Blaze Asks Em: Dues


Blaziniflo36: Gentlemen, the following person we are about to hear from is pure and simple
Blaziniflo36: how should I put this
Blaziniflo36: gdlk
Blaziniflo36: in gamewise, in logic, and especially in ego burning shittalking
hi im bagnus: yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Blaziniflo36: I have rarely met anyone on my level and can just keep spitting it out and push me to the limit in verbal assaulting
Blaziniflo36: but when we kicked it 2 years ago at ecc10, this nigga proved his worth
Blaziniflo36: despite one very embarrasing aspect which we will get to later on
Blaziniflo36: you know what i’m talking about, and don’t think I would ever let you off the hook with that one
hi im bagnus: all i remember
hi im bagnus: is you drinkin diet pepsi
hi im bagnus: like a little bitch
Blaziniflo36: Now despite being on team3, and a staple of the wc marvel community
Blaziniflo36: bill still is considered the underdog is most circles and relatively unknown
Blaziniflo36: for everyone out there
Blaziniflo36: state your name, age and occupation
hi im bagnus: william wellman, 22, sat prep teacher and private tutor
Blaziniflo36: do they get a refund when they flunk that shit?
Blaziniflo36: lol
hi im bagnus: nah
hi im bagnus: i take the money and run
hi im bagnus: they never know what they’re getting into
hi im bagnus: until they’ve been had
Blaziniflo36: what did you get on the SAT’s?
hi im bagnus: ask mike ross
Blaziniflo36: hes says you haven’t taken it it
Blaziniflo36: yet
hi im bagnus: nah, see they have this thing called a university
hi im bagnus: and you have to take it to get in
hi im bagnus: i know you don’t know what a university is
hi im bagnus: but after you finish with your ged
Blaziniflo36: yea i gotta get off my ass and filll that application in
hi im bagnus: i heard the deadline is soon
Blaziniflo36: i’ll get around it as soon as I finish my phd dissertation
hi im bagnus: phd in dick sucking
Blaziniflo36: hopefully i can get that GED activated retroactively
Blaziniflo36: what’s your sexual orientation if you don’t mind me asking?
hi im bagnus: lol
hi im bagnus: heterosexual
hi im bagnus:
hi im bagnus: you can look it up there
Blaziniflo36: so you’re saying to all the fans at blaze asks em
Blaziniflo36: that you and duc jr. are strictly friends
Blaziniflo36: don’t start lying this early into the interview
hi im bagnus: clever
Blaziniflo36: don’t sweat it homey
Blaziniflo36: it’s 200
Blaziniflo36: 7
Blaziniflo36: bisexual’s the new black this season
hi im bagnus: oh
Blaziniflo36: but moving on
hi im bagnus: is that why you scooped a new boyfriend?
Blaziniflo36: shhhh
Blaziniflo36: his technical term is my marvel training buddy
Blaziniflo36: but again this is your interview
Blaziniflo36: why do you think you’ve been a relative unknown
Blaziniflo36: up til now
hi im bagnus: choked in tournaments
Blaziniflo36: when I heard you’re dropping boots on people like bombs on saddam
hi im bagnus: most of the people who have sat down and played with me know what’s good
Blaziniflo36: you mean clients?
Blaziniflo36: or marvel players?
Blaziniflo36: or both?
hi im bagnus: wtf do you think
hi im bagnus: lol
Blaziniflo36: well my first guess would be clients
Blaziniflo36: cause I heard you have no gag reflex
hi im bagnus: yeah
hi im bagnus: and having no gag reflex
Blaziniflo36: but recently i’ve heard you’ve leveled up your sent 10x
Blaziniflo36: so probably both
Blaziniflo36: don’t you find it ironic
Blaziniflo36: that the people with no gag reflex and can fit 9inches easy are the ones that choke the most in tournaments?
hi im bagnus: is that why
hi im bagnus: you’ve neve made it out of pools?
hi im bagnus: see what i did there?
Blaziniflo36: i made it out of pools at midwest and final round
Blaziniflo36: but yea
Blaziniflo36: it could be a factor
Blaziniflo36: yea
Blaziniflo36: you flipped it on me
Blaziniflo36: nice
Blaziniflo36: yo nice
Blaziniflo36: no mo
Blaziniflo36: well i was there
Blaziniflo36: when you and potter and honey jal invented the catchphrase no homo
hi im bagnus: nah
hi im bagnus: we didnt invent that
Blaziniflo36: do you find it aggravating that even these little faggots use that shit all day now
Blaziniflo36: who invented it?
hi im bagnus: no homo has been around for awhile in ny
hi im bagnus: yipes was tellin me
hi im bagnus: that he was using that shit in high school
hi im bagnus: we never claimed to start the no homo trend
hi im bagnus: im pretty sure
Blaziniflo36: you started it
hi im bagnus: we started gdlk though
Blaziniflo36: whether you want to belive it or not
Blaziniflo36: maybe you didnt’ invent
Blaziniflo36: but dipset def made it mainstream
Blaziniflo36: gdlk is nice
Blaziniflo36: i just hope it doesn’t get worn out
hi im bagnus: it will
Blaziniflo36: i hoped it doesn’t get overused
hi im bagnus: once all the npc and bonus people
hi im bagnus: start abusin it
Blaziniflo36: it should be saved for truly gdlk event
Blaziniflo36: s
Blaziniflo36: like yipes magnus
Blaziniflo36: my hair
Blaziniflo36: petey’s broom
Blaziniflo36: not just commonplace everyday shit
hi im bagnus: oh, you been visiting the salon?
Blaziniflo36: like hey those pancakes were gdlk
hi im bagnus: good shit
hi im bagnus: gotta make sure you look pretty
Blaziniflo36: yup
Blaziniflo36: well bartending tomorrow night
Blaziniflo36: the difference between a good hairday and ba hairday is like 100-150
hi im bagnus: you’re workin at that gay bar right?
hi im bagnus: "we love richard"
Blaziniflo36: no that was tonight
hi im bagnus: i remember you tellin me about it
Blaziniflo36: i cut out early to do this interview
Blaziniflo36: tomorrow’s the straight club
hi im bagnus: oh, good shit
Blaziniflo36: less tips
Blaziniflo36: but at least my ass won’t feel like a pincushion
Blaziniflo36: how’d you get started into marvel?
hi im bagnus: i used to play tekken 3 with my friends
Blaziniflo36: holy shit
Blaziniflo36: you are gay
hi im bagnus: went to the arcade and beat everyone who was playin tekken
Blaziniflo36: or were
hi im bagnus: they all started playin marvel
Blaziniflo36: you don’t play that shit anymore do you?
hi im bagnus: so i switched
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: thank god
hi im bagnus: I PLAY MARVEL
Blaziniflo36: were you actually good
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: or one of those random eddie mashers?
hi im bagnus: i was an eddy scrub
Blaziniflo36: hahaha
hi im bagnus: there was some little korean kid i always beat though
Blaziniflo36: my perception is gdlk
hi im bagnus: who would start sayin shit to the monitor
hi im bagnus: mashing in korean
Blaziniflo36: hahah
hi im bagnus: but then i found out about srk
hi im bagnus: went to nickel city
Blaziniflo36: the wazzler of tekken
hi im bagnus: met shadyk
hi im bagnus: and the rest is history
Blaziniflo36: justin mashes in cantonese at cf
Blaziniflo36: freaks all the blacks and hispanics out
Blaziniflo36: what year was this
Blaziniflo36: when you met long?
hi im bagnus: early 2k3 i think
hi im bagnus: maybe 2k2
Blaziniflo36: 2k3
Blaziniflo36: ah
Blaziniflo36: the infamous money match with me that you pussied out with
Blaziniflo36: you were so quiet back then
Blaziniflo36: what the hell happened to you
Blaziniflo36: ?
Blaziniflo36: somethign snap?
hi im bagnus: when was this?
Blaziniflo36: evo 2k3
hi im bagnus: son
Blaziniflo36: you called me out
hi im bagnus: i wasn’t good at marvel
hi im bagnus: until 5 months ago
Blaziniflo36: and then at evo you were like um…i have no money
Blaziniflo36: i didnt pull any tricks last night
hi im bagnus: even mixup’s training dummy
Blaziniflo36: school night, slow business
hi im bagnus: would have beat me back then
Blaziniflo36: we’ll have to do it another day
Blaziniflo36: nice one
hi im bagnus: yeah
Blaziniflo36: lol
hi im bagnus: i remember askin you to play me at ecc
hi im bagnus: you didn’t wanna have anything to do with that
Blaziniflo36: we did right?
Blaziniflo36: we didnt?
hi im bagnus: just sipped on your diet pepsi
hi im bagnus: nope
Blaziniflo36: hahaah
hi im bagnus: you kept dodgin
Blaziniflo36: nah dude
Blaziniflo36: we did
hi im bagnus: what a surprise
Blaziniflo36: we played like 3 matches
Blaziniflo36: cause you and isaac had that ft100 grudge match going
Blaziniflo36: and didn’t want anyone to interfere
hi im bagnus: if we played
hi im bagnus: i must have raped you
hi im bagnus: real quick
hi im bagnus: because i don’t remember it
Blaziniflo36: so I kept spilling coffee in wigfall’s ear when he was sleeping
Blaziniflo36: cause he was having a dream about making duc jr.cry
Blaziniflo36: and kept repeating "what bitch? say something now bitch? you punk bitch."
Blaziniflo36: shit was funny at first, but after 30mins I wanted smush him with a pillow
Blaziniflo36: i think it was 2-1 actually
Blaziniflo36: we didn’t play for money
Blaziniflo36: cause you played that gay shadyk team
hi im bagnus: lol
hi im bagnus: yeah thats probably another reason
Blaziniflo36: i can’t believe you stayed with that shit for so long
hi im bagnus: im not very well known
Blaziniflo36: there is perserverance
Blaziniflo36: and then there’s just stubborn
Blaziniflo36: why’d you stay with that shit for so long?
hi im bagnus: and there is the correctly spelled perseverance
hi im bagnus: it’s a good team
hi im bagnus: storm wasn’t as good back then
hi im bagnus: when i was using it
Blaziniflo36: wow
hi im bagnus: but people became smarter
Blaziniflo36: i was gonna spell check this shit before I posted it
hi im bagnus: stopped pushing anything other than rh and drones with storm
Blaziniflo36: and now this is just 3 more lines I have to delete
Blaziniflo36: chris
Blaziniflo36: t
hi im bagnus: hahahahhhahahahaahah
Blaziniflo36: fucking english majors
Blaziniflo36: well what teams you running now?
hi im bagnus: i started fuckin with mss-a
hi im bagnus: but that shit is trash against a good storm and against mag + aaa
hi im bagnus: so i went back to mss drones
Blaziniflo36: like a dumb fuck would
hi im bagnus: but ive only been usin storm sent commando
hi im bagnus: since evo west
Blaziniflo36: good shit
Blaziniflo36: cheesy, easy, beautiful
hi im bagnus: yeah
hi im bagnus: dunno why they call it team santhrax
hi im bagnus: sanford sucks
Blaziniflo36: um it’s stanford
Blaziniflo36: becuase people feel bad
Blaziniflo36: calling him stanford is the closest to college he’ll ever get
hi im bagnus: =o
hi im bagnus: less sanford
hi im bagnus: more team 3
Blaziniflo36: now i think this whole team 3 thing has gotten a little out of hand
Blaziniflo36: now I’m a big team 3 supporter
Blaziniflo36: cause csmr, petey and you are my boys
Blaziniflo36: clock and shady are just some washed up veterans
Blaziniflo36: but what how do you feel team wc should be picked?
Blaziniflo36: a popularity contest
Blaziniflo36: ?
Blaziniflo36: or some way that’s actually fair
hi im bagnus: well basically
hi im bagnus: there are only about 15 top players on the wc
hi im bagnus: seattle has 2 or 3
hi im bagnus: norcal has chunk
hi im bagnus: so cal has the rest
Blaziniflo36: cableguy’s not considered?
hi im bagnus: everyone else can do whatever they want
hi im bagnus: who?
Blaziniflo36: no one
hi im bagnus: basically it’s team 3
hi im bagnus: or free ec win
Blaziniflo36: well what do you think about a round robin to pick the top 5?
hi im bagnus: so we should have wc play each other
hi im bagnus: to determine who should play ec?
hi im bagnus: there really isn’t a perfect way to pick the team
Blaziniflo36: but don’t you think a general public vote is skewed
hi im bagnus: i dunno how they should pick it
hi im bagnus: obviously it’s skewed
Blaziniflo36: i mean chunk imho is better than a lot of people on that list
Blaziniflo36: but he might not be as outgoing as say…you
Blaziniflo36: so he would be hurt that way
Blaziniflo36: what about voting for 2 captains
hi im bagnus: nah, chunk doesn’t have problems with being extroverted
hi im bagnus: he’s called himself 2nd best in the world
Blaziniflo36: and the captains would pick the teams
hi im bagnus: numerous times
hi im bagnus: they did that last time
hi im bagnus: didn’t work out too well
hi im bagnus: remember the 3 man team tournament
Blaziniflo36: worked out well for WC
hi im bagnus: because we had 5 teams or some shit
hi im bagnus: im not talking about the 5 on 5
hi im bagnus: from what i hear
hi im bagnus: duc’s trying to get a 7v7 anyway
hi im bagnus: so i guess team 3
hi im bagnus: will have to recruit 2 others
Blaziniflo36: dude i did search on some of my old posts
Blaziniflo36: i’m a fucking baller
hi im bagnus: hahahahahahhahaha
Blaziniflo36: some of this shit cuts straight to the heart
Blaziniflo36: let me just give you an example
Blaziniflo36: wow i’m gdlk
Blaziniflo36: eaving your room scared with all of cf and seattle? First of all i didn’t know it was your room. 2nd, I was there with wiggy and jmar. Since when does 2 people count for all of CF and Seattle. 3rd, I left to go play with Rashaan in New Orleans room cause your fucking piece of shit stick is an 8way.

Keep talking shit. I’ma make you renounce allah and pray to me when I stick my dick in your hump next time I see you, you fucking overgrown raghead suicide bomber motherfucker.

Wanna talk shit? Bet me at the break in feb. 4/7 50. or STFU you egyptian speaking falafel making piece of shit.
hi im bagnus: who was that to?
Blaziniflo36: vietkhan
Blaziniflo36: i don’t even know how that started
Blaziniflo36: but went for the throat
Blaziniflo36: damn
hi im bagnus: hahahahahhaah
Blaziniflo36: i knew I was buff but I didn’t know I was that nice
Blaziniflo36: but enough of me
Blaziniflo36: moving on
Blaziniflo36: how’d you and petey hook up?
Blaziniflo36: no homo
hi im bagnus: he used to talk shit to me at shgl
hi im bagnus: when i was a scrub
hi im bagnus: then i met justus
Blaziniflo36: petey talk shit?
hi im bagnus: who was good friends with petey
Blaziniflo36: liar
hi im bagnus: you don’t know the old petey
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: yes i do
hi im bagnus: met petey through justus
Blaziniflo36: we had some heated battles
hi im bagnus: started playin with him at his place
Blaziniflo36: justus -------> GDLK
Blaziniflo36: might be a little tasteless if you are of any race or religion
hi im bagnus: too bad
hi im bagnus: we haven’t seen him
hi im bagnus: for so long
Blaziniflo36: but now that is fucking entertainment
hi im bagnus: yeah he’s pretty funny
Blaziniflo36: okay
Blaziniflo36: we got sidetracked
Blaziniflo36: what were we talking about?
Blaziniflo36: oh yea
Blaziniflo36: how do you fight cable with sentinel?
hi im bagnus: fly up
hi im bagnus: watch out for down gun
hi im bagnus: corner him
hi im bagnus: and fuck his shit up
Blaziniflo36: yea
Blaziniflo36: okay
Blaziniflo36: so did you see 300?
hi im bagnus: yeah
Blaziniflo36: would you liken yourself as a spartan?
Blaziniflo36: the underdog?
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: or xerxes?
Blaziniflo36: how about the hunchback?
Blaziniflo36: or the bitch in the tent with the nipple chains?
hi im bagnus: i’m the dude
hi im bagnus: that goes crazy
hi im bagnus: after his son is beheaded
hi im bagnus: hahaahahaah
Blaziniflo36: nice
Blaziniflo36: that guy was like 65
Blaziniflo36: and jacked like a mofo
Blaziniflo36: where do you see this game headed
Blaziniflo36: it seems like people are trying to evolve
hi im bagnus: depends on what happens in the next year or so
Blaziniflo36: and raise their gameplay
hi im bagnus: basically
hi im bagnus: marvel needs new players to stay alive
hi im bagnus: new top players to stay exciting
Blaziniflo36: but it’s only for making money now
hi im bagnus: well
hi im bagnus: when im at super arcade
hi im bagnus: with mike ross and taiji
hi im bagnus: we’re always trying to help new players get into the game
Blaziniflo36: yea me 2
Blaziniflo36: i invite scubs over
hi im bagnus: no point in trying to money match new guys
Blaziniflo36: and teach em
hi im bagnus: save the hype for the top players
Blaziniflo36: hold up
Blaziniflo36: brb
hi im bagnus: yeah petey just fuckin blew it up
Blaziniflo36: Do yo believe there’s a place in the marvel community for sausage smokers?
hi im bagnus: fuckin dropped a dead animal out of his ass
Blaziniflo36: hahaha
Blaziniflo36: mexican food
Blaziniflo36: not his fault
hi im bagnus: marvel is for everyone
hi im bagnus: who wants to play a competitive game
hi im bagnus: thats 4953057348075327587428 x more hype
hi im bagnus: than any other fuckin game
Blaziniflo36: but should they stay with gay teams
Blaziniflo36: like storm based teams
Blaziniflo36: like storm/psy/pink tronbon?
hi im bagnus: i dunno
hi im bagnus: what team have you been using lately?
Blaziniflo36: storm/jill/green tron
Blaziniflo36: let’s tackle the tough problems now
Blaziniflo36: shit
Blaziniflo36: the “u” on my keyboard jst broke
Blaziniflo36: so now i have to hit that shit extra hard
Blaziniflo36: uuuuuu
hi im bagnus: hahahaha
Blaziniflo36: i jst hit that 19x and got that
Blaziniflo36: damn
Blaziniflo36: alright
Blaziniflo36: the issue on everyone’s minds
Blaziniflo36: duc jr.
Blaziniflo36: should he be a candidate for team wc?
Blaziniflo36: iiiiiiiiii888888888jj
hi im bagnus: every so cal top player should have a chance to get on the team
hi im bagnus: i’d call dark prince a so cal top player
Blaziniflo36: cool
Blaziniflo36: i think i just fixed it
Blaziniflo36: sort of
Blaziniflo36: sorry
Blaziniflo36: okay
Blaziniflo36: so you think he should have a chance to be on the team?
hi im bagnus: anyone that has been placing top 5
hi im bagnus: consistently in tournaments should get a chance
hi im bagnus: every cal poly tournament
Blaziniflo36: has he?
hi im bagnus: i’m pretty sure
Blaziniflo36: i don’t follow cal ply tornaments
Blaziniflo36: do you place top5?
hi im bagnus: he does well when he goes to the ranbats at ffa as well
hi im bagnus: i won 4/5 i think
hi im bagnus: or 3/5
hi im bagnus: something like that
Blaziniflo36: rigged?
hi im bagnus: of course
hi im bagnus: i’m only being interviewed because i’m popular
hi im bagnus: not because i’m good at marvel
hi im bagnus: ^^
Blaziniflo36: what abot mike chaos
Blaziniflo36: ?
Blaziniflo36: should he be on team wc?
hi im bagnus: he’s good but not a top player
Blaziniflo36: i forgot to ask petey
hi im bagnus: he’s still relatively new to marvel
hi im bagnus: i like him over dsp easy though
Blaziniflo36: that day duc jr. played shady’s
Blaziniflo36: that was at duc’s right?
hi im bagnus: dark prince vs shady
hi im bagnus: the mm?
Blaziniflo36: who’s dark prince?
Blaziniflo36: i thoght it was duc jr. that played him
hi im bagnus:
hi im bagnus: that was at my apartment
Blaziniflo36: oh
Blaziniflo36: nice place
Blaziniflo36: do you have like crazy windows
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: or was there a master glare on the tv?
hi im bagnus: probably glare
Blaziniflo36: cause I was wondering why mike chaos was rockign the shades
hi im bagnus: ive got a shitty tv
Blaziniflo36: is yor place filthy?
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: cause he was wearing those gloves like he didnt want to touch anything
Blaziniflo36: maybe he just finished working out
Blaziniflo36: there are virtually no vids of you anywhere
Blaziniflo36: so I don’t know of any marvel tactics to ask you
hi im bagnus: theres one video
hi im bagnus: from a ranbat
hi im bagnus: of me playing mike ross
Blaziniflo36: wow
Blaziniflo36: you playing mike ross
hi im bagnus: and it was casual
hi im bagnus: lol
Blaziniflo36: gee thanks
hi im bagnus: sorry man
Blaziniflo36: fucking sandbagger
hi im bagnus: ive got that ft 5 with chris
hi im bagnus: but its 500 megs
hi im bagnus: you’ll prob have to wait until evo east
Blaziniflo36: is it online?
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: jesus
hi im bagnus: don’t sweat it
hi im bagnus: you’ll see me play at evo east
Blaziniflo36: do you want to win that bad?
Blaziniflo36: i’ve never seen anyone who goes so far out of their way
Blaziniflo36: to make sure no vids of them are made public
Blaziniflo36: who do you think has the top 3 Sents in Cali
Blaziniflo36: ?
hi im bagnus: well
hi im bagnus: only like 5 people are abusing refly shit
hi im bagnus: and i think 3 of them are in team 3
Blaziniflo36: who’re the other 2?
Blaziniflo36: honey jal and ruin?
hi im bagnus: chunk
hi im bagnus: and maybe soo
hi im bagnus: ruin’s sent is on some 2k3 shit
hi im bagnus: jal does refly
Blaziniflo36: wow
Blaziniflo36: well you’ve stepped yor game up 20,000x in the past 6 months
Blaziniflo36: tell the fans how to reach that level
Blaziniflo36: how do they powerup?
hi im bagnus: play marvel
hi im bagnus: if you wanna get good
hi im bagnus: play marvel
hi im bagnus: if you wanna get GDLK
hi im bagnus: watch justin
Blaziniflo36: wong not me
hi im bagnus: justin’s playin a different game from 95% of the people in the community
Blaziniflo36: just to clarify
Blaziniflo36: i don’t want people getting worsd
hi im bagnus: there are threads now on srk
hi im bagnus: where people have access to top players
hi im bagnus: willing to help out the community
hi im bagnus: i tell people all the time to go to super arcade
Blaziniflo36: yea like these interviews
Blaziniflo36: but since you’re sandbagger and a half
Blaziniflo36: a lot of good this one’s gonna do for the fans
hi im bagnus: people know how to reach me
Blaziniflo36: yea
hi im bagnus: most probably just don’t give a shit
hi im bagnus: because they don’t know who i am
hi im bagnus: hahahahha
Blaziniflo36: 2nd and Figuroa, under the overpass
Blaziniflo36: 20 for a HJ, 30 for a BJ
Blaziniflo36: 50 for Half and half
Blaziniflo36: and I don’t mean the creamer
Blaziniflo36: last question
Blaziniflo36: what do you think about naruto?
hi im bagnus: naruto + 34 tails + rock lee and his sand minions
hi im bagnus: can fuck up gaara and his shitty dick all day long
Blaziniflo36: did petey help you with that answer?
hi im bagnus: nah
Blaziniflo36: i know you don’t want that gay shit
Blaziniflo36: i tried
hi im bagnus: i’m reading episode 340 right now
Blaziniflo36: i tried I really did
hi im bagnus: just pretend you watch it like me
Blaziniflo36: shit’s pussy on steriods
hi im bagnus: and just mash on made up shit
hi im bagnus: when your friends talk about it
Blaziniflo36: wazzler told me if watched it my storm would get better
Blaziniflo36: i’m on episode 48 and I ain’t seen no fcking improvement
Blaziniflo36: fuck that shit
Blaziniflo36: i’m going back to good old fashioned granny porn
hi im bagnus: storm is gdlk
Blaziniflo36: oh yea
hi im bagnus: nappy headed ho
Blaziniflo36: what’s your name deus mean?
hi im bagnus: its actually a typo
hi im bagnus: i didn’t know until i went to an ffa tournament
hi im bagnus: its actually dues
Blaziniflo36: that’s actually gdlk
Blaziniflo36: having a name all these years that’s a typo
Blaziniflo36: your stock just went up a few points in my book
Blaziniflo36: anything you want to say to your fans before we check out? all 3 of them?
hi im bagnus: mike ross is saving marvel
hi im bagnus: petey is on some other shit
hi im bagnus: chris schmidt aka the final solution
hi im bagnus: is puttin a lot of dudes in the oven at evo
hi im bagnus: bananaw0rk know’s what’s good with random drunk mexicans
hi im bagnus: shadyk is so dishonorable he steals my money
hi im bagnus: and until last night
hi im bagnus: i didn’t know justin wong was gay
Blaziniflo36: yea
Blaziniflo36: i saw the video too
Blaziniflo36: he keeps saying it was a spur of the moment thing
hi im bagnus: nah
hi im bagnus: you dont know wtf i’m talkin about
hi im bagnus: you’re just gonna look stupid
hi im bagnus: hahahahhahaha
hi im bagnus: stop while you’re ahead
Blaziniflo36: but if he saw his posture, you know he’s a pro
hi im bagnus: also
hi im bagnus: erik anoshow
hi im bagnus: is done this year
Blaziniflo36: thanks, that’s it, it’s been real
Blaziniflo36: peace
Blaziniflo36: keep your eyes peeled for chunk’s interview early next week
Blaziniflo36: say goodbye will
hi im bagnus: suck my dick, gan

good shit shout out to dipset!

<3 bill

<3 nill

Man, Bill was good at Marvel way before then.

(Or maybe I’m just bad. Yeah, that’s it :frowning: )

^yeah bill is being modest, he started getting good 2k3 after a sabbatical of not playing marvel for a while

my bad. nevermind.


nice interview. welcome back blaziniflo.

what is refly? =|

Bill real talk I hope you dont plan on coming to ecc…

Go get em Billy

i like sanford over anybody in the west coast

get at me D:

funny interview <3


team 3

wait, you said you’re going to run through the West Coast?

haha. Sorry, I had to laugh at that.

sandy real talk I already bought my tickets…

Dues just beat me 45-3

i should be accredited to bill’s starting in marvel

wow really?:wonder:

Word aite imma see you

He will be seeing you, but you won’t be seeing him.