Blaze Asks Em: Duc Jr./Dark Prince/ Shake and Bake/ Magic Man

Blaziniflo: Okay ladies and gentlemen.
Blaziniflo: This is the one you’ve been waiting for
Blaziniflo: We here at Blaze Asks Em have been trying to get this interview going for quite some time
Blaziniflo: and we are happy to be able to bring it to you, even though it’s been a long time coming
Blaziniflo: Again, this is not an aim conversation.
Blaziniflo: Hello sir, would care you give your name, age and whatever screenname you’re going by right now?
DP: Justin J. 19 years of age, They call me DarkPrince
Blaziniflo: Now I don’t mean to be obvious, but I’m sure this is a questions a lot of our readers want to ask
Blaziniflo: How did you go about getting your first name, Duc. Jr.
DP: David Lee gave it to me at a james games tourney around 2001
Blaziniflo: So you didn’t actually train with Duc Do early on in your career?
DP: i knew him, we played card games and shit. Didn’t start training with him until later on
Blaziniflo: So at what point in your career, did you say fuck it. I want a new name
DP: when he got me for $1500
Blaziniflo: Im sorry, I’m not familiar with that story.
Blaziniflo: Could you elaborate?
DP: well we all know about studio traffic, I was young at the time still in high school. He asked me to put $1500 in to show people it was real. Kinda like a deal between him and I that he would pay me back regardless.
Blaziniflo: what’s studio traffic?
Blaziniflo: sorry
DP: was an online net surfing program where you surfed sights to gain a percentage of the amout of money held in your account
Blaziniflo: so he never paid you back?
DP: na
Blaziniflo: Not until this day?
DP: nope
DP: still waiting
Blaziniflo: Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of this.
Blaziniflo: Now we’ve all heard you saying on videos and the sf radio that you’re hustling and slanging on the corner.
Blaziniflo: Any truth to that?
DP: In all reality im not a big fan of what I do to make money. I have a boss just like anyone else. I do what I do to get money for college and ish
DP: Only thing the streets bring is death
Blaziniflo: I know you’re a well publicized satanic
Blaziniflo: and you claim that you’re emo and goth and all that
Blaziniflo: Is this a serious faith? Or just a publicity stunt?
DP: I am a satinist
DP: *satan
Blaziniflo: What’s your favorite movie?
DP: constantine
Blaziniflo: how long have you been playing this game?
DP: since is came out
DP: *it
Blaziniflo: What’s your favorite color? Is it black?
DP: yes
Blaziniflo: Now where did you get the name Dark Prince?
Blaziniflo: What literary references does it garner?
Blaziniflo: you still there dude?
DP: actually it comes from the poem litany to satan by charles baudelaire where he says prince of darknessO Prince of Exile, you who have been wronged
And who vanquished always rise up again more strong,

O Satan, take pity on my long misery!

You who know all, great king of hidden things,
The familiar healer of human sufferings,

O Satan, take pity on my long misery!
Blaziniflo: okay good enough
Blaziniflo: Now let’s talk about some of the juicy tidbits that’s on everyone’s mind
Blaziniflo: Why did you pull a knife on Genghis?
DP: I lost to his friend andy in a tourney cause my side felt broken but i didn’t call it. So I challenged his friend to a money match. He didn’t like my shit talking on his friend so he stepped in. He said he would play me, I responded with okay…but i still want to play him better yet all of san diego ill beat all of you…
DP: Then, i kept talking shit about marvel, but he took it outside of marvel and tried to throw personal attacks at me. I did the same, but he couldn’t take it…i guess I was getting the best of him. Anyhow he got really angry and asked if I wanted to take it outside. I said okay pulled out my blade and was ready to take care of business, but C-money stopped me. we are kool now though it was a big misunderstanding
Blaziniflo: that’s pretty serious
Blaziniflo: i realize you have a problem with that
Blaziniflo: whenever you lose to anyone, you want to challenge them to a 3g money match
Blaziniflo: do you feel that’s a good way to go about things?
Blaziniflo: I mean that’s not very classy
Blaziniflo: More like a gangster
Blaziniflo: bullying people
DP: im not a very classy guy, im straight out the hood
Blaziniflo: next question, what was the story about you bringing a loaded gun to a tournament?
DP: ill have to plead the 5th on that one
Blaziniflo: that’s kind of pussy, but i understand you don’t want to incriminate yourself
Blaziniflo: Now let’s go into the topic that’s on everyone’s mind
Blaziniflo: Mr. Josh Wigfall
Blaziniflo: Explain exacty what happened at FR8
Blaziniflo: down in Atlanta?
DP: well he made some personal threats towards reset online
DP: i responded by calling him ugly and shit
DP: he in turn is so “gangster” two grown men confront a 16 year old boy
DP: i turn around and I see wigfall, and frody
Blaziniflo: who’s the other grown man?
Blaziniflo: ah
Blaziniflo: good ol’ frody
Blaziniflo: don’t you think frody’s a bitch?
DP: i really don’t care, all i know is it will never happen again
DP: anyhow
DP: they got after ducjr., i say that because I’m really not him…hes alot more emo
DP: emo people tend to like crying and listening to hawthorne heights/ taking back sunday/from first to last/ and a thorn for every heart all fucking day long
DP: so i get upset and do the emo thing and threaten to call the cops…because I’m not in my area…I’m 16 trying to play a game and he’s going off like an idiot.
DP: but now that I’m a grown man…bleh never happen
Blaziniflo: Let’s talk about ecc
Blaziniflo: why did you throw money at josh wigfall after you lost
Blaziniflo: i mean there should be a code amongst marvel playres
DP: because he got in my face…I don’t play that shit
Blaziniflo: would you still go to ecc?
DP: hes all talk…if he was so “thug” he woud have done something
DP: all he did was blow smoke
DP: pretty smile is still in good condition
DP: not 1 tooth missin
Blaziniflo: I see
Blaziniflo: Now i know you told me you’re on medication
DP: ya
Blaziniflo: and you posted onlline you’re on medication
Blaziniflo: and that you can’t go to school without the medication
Blaziniflo: yet you can’t play marvel with medication
Blaziniflo: what does your doctors think about you going to evo and not taking medication
Blaziniflo: is there any threat to the safety of people there?
DP: dosent really matter the sponsers have spoken and I’m off the meds 5 days b 4 evo
Blaziniflo: so is there any threat to the personal safety of people around you if you’re off meds?
DP: na, just alot of shit talk
Blaziniflo: so essentially
Blaziniflo: the medication just stops you from talking shit?
DP: ya and makes me emo
Blaziniflo: well emo is fairly dangerous isn’t it?
DP: only to themselves
Blaziniflo: So now I know I’ve gone over this with you
Blaziniflo: but let’s talk about it again for the audience
Blaziniflo: You challenge clock, shady, countless others, even justin wong to money matches
Blaziniflo: Yet you won’t play wigfall
Blaziniflo: Why is that?
DP: well ill start by saying i consider reset my brother
DP: i don’t like when people fuck with my family
Blaziniflo: brother from a different color mother
DP: cable guy is my friend
DP: wigfall has got out of line with people too many times and I don’t need or want drama
DP: i don’t want to see him/talk to him/ accknowledge that he even plays marvel
DP: *ack
Blaziniflo: okay
Blaziniflo: But why not play him an djust settle it
Blaziniflo: ?
Blaziniflo: you’re already playing erik
Blaziniflo: you think that’s gonna be drama free?
DP: no i have so much hate for wigfall id sell my soul 3 times over to be able to watch him burn in hell
Blaziniflo: wow
Blaziniflo: Do you have deep love for watson?
DP: well i acknowledge his gangster
DP: much respect hes an og
Blaziniflo: I heard watson stood up for you in atlanta
DP: ya
Blaziniflo: You do acknowledge that you were crying?
DP: ya emo people tend to do that alot…kinda like a phase before you become goth
Blaziniflo: i hear you
Blaziniflo: sort of
Blaziniflo: So the whole thing with Wigfall
Blaziniflo: he started that? you started that?
Blaziniflo: what’s the deal?
DP: he did
Blaziniflo: So the allegations that you talked mad shit to him is false?
DP: na i did
DP: hella shit
Blaziniflo: Yet somehow he started it?
DP: ya with reset…fuck wit my la familia i will kill ya
Blaziniflo: wow
Blaziniflo: that’s pretty hardcore
Blaziniflo: Now if you could get one money match at evo world
Blaziniflo: who would it be with?
DP: hahah ez wong ruby/jill/ken so much free money
Blaziniflo: you wouldn’t want to rematch clock?
DP: hmmmm
DP: your right
Blaziniflo: he kind of that thorn in your side huh?
DP: ya id go with clock
Blaziniflo: Do you think you can beat him?
DP: hes like that annoying itch on your back that you have to go to a wall to scratch
DP: man id rape him
Blaziniflo: well correct me if I’m wrong. He beat you 10-4. And he beat you at the ffa 2on2 tourney when you guys did play a few weeks ago.
Blaziniflo: yet somehow, in your mind you’d rape him
Blaziniflo: care to elaborate
DP: ez i let him win in hopes of a re match
Blaziniflo: i see
DP: smartworks not taking the bair
DP: *bait
DP: cause he will get raped
Blaziniflo: well don’t you think it’s kind of hypocritical you’re saying all these things about clock
Blaziniflo: yet you are doing the exact same thing to wigfall
Blaziniflo: after he keeps challenging you?
DP: not really, i didnt try to attack clock with violence outside of marvel
Blaziniflo: yet you did attack genghis
Blaziniflo: I have to be honest justin, I’m trying to be as objective as possible
Blaziniflo: but your actions are contradictory
DP: not really
Blaziniflo: how so?
Blaziniflo: nevermind
Blaziniflo: let’s move on
Blaziniflo: What does sam do for money?
DP: trap
Blaziniflo: trap?
Blaziniflo: he traps furs?
DP: lol
DP: yes indeed…hahahaha
Blaziniflo: good stuff
Blaziniflo: how did you and mike chaos meet?
DP: at the arcade when i was in the 6th grade, he threatened to thow me in a trash can
DP: hahahaha
Blaziniflo: wow
Blaziniflo: that guy is just the posterchild of peace and calm isn’t he?
DP: hahaha man mikes the best
Blaziniflo: Now when you were talking shit to wigfall online before atlanta, did you say, and I quote, "I’m gonna slap you when I see you?"
DP: nope
DP: i said his face was so ugly it looked like he got smacked with hammer
DP: * a hammer
Blaziniflo: juicy
Blaziniflo: anything else?
DP: hmmm just jokes about how ugly i thought he was
Blaziniflo: well you’ve definitely changed a lot since i saw you at ecc
Blaziniflo: you had a perm going
Blaziniflo: the whole outkast look
Blaziniflo: you changed a lot
Blaziniflo: when did this whole transformation strat?
DP: happens when you make deals with the devil
Blaziniflo: Let’s talk about the 5on5
Blaziniflo: do you feel like after you got 2nd at evo west, that you belong on that team that represents the west coast?
DP: i feel that the players that are hungry should play, me being one of them
Blaziniflo: Hypothetically, let’s say you were not selected
Blaziniflo: would you challenge each person on the team to 1g each?
DP: not really
DP: don’t see why
DP: they are also worthy but there can only be 5
Blaziniflo: Or would you respect Chris’ (Schidmt) decision
DP: id have to respect it, dosen’t mean ill like it
Blaziniflo: Well isn’t that how the entire video threat started
Blaziniflo: You said you would challenge all of the guys on there to 500-1000
Blaziniflo: Shout out to Mike Ross
DP: na, i stated names
Blaziniflo: Oh yea, my bad
Blaziniflo: the "washed up veterans"
DP: yep
DP: i hear shady is not going to evo
DP: ahahahah
Blaziniflo: Since Clock beat you, is he still considered a washed up veteran?
DP: yes…and a homo…
DP: hahahah
Blaziniflo: I see
Blaziniflo: Well let’s say that clock took your spot on the 5on5, how pissed off would you be?
DP: iv proved my point, throught actions at evo west…where was clock in the top 3?..
DP: *through
Blaziniflo: Well a lot of top players didn’t make the top 8
Blaziniflo: Does that mean you’re better than Chunk, Combo, Reset, Potter?
DP: sorry thats not my fault
Blaziniflo: You’re right, it was mine
Blaziniflo: Do you like Isaac Graham?
DP: don’t really have a standing could care les
DP: *less
Blaziniflo: Do you honestly believe you can beat Justin
Blaziniflo: And Erik?
DP: ez ruby/jill/ken …erik giving me 5 games
Blaziniflo: You believe you can beat erik 5 games?
DP: they are good, but hella underestimating my abiity
Blaziniflo: I don’t think they are
Blaziniflo: you have gotten better
Blaziniflo: but i think they are still the safe bet
Blaziniflo: Just as Clockw0rk is, if you guys ever play again
DP: then give me your loot hahah
Blaziniflo: Oh I’ll be betting on Justin, Erik and Clock
Blaziniflo: And I’ll play you for money.
DP: kool
Blaziniflo: I think you’re good
DP: dude i beat you down pretty bad
Blaziniflo: wtf?
Blaziniflo: our games were close dude
DP: duno i have hella clutch
Blaziniflo: You don’t know how to drive stick
DP: yep
DP: girls like that
Blaziniflo: Okay that’s all the time we have
Blaziniflo: Thanks for everything Dark Prince
DP: peace
Blaziniflo: make sure you check back to this thread
DP: koo
Blaziniflo: as I’m sure your fans will have plenty of questions for you
DP: wrap
Blaziniflo: Make sure you guys check back in next week, on Wigfall on Dark Prince/ Duc. Jr./Shake and Bake/Magic Man pt.2

What a bitch, am impressed that you were actually calling him out on his bullshit instead of just asking easy questions/giving him a pass/whatever.

lol dp is a big time joke man. big time joke.

That was fucking weird.I

It’s crazy how he says If I was such a thug I woulda hit him. This kid is like a buck 10. How I look beating on him? you never once heard me say i was a thug. That ain’t me. What I am is a person who wont be disrespected by ANYONE. especially not little fucking kids that don’t know when not to open there mouths. Dude came at me crazy and I checked him. And its funny how 95% of this whole community has nothing but love for me. Where as he’s just a joke. Thats probably the real reason why he doesn’t feel me. it ain’t about me sonning him its about him never getting the respect that I have. As a gamer,person. or a man. All I did in atl was check him on his shit talk. Funny how I’ve spoken to reset in person numerous times and NEVER had any kind of confrontation with him. Matter of fact he says what up to me at every tourney I see him. Straight from the hood? My nigga get real. you woulda popped off a long time ago if that was the case. A real dude will take an ass whooping for his self respect. And I don’t hear him saying shit about how he hates Infinite when he really was trying to fight dude. Thats how I know this ain’t about so called violence. I bet if everyone in your camp new the WHOLE story and not the little pieces you make public they’d tell you your wrong.too. EVERYONE on your whole fucking coast knows you had it coming. And you never gotta it. I had dudes telling me they wish they never held me back after they saw that youtube vid. And you whats crazy after all this shit you still wont even make eye contact with me when you see me(unless you had a team with you). See the thing about me is I don’t care who you have with you. If I had something to say to you I’d say it in front of anyone. You call this beef? If this is beef to you then you really ain’t lived life yet. And just man up and say you don’t wanna play me for money. Like I am man enough to say I wouldn’t play Justin Wong for money. I doubt I could beat him a long set. See how easy that was?. Ive gotten IMs from wc players (who I wont name because I don’t involve other heads in nonsense) that you wont play someone unless you really feel your better than them. Man up and grow up. Pardon the typos I’m in a bit of a rush just had to share my thoughts

If the dude thinks he’s good enough to be in the 5 vs 5 why the fuck is he taking the bet vs Wong and taking 5 games vs Erik?
This guy is full of contradictions.
Funny how he switches from gangsta to emo (do gangstas take meds?)
readily admits to talking shit then whines how he’s only 16.

This guy makes me ashamed to be 19 years old.

Blaziniflo: the medication just stops you from talking shit?
DP: ya and makes me emo


I won’t make any comment against DP cause i don’t know him personally myself but i just find it funny that how someone can be emo/goth and is from the “hood” how the hell did that happen

i think anyone who isnt a top player from cali or NY thats says DP sucks…sucks.

:lovin: have fun forum trolls

Heh, thanks for the good laughs. Shit was hella entertaining.




Good shit on the interview Blaziniflo. DP deserves to be on team WC. He proved that at EvoWest 07. You will always have shit talkers, and characters out there, but it’s all about their skills in a game that matters. All that other shit doesn’t really matter. Poor communication is all it is. In the end, it is just a game, sorry to say it, but there are far more things going on in the world right now.

I don’t care about who’s wrong or right, just fucking play to your best ability. If you feel you can beat someone, just do it(copyright Nike).

Anyway, Justin is a really cool cat, and from all the tourneys I’ve seen him at, he has always been about winning. Bottom line. He’s fucking hungry, so he’s going to eat.

Can’t wait for the next interview Blaze.


That was kinda weird to read…

Hella props to you Blazn for calling him out on all his BS.

Does Justin Wong turn down bets from scrubs using PS2 pads just 'cause he knows they’re garbage? No. If people want to OFFER a crazy match like that, why not take it? He didn’t make the stipulations.


Because you are a young guy, I think you’re rushing to a character you think is top tier. But I think in the end you’ll learn: GOD > Satan

See you in Vegas. Tell me what bets are good.


The Dark Lord is most displeased with your musical tastes. He created emo for tormenting the damned, not for entertaining his subjects. Start listening to Mercyful Fate or some other respectable Satanic music.

Can Satan make me become good at Marvel?