Blaze Asks Em: Duc Jr./Dark Prince/ Shake and Bake/ Magic Man


Dark Prince has gotten better at Marvel, but God prevails in the end. Always. Evo should be quite entertaining.

Good shit to blaze for another great interview.


The funny thing is: any bitch can carry a knife. It takes a whole nother kind a thing to use it. Take it from someone who has been sliced on the hand from someone swinging a knife at me. It didnt tickle. Im pretty sure this kid really dosent have the heart to do 90% of shit he says/ claims to do. everybody has heart over the internet and behind a camera…


Selling your soul to be good at a video game is nuts. You should have just traded your testicles like most Guilty Gear players.


wow… i fell off my chair laughing

i still wanna know how DP got unbanned from the evo series though… a bit confused. good behavior?


Probably was talked behind closed door’s with the higher up’s. bottom line in the end is that they allowed him in, and he didn’t start a fight or got in anyone’s face, or vica versa , so i guess it’s ok for him to play, as long as he does just that. Would be a shame if he took that extra step and caused a ruckus and caused the cannons and wiz to lose sponsership for making evo look dangerous or having it get out of hand. as long as the violence and threats stay out of evo, or just out all together, its all good.

Btw they should play this song if DPC makes it to grand finals :stuck_out_tongue:


^ I’ll come in to this song…


if you’re gonna do this shit, do this shit right


That’s the gayest song I have ever seen :rofl:

Anyway,you should come with this song:




lets keep it on topic


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