Blaze Asks Em: Demon Hyo's predictions on Evo

Disclaimer: This is not a chat log.

Blaziniflo: Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most anticipated Blaze Asks Em ever.
Blaziniflo: Demon Hyo aka Snap Out God
Demon Hyo: Waddup homie
Blaziniflo: aka Bin Laden
Demon Hyo: haha u funny
Blaziniflo: Undeniably one of the best around
Blaziniflo: Now Brandon, you got your fame from the Break and University Pinball in Philly
Blaziniflo: When did you start playing the game?
Demon Hyo: Well I started playing when I was in High School back in 2000 I believe
Blaziniflo: What was your first team?
Blaziniflo: b, type faster man
Demon Hyo: lol oh dear… yo my first team was wolverine/iceman/thanos
Blaziniflo: and who got you into this game?
Demon Hyo: My friend Tim, he always played mvc1 with me and he was the best around at that time. Well that I knew anyway
Blaziniflo: So how’d you hook up with Bryheem, Julian and Josh Wong?
Demon Hyo: I met up with those guys when I first found out about University Pinball Arcade back in 2001
Blaziniflo: Good ol’ UP
Demon Hyo: lol yea… memories
Blaziniflo: the arcade with the world’s second worst sticks
Blaziniflo: next to CF
Demon Hyo: I used to get beat on by bryheem and Julian a lot, so that’s how I ended up getting to know them lol. But this was also back when Wayne Davis used to go there with Josh wong
Demon Hyo: Wayne was a sick strider/doom player back in the day. First time I ever saw that team actually. We always had some great battles, but he used to own me FREE lol
Blaziniflo: So when did you start competing seriously?
Demon Hyo: hmm, well I started hearing about tournaments after I got cool with people in the arcade, so I started checking out some videos. This was about mid 2001
Demon Hyo: And I used to watch people like liquid metal, alex valle and shady k
Blaziniflo: What happened to Rick Mears?
Demon Hyo: back then or now?
Blaziniflo: now
Blaziniflo: where the fuck that bitch been?
Demon Hyo: haha! That man been on his grind yo. He’s all about that paper now
Blaziniflo: really?
Blaziniflo: good shit
Demon Hyo: Yea, he stepped his game up
Blaziniflo: So what are your predictions for evo?
Blaziniflo: can’t believe it’s only 4 days away
Demon Hyo: He still plays randomly, but he’s more of a gears of war player now. He was supposed to go to evo with me, but he randomly switched up
Demon Hyo: Ah evo…
Blaziniflo: Do you think Sanford will take the 3rd major from Justin?
Blaziniflo: or has Justin said enough’s enough
Blaziniflo: Fuck that ho
Blaziniflo: I’ma have to play for real
Demon Hyo: Well honestly it’s going to be interesting this year because there is so many good players, and even new people stepping it up big time. So we’ll see
Demon Hyo: Hmm, sanford beating justin again eh?
Blaziniflo: well let’s say hypothetically
Blaziniflo: if it’s Justin and Sanford are in the finals
Blaziniflo: who do you think will take it
Demon Hyo: well when they play serious it’s 50/50
Demon Hyo: but if one of them is slacking off, then the other would win, so it’s pretty much like that.
Demon Hyo: But recently Sanford’s been more hungry, so I’d have to go with him for now
Blaziniflo: Really…
Blaziniflo: I still like Old Faithful
Blaziniflo: What do you think about the 5on5
Blaziniflo: 2part question
Demon Hyo: Well justin wong is the best in the world, so if he decides to play seriously then no one might be able to stop him.
Blaziniflo: 1st, how do you think WC will do against the best of the east
Demon Hyo: hmm the 5 on 5… haha well lets see…
Demon Hyo: As far as the WC is concerned, they have a solid team this year FINALLY! They were on some favoritism BS for a while though
Blaziniflo: yea
Demon Hyo: I mean, like it was to the point where you almost had to be someone’s best friend in order to be on the team. That was hella lame and annoying
Demon Hyo: Like, it made me think they were scared of us or something and i was starting to lose respect
Blaziniflo: I think the team’s pretty damn good
Blaziniflo: with the exception of Potter not being on there
Blaziniflo: not playing favorites
Blaziniflo: but I was there
Blaziniflo: and he’s honestly top3 on the WC imho
Demon Hyo: But, with that current team they have now I think they can stand up with us. But Potter may have been a better choice due to experience with the EC
Blaziniflo: But the team is pretty on point
Demon Hyo: but it’s still a solid team
Demon Hyo: But we’re going to go all out and give them our best. We have no remorse for any of them when the 5 on 5 starts. We’re out to win that shit
Blaziniflo: 2nd part…I forgot what the 2nd part was
Blaziniflo: lol
Demon Hyo: lol! random…
Blaziniflo: Out of all the hype matches this year, which are the ones you’re most looking forward to
Demon Hyo: hmm well my personal favorite is going to be yipes vs justin for $5k
Blaziniflo: same here
Demon Hyo: I mean I’ve seen them play a lot and Justin normally has the edge in tournaments, except for that one time Yipes beat him at evo2k5.
Demon Hyo: But in a 1st to 10 they’re both deadly. But I really want to see it cause NO ONE has ever beat justin 1st to 10 in marvel. Some would call it suicide
Demon Hyo: That man adapts so quickly that it’s not even funny. But yipes is IFC! so we’ll see how it plays out. If he gets in control, sometimes there’s no stopping that man.
Demon Hyo: Another one would probably be…
Demon Hyo: Smooth vs Soomighty part 2. I’m not sure if it’s happening or not, but last year that 1st to 10 was GODLIKE
Blaziniflo: yea it was
Demon Hyo: Another interesting one would be josh wigfall vs dark prince. I know a lot of people would like to see that rematch because it seems like that’s where the whole DPC drama started
Blaziniflo: I’m gonna watch it again later tonight while I whack it
Blaziniflo: Wigfall = …
Demon Hyo: ROFL!!! Justin, you’re too good yo haha
Blaziniflo: nvm
Blaziniflo: I have a gag order that I can’t talk shit about DP
Blaziniflo: or else he’ll cancel the match
Demon Hyo: LOL! are u serious?
Demon Hyo: man he has to get used to that because that’s EC style.
Blaziniflo: yea
Demon Hyo: It’s nothing personal or nothing, but that’s just how it is lol. We all talk shit about each other if we’re getting owned
Blaziniflo: Yup
Demon Hyo: but it’s all in good fun :wink:
Blaziniflo: Sucks that Bryheem can’t be here
Blaziniflo: He would’ve made evo
Demon Hyo: Meh… it does suck, but he kept switching up about going and not going
Demon Hyo: and in the end his ticket got cancelled because of him being mr. random as always
Demon Hyo: :
Blaziniflo: What do you think about Sanford posting he wasn’t going to play
Blaziniflo: Did you believe it for a second?
Demon Hyo: well at 1st I did because lately he’s been into tekken a lot and not really caring about marvel. But in the end I had a feeling he was going to play anyway.
Blaziniflo: Yea
Blaziniflo: the little Sanford that cried wolf
Demon Hyo: hahaha
Blaziniflo: Do you think DP has a shot against Justin’s low tier
Blaziniflo: ?
Demon Hyo: ruby heart, jill and ken right?
Blaziniflo: yup
Demon Hyo: well if it was Justin’s marrow/charlie/tron then I think he’d have an excellent chance at winning. You’ve seen it in action for yourself, so you know what I’m talking about lol!
Blaziniflo: id rather fight justin’s thrax than that team
Blaziniflo: i mean, that shit’s garbage.
Demon Hyo: But I never seen him play with ruby/jill/ken before so idk… But justin’s a better player than him in general so he’d probably pull something out his bag of tricks to win. hahaha… JWong Gimmicks FTW!
Blaziniflo: play justin for money against that
Blaziniflo: Yea i know
Demon Hyo: But DPC is a good player, so he should figure his way around it.
Blaziniflo: Do you have any big matches set up?
Demon Hyo: That would be hella embarrassing to lose to that mess
Demon Hyo: Yea I have some
Blaziniflo: which ones?
Demon Hyo: I know I’m supposed to play potter 1st to 7 for $200, same with Bill Welman. I also am playing combofiend for $200 1st to 7. I think I’m also supposed to be playing Chris Shmidt for cash 1st to 7 as well, just not sure how much yet.
Blaziniflo: Good shit
Demon Hyo: yea, I’m all about that $$$$$ feel me. I’m tryna collect this year haha
Blaziniflo: those are some great matches, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to those, and sidebetting on you against Bill
Demon Hyo: yea it’s always fun playin bill. he pays me good :wink:
Blaziniflo: hahaha
Blaziniflo: I actually don’t know who’ll win that one
Blaziniflo: Bill’s my boy, and he’s top3 on WC imho
Demon Hyo: I’m not going to sleep on him, but I normally beat him
Blaziniflo: But it’s marvel, so you never know
Demon Hyo: never lost to him yet, and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon
Blaziniflo: Good shit
Demon Hyo: yep, I’m confident
Blaziniflo: I heard from a source, that Shit Garbage Motrix, aka SGM, told Wigfall to his face that he thinks he’s better than him
Blaziniflo: what do you think about that?
Demon Hyo: WOW… he said he’s better than the Mayor??
Blaziniflo: Yea, to his face
Blaziniflo: looked him in the eye, and said he thought he (SGM) was better than Wiggy
Demon Hyo: Nah, I like Josh over him
Blaziniflo: I didn’t ask you that
Demon Hyo: oops -_-
Blaziniflo: we both KNOW Josh is 9x better
Blaziniflo: SGM isn’t on Josh’s level
Demon Hyo: Matrix is good though
Demon Hyo: yea just not better than josh
Blaziniflo: or your’s or mine, or a ton of others
Blaziniflo: I mean, do you think he was on crack
Demon Hyo: ouch… seems like you got some issues in marvel to settle with that man eh?
Blaziniflo: Drunk? Both?
Blaziniflo: Nah, not in marvel
Blaziniflo: Not in anything
Blaziniflo: I don’t even recognize his existence
Demon Hyo: haha orly?
Demon Hyo: OUCH >.>
Demon Hyo: dem is fightin words o.o
Blaziniflo: I don’t play with cheaters
Demon Hyo: why don’t yall play for money?
Blaziniflo: nah, he doesn’t deserve to play me
Demon Hyo: lol
Blaziniflo: I don’t play janitors
Demon Hyo: ROFL wtf
Blaziniflo: Well I take that back, I did play him at east
Demon Hyo: and…?
Blaziniflo: beat his 3/4 cable + full cyc with 2meter, witch just my 3/4 cap
Blaziniflo: I played him 2sets and beat him both
Blaziniflo: he wanted to play me for more, but he’s not worth my time
Blaziniflo: I’m not going to fly to Vegas to play a Janitor
Blaziniflo: I want to play people that are good and will contribute something to me
Blaziniflo: But this isn’t about me
Blaziniflo: This interview’s about you
Blaziniflo: Give me your predictions for Justin vs Choi?
Demon Hyo: ah the match of the legends
Demon Hyo: Choiboi vs the Wazzler
Demon Hyo: Well 1st let me say that Marvel doesn’t even count and we all know why
Blaziniflo: Obviously
Demon Hyo: But in ST I like Choi because he’s more experienced in that game and he knows the matchups better. Plus he just won evo west.
Demon Hyo: And his Ryu is SERIOUS
Demon Hyo: Justin has Old sagat which is mad lame so it can be annoying for choi. Then again… choi also plays old sagat so idk
Blaziniflo: I think Justin has it
Demon Hyo: Uggh… I can see it now if they both pick him. (Tiger! Tiger Tiger!) all dam day
Blaziniflo: Justin is a great businessman
Demon Hyo: haha that he is
Blaziniflo: and he knows his limits
Blaziniflo: Kid’s too smart
Demon Hyo: yea, but idk I still like choi in that particular game
Demon Hyo: Justin does have a solid chance though
Blaziniflo: Maybe
Demon Hyo: in 3s I like Justin FREE
Blaziniflo: I think A2 is the only game Justin has a very limited chance to win
Demon Hyo: yea choi has A2 most likely
Blaziniflo: I like Justin for CvS2 also
Blaziniflo: basically I like Justin
Blaziniflo: no homo
Blaziniflo: He’s gonna make me a lot of money at Evo.
Blaziniflo: I hope I just find enough people to cover the bets
Blaziniflo: Last question
Blaziniflo: What are your predictions for top8 in Marvel?
Demon Hyo: haha ya I like justin in Cvs2 as well
Demon Hyo: ah that’s an interesting question
Demon Hyo: It’s really tough to say because it depends about who’s in who’s bracket during pools and semi’s
Demon Hyo: Like
Demon Hyo: Personally I’m trying to get top 8 no matter what. I don’t care who I play because I look at them as a stepping stone to get to that 5k, so I have to do what I gotta do to win. Simple as that
Demon Hyo: But other than that… many people have a chance at getting top 8 this year. The comp is really tough and a lot of people are stepping their game up bigtime
Demon Hyo: it’s hard to really say, but I’ll rally off a bunch of random names (excluding myself)
Demon Hyo: SmoothViper, JustinW, Sanford, Duc, Potter, Chunksta, Yipes, Chris S, and Soo
Blaziniflo: Good choices
Blaziniflo: Alright Brandon, it was great talking to you and we’ll see you in Vegas
Blaziniflo: Goodluck in all your matches
Demon Hyo: Yea it’s always a pleasure talkin to ya, Justin and good shit on keepin it real yo.
Demon Hyo: Thanks for the support
Blaziniflo: Anytime
Blaziniflo: Peace and Good luck to all our readers that are attending Evo.
Demon Hyo: C ya in vegas fellas!

that’s 9 players. damn it’s so hard to choose. good shit DH and Blaze

my boy brandon gunnin for that money imma be their rooting for him

Good luck Demon, can’t wait to play you on a serious level in Marvel one day, damn that iron man:arazz:

Nice interview Justin keep it up man and good luck at evo. Same for you Demon.

Thanks, guys. See you tomorrow in Vegas, everyone, and have a safe flight!