i’m not talking about hands
Blaziniflo36 (4:49:28 AM): i’m talking about strategy
Chunksta408 (4:49:40 AM): indeed
Blaziniflo36 (4:49:45 AM): actually i’d say 50% defense adn not get put into vulnerable situations
Blaziniflo36 (4:49:58 AM): 49% patience and know when to attack
Blaziniflo36 (4:50:08 AM): 1% knowing the right people like me
Chunksta408 (4:50:17 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:50:19 AM): which can make or break a marvel career
Blaziniflo36 (4:50:31 AM): well enough talk about strategies
Blaziniflo36 (4:50:37 AM): since you’re on me and sindel’s team
Blaziniflo36 (4:50:44 AM): i don’t really want to give too much shit away
Blaziniflo36 (4:51:00 AM): what do you do in your down time?
Chunksta408 (4:51:14 AM): like
Chunksta408 (4:51:19 AM): what do i do other than marvel?
Blaziniflo36 (4:53:20 AM): yea
Blaziniflo36 (4:53:25 AM): besides school
Blaziniflo36 (4:53:28 AM): in your downtime?
Blaziniflo36 (4:53:37 AM): what kind of movies you like, music, hobbies?
Chunksta408 (4:53:40 AM): gym + girls
Chunksta408 (4:53:57 AM): myspace
Blaziniflo36 (4:54:05 AM): so pumping iron and kicking it with cableguy?
Chunksta408 (4:54:10 AM): i listen to all kinds of music
Blaziniflo36 (4:54:19 AM): jk
Chunksta408 (4:54:20 AM): fuck you blaze
Blaziniflo36 (4:54:23 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:54:31 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:54:38 AM): steve if you reading this, you know i got nothing but love
Blaziniflo36 (4:54:59 AM): yo if duc jr. challenges you to 10gs ft10
Blaziniflo36 (4:55:01 AM): would you do it?
Chunksta408 (4:55:02 AM): yeah, he has the love that will make you want to “blaze” with him
Blaziniflo36 (4:55:17 AM): i’ll blaze
Chunksta408 (4:55:22 AM): ahhahaa
Blaziniflo36 (4:55:34 AM): but i ain’t down to drop x with him like duc jr and reset
Chunksta408 (4:55:36 AM): i have nothing against Duc Jr
Blaziniflo36 (4:55:42 AM): me neither
Chunksta408 (4:55:44 AM): but i don’t have 10gs to play for
Blaziniflo36 (4:55:46 AM): cept his a fag
Chunksta408 (4:55:50 AM): no point
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:00 AM): well i never had a problem with him
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:07 AM): tell he called out my man wiggy
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:15 AM): me and wiggy are family and if you fuck with him
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:21 AM): you fucking with our whole crew
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:23 AM): esp me
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:36 AM): and anyone that knows me knows that i cherish friendship most
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:48 AM): there’s only like 9 people i like in the world
Blaziniflo36 (4:56:53 AM): and wiggy just happens to be one of em
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:02 AM): so fuck duc jr.
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:06 AM): fuck mike chaos
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:11 AM): and fuck their whole crew
Chunksta408 (4:57:18 AM): what does this have to do with the interview anyway?
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:20 AM): if they got shit to say to wiggy, they can say it to me at evo too
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:25 AM): oh wait, they’re banned
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:26 AM): nothing
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:32 AM): i got off on a tangent
Blaziniflo36 (4:57:33 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:57:37 AM): yeah dude
Chunksta408 (4:57:44 AM): calm down
Chunksta408 (4:57:51 AM): are you on one?
Chunksta408 (4:57:53 AM): =P
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:01 AM): x?
Chunksta408 (4:58:14 AM): im j/k
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:18 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:24 AM): so what should we call our team
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:25 AM): ?
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:26 AM): wait
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:31 AM): that’s under wraps
Chunksta408 (4:58:35 AM): ahahah
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:54 AM): it’s gonna be one of the pimpest gdlkiest names ever
Blaziniflo36 (4:58:58 AM): no one will expect it
Blaziniflo36 (4:59:07 AM): but we’re gonna fuck shit up
Blaziniflo36 (4:59:18 AM): exlax justin’s milkshakes
Chunksta408 (4:59:27 AM): that sounds so gay
Chunksta408 (4:59:28 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (4:59:42 AM): roofie bill’s cocktails
Blaziniflo36 (4:59:47 AM): we’ll be in good shape
Blaziniflo36 (4:59:48 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (4:59:50 AM): LOL
Blaziniflo36 (5:00:04 AM): alright people
Blaziniflo36 (5:00:28 AM): we’ve reached the end of our Blaze Asks Em’ Special Edition: Chunksta!!!
Chunksta408 (5:00:37 AM): that’s it?
Chunksta408 (5:00:39 AM): wow
Blaziniflo36 (5:00:50 AM): If there are any special questions you would like the Chunk to answer feel free to post up
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:00 AM): and he’ll get around to answering them whenever
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:07 AM): you wanna keep going
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:09 AM): Okay
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:11 AM): i got all day
Chunksta408 (5:01:20 AM): isn’t it like 5am over there?
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:24 AM): yea
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:30 AM): but i’m pretty drunk
Chunksta408 (5:01:36 AM): man
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:37 AM): and i’m watching black on blonde porn
Blaziniflo36 (5:01:41 AM): so i’m cool
Chunksta408 (5:01:42 AM): you better not be drunk in team tourney
Chunksta408 (5:01:48 AM): or imma leave
Chunksta408 (5:02:02 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (5:02:27 AM): Well
Blaziniflo36 (5:02:29 AM): nah
Chunksta408 (5:02:33 AM): i guess we can be done for today
Blaziniflo36 (5:02:48 AM): i’ll be jacked up on tic tacs and double shots
Chunksta408 (5:02:55 AM): damn
Blaziniflo36 (5:02:59 AM): like basically in the team tourney
Chunksta408 (5:03:02 AM): you’re on some weird shit son
Blaziniflo36 (5:03:23 AM): nasa’s gonna recruit me to teach their astronauts how to fly around asteroid betls
Blaziniflo36 (5:03:28 AM): belts*
Blaziniflo36 (5:03:30 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (5:03:40 AM): wtf?
Chunksta408 (5:03:55 AM): good luck with that
Blaziniflo36 (5:04:29 AM): what’s your favorite movie?
Blaziniflo36 (5:04:32 AM): goonies?
Chunksta408 (5:04:56 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (5:05:08 AM): Dumb and Dumber
Blaziniflo36 (5:05:48 AM): in your opinion, who do you think will be the top 8 at evo east this year?
Blaziniflo36 (5:05:51 AM): yourself excluded
Chunksta408 (5:07:36 AM): Yipes, Jwong, Sanford, Erik, Potter, Soo,
Chunksta408 (5:07:46 AM): i don’t know about the last one
Blaziniflo36 (5:07:49 AM): evo east
Blaziniflo36 (5:07:53 AM): soo ain’t going
Chunksta408 (5:07:58 AM): what?
Chunksta408 (5:08:01 AM): damn
Blaziniflo36 (5:08:12 AM): soo’ll never travel to ec

Chunksta408 (5:08:18 AM): oh
Blaziniflo36 (5:08:27 AM): imho
Chunksta408 (5:08:35 AM): i didn’t read evo east
Chunksta408 (5:08:40 AM): i thought it was evo world
Chunksta408 (5:08:41 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (5:08:58 AM): top 8 evo east is gonna be hard to decide
Blaziniflo36 (5:09:05 AM): wong, stamford, chunk, bill, potts, erik, and then 2 wild cards
Blaziniflo36 (5:09:10 AM): marvel’s too random
Blaziniflo36 (5:09:21 AM): especially with all these new killas coming up
Chunksta408 (5:09:22 AM): yipes
Chunksta408 (5:09:48 AM): brandon or desmond?
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:02 AM): oh yea
Chunksta408 (5:10:04 AM): i don’t know
Chunksta408 (5:10:05 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:06 AM): brandon
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:09 AM): desmond’s a btich
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:18 AM): lol, jk
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:26 AM): it’s up for grabs
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:31 AM): one thing’s for sure though
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:37 AM): it’ll be insane
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:46 AM): it’ll be a crazy fucking weekend
Blaziniflo36 (5:10:59 AM): do you have any rituals to get ready for a big tournament?
Blaziniflo36 (5:11:06 AM): andy supersitions?
Chunksta408 (5:12:04 AM): uh
Chunksta408 (5:12:06 AM): rituals?
Chunksta408 (5:12:12 AM): superstitions?
Blaziniflo36 (5:12:16 AM): you know
Blaziniflo36 (5:12:21 AM): whacking off
Blaziniflo36 (5:12:27 AM): eating a certain meal
Chunksta408 (5:12:27 AM): predictions?
Chunksta408 (5:12:28 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (5:12:38 AM): wearing a special pair of underwear?
Chunksta408 (5:12:38 AM): im j/k
Chunksta408 (5:12:56 AM): imma try not to eat too much unhealthy food over there
Chunksta408 (5:13:09 AM): gotta be safe in the city of New York
Chunksta408 (5:13:19 AM): watch out for undercover cops
Chunksta408 (5:13:24 AM): fuckin hate those pigs
Blaziniflo36 (5:13:28 AM): acutally since you’re on my team, i’ma buy your food
Chunksta408 (5:13:37 AM): damn
Blaziniflo36 (5:13:38 AM): nothing but carrot juice and protein shakes
Blaziniflo36 (5:13:38 AM): lol
Chunksta408 (5:13:40 AM): thanks
Chunksta408 (5:13:46 AM): im down
Chunksta408 (5:13:53 AM): the healthier the better
Blaziniflo36 (5:14:04 AM): maybe some grilled salmon
Chunksta408 (5:14:31 AM): call my parents every now and then to tell them im doing fine
Chunksta408 (5:15:03 AM): right now im eating pineapples and a granola bar
Blaziniflo36 (5:15:38 AM): how do you advance your game
Blaziniflo36 (5:15:43 AM): ?
Blaziniflo36 (5:15:52 AM): i mean without sounding cocky
Blaziniflo36 (5:16:01 AM): you’re undisputed to be the best in norcal
Blaziniflo36 (5:16:08 AM): and obviously one of the best in the world
Blaziniflo36 (5:16:23 AM): how do you advance your game after getting top2 at evo?
Chunksta408 (5:16:49 AM): one thing hevad told me
Chunksta408 (5:17:14 AM): is that jwong, yipes, sanford, soo, best players really
Chunksta408 (5:17:19 AM): is that they think outside the box
Chunksta408 (5:17:45 AM): they have put so much time in the game
Chunksta408 (5:18:01 AM): that they can already come up with new ideas in the game
Chunksta408 (5:18:03 AM): new shit every year
Blaziniflo36 (5:18:08 AM): yea
Blaziniflo36 (5:18:14 AM): gotta keep advancing
Chunksta408 (5:18:20 AM): and i try to turn myself to the page they are on
Chunksta408 (5:18:22 AM): but it’s hard
Blaziniflo36 (5:18:25 AM): who were your heroes in marvel
Blaziniflo36 (5:18:35 AM): when you first started
Chunksta408 (5:18:41 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (5:18:45 AM): who motived and influenced you the most to get better?
Chunksta408 (5:19:10 AM): Ohayo1234 and Korngo
Blaziniflo36 (5:19:28 AM): well i’m talking about like superstars
Chunksta408 (5:19:34 AM): oh
Chunksta408 (5:19:38 AM): the characters
Chunksta408 (5:19:40 AM): my heroes
Blaziniflo36 (5:19:41 AM): like wazzler and row or people on that caliber
Chunksta408 (5:19:42 AM): well
Chunksta408 (5:19:44 AM): i played everyone
Chunksta408 (5:20:34 AM): wazzler and sanford
Chunksta408 (5:20:53 AM): their matches
Chunksta408 (5:20:59 AM): are so fucking insane
Chunksta408 (5:21:08 AM): and so fun to watch
Chunksta408 (5:21:11 AM): you got wong
Chunksta408 (5:21:18 AM): the super intelligence
Chunksta408 (5:21:23 AM): and you got sanford
Chunksta408 (5:21:47 AM): the combovideo + intelligence
Chunksta408 (5:21:53 AM): crazy combovideo*
Chunksta408 (5:22:10 AM): which all sums into a SUPER HYPE match
Chunksta408 (5:22:43 AM): there were quite a few others who were interesting to watch
Chunksta408 (5:23:02 AM): but Jwong and Sanford
Chunksta408 (5:23:25 AM): craziest mofos i’ve ever seen play that game
Blaziniflo36 (5:24:28 AM): well what’s one peace of advice you’d give to your fans right now about taking their game to the next level
Blaziniflo36 (5:24:34 AM): the most important advice
Blaziniflo36 (5:24:37 AM): well 2nd most important
Blaziniflo36 (5:24:54 AM): cause the most important is to dl blaziniflo vids and try to emulate his cable
Chunksta408 (5:25:22 AM): hahahahaha
Chunksta408 (5:26:40 AM): ask cableguy
Chunksta408 (5:26:46 AM): if he could emulate
Blaziniflo36 (5:26:54 AM): no seriously
Blaziniflo36 (5:26:57 AM): based on chunk
Blaziniflo36 (5:27:11 AM): if your fans want to become one step closer to be the great chunk
Blaziniflo36 (5:27:15 AM): what can they do
Chunksta408 (5:27:53 AM): im the leader
Chunksta408 (5:28:06 AM): they are the fallowers
Chunksta408 (5:28:56 AM): nah lol
Chunksta408 (5:29:19 AM): they should play with people that are on the same level as them
Chunksta408 (5:29:25 AM): and when they surpass that level
Chunksta408 (5:30:04 AM): find another person who is slightly a bit higher than them
Chunksta408 (5:30:11 AM): and keep repeating
Blaziniflo36 (5:30:18 AM): alright chunk
Chunksta408 (5:30:20 AM): that’s what i did
Blaziniflo36 (5:30:25 AM): it’s been great talking to you
Chunksta408 (5:30:28 AM): but if you want to go the hard way
Chunksta408 (5:30:38 AM): say like
Chunksta408 (5:31:16 AM): the hardway would if you consider yourself as a noob vs Jwong or someone on his similar level
Chunksta408 (5:31:23 AM): that would take a VERY long time
Chunksta408 (5:31:32 AM): yeah man
Chunksta408 (5:31:35 AM): good talking to you too
Chunksta408 (5:31:38 AM): =]
Blaziniflo36 (5:31:55 AM): and i’m sure you’ll be getting countless messages from your fans to pick your brain in the next week
Blaziniflo36 (5:32:00 AM): any closing statements?
Blaziniflo36 (5:32:04 AM): for your fans
Blaziniflo36 (5:32:22 AM): any last pieces of brilliance or advice for you supporters
Chunksta408 (5:32:56 AM): If you want to get better in marvel: have confidence, have patience, don’t get frustrated if you fuck up, and don’t let intimidation get to you
Blaziniflo36 (5:33:24 AM): thanks for you time buddy
Chunksta408 (5:33:32 AM): no prob
Chunksta408 (5:33:41 AM): one more thing
Blaziniflo36 (5:33:50 AM): and we’ll have a follow up interview with no2 in the world after our experiences at evo east
Chunksta408 (5:34:05 AM): Shoutouts to the goonie squad
Chunksta408 (5:34:13 AM): shoutouts to Dead Cell
Chunksta408 (5:34:26 AM): Shout outs to the East Coast
Chunksta408 (5:34:54 AM): be ready, im gonna come real hard (no homo) lol
Blaziniflo36 (5:35:24 AM): lol
Blaziniflo36 (5:35:26 AM): come reall hard
Blaziniflo36 (5:35:28 AM): good shit
Blaziniflo36 (5:35:34 AM): thanks for you time homey
Blaziniflo36 (5:35:36 AM): peace
Chunksta408 (5:35:57 AM): thank you
Chunksta408 (5:35:58 AM): peace

not one mention of bronson tran from alex ;[

alex do it for norcaaaaaaaaal

G A N G…4
C H U N K…5

Pretty cool. Chunk’s MSS is too fun to watch. I didn’t know he was even that young (especially since he’s competed before); thought he’d be at least 21.

good shit.

FUCK, i forgot to add you too =[

Damn, I can’t even count lol. Oh well, you know what I mean Bananas hahaha. Thanks for the compliments =]

no no your formula is wrong

G A N G …= 4
C H U N K = G D L K = 4

chunkadunk, i’d like to hear about mss-a and the reasons why it’s able to compete , my friend doesn’t believe me that it’s able to compete with msp and ssanything . I’ve tried to talk about the teams ability to compete because of it’s dhc order and using that to counter the squads weakness. it would be tight to read a high lvl breakdown of the teams strengths when it’s put into difficult match-ups.

y0 Chunk… teach me sentinal!!

Awesome interview, and good sharing of strats.

I’d like to hear too, since I’m one of the people that thinks it sucks. After seeing demon hyo vs jwong winners finals vids mss-a vs matrix from final round though, I see how it can work. Also Jmar handles msp players quite well, and he’s the only I’ve seen that can play sentinel with storm-a assist.

Get em’ Chunk.

are you still comin back to Seattle before EVO?

Chunk is my hero.

! Wasabi !

Alex whats up man ! Didn’t know you were into bodybuilding check out my page

  If you have any nutrition/ supplement/ routine questions  don't hesitate man.



Sure thing man, a lot of people don’t think MSS can compete because of the lack of anti-air and lack of learning how to BLOCK with that team. There’s more than just blocking with that team, any team really.

Come to our sessions and I can teach you then. Either at Crizzle’s house or my house. My house has more room though :tup:

Im actually traveling A LOT this year. Going to Evo East, then Venezuela, Mexico, Evo West, and Vegas. I’ll try to fit my seattle ticket in between those traveling plans =]

Sure thing. I can play sentinel/storm-a too, ask Jmar =]

Likewise Vic <3 You’re mad funny in those FFA Videos man, keep that shit up:tup:

What’s up dude!? Where have you been?! You still play marvel?! Who told you I was into bodybuilding? lol. Actually, im not really into bodybuilding, im more into getting lean and muscular (no homo) lol. Still, i’ll check out your routines, supplements, and nutrition diets for sure homey :lovin:

Wasabi (forgot what his real name is) is my homey since I was the real chunk to the average chunk aka since 2000 to 2005, haven’t seen him in like 2 years :sad:

So anyway, IM FUCKIN HYPHY RIGHT NOW, 1 week till evo east!!!

i’ma prolly be going with chunksta to seattle if y’all don’t mind. =]

nice interview, props to chuck and pushblock (what’s your real name?)

That would be the one and only Justin Zhou… better known as BlazinFLORIDA!


Another Blazin’ Interview by Blaze