Blaze Asks Em: Josh Wigfall on Duc Jr., part 1 of 3

Alriight ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from my man Josh, but right before evo we are going to be doing a 3 part expose with Wiggy.

This week’s subject, how all the drama started between him and Duc Jr. and what he thinks about the online video threat.

Wiganator: next time you talk to him tell him you saw the log from right before final round a few years ago and its obvious that he started all this and was wrong
Blaziniflo36: what did the log say?
Wiganator: he was just basically talking mad shit to me
Wiganator: and at the time I had no idea who he was
Wiganator: said he was gonna slap me when he saw me and all types of wild shit
Wiganator: because I had a problem with reset
Blaziniflo36: why’d you have a problem with reset?
Wiganator: which was reset being mad because I beat him in tourney
Wiganator: but that?s been water under the bridge for a while
Blaziniflo36: reset’s cool
Wiganator: I got no problems with him
Wiganator: but
Wiganator: that coversation with duc jr was like a week before final round so then I pressed him about it and he started crying and shit
Wiganator: then at evo, when cable guy was drunk he says I heard duc jr was about to set it on you and your tall friend at final round?
Wiganator: i was like WTF?
Wiganator: he said that shit?
Wiganator: he was like yeah
Wiganator: yo word to my mother this nigga duc jr said he was"calling the cops" if I touched him at final round
Wiganator: he said that shit in front of mad people
Wiganator: someone has got to have that shit on tape
Wiganator: then I left the nigga alone and this little nigga has the audacity to throw money at me. after a money match?
Blaziniflo36: yea i know
Blaziniflo36: that was pretty fucking low
Wiganator: people never saw the early part of the match
Wiganator: he had just lost to org for money then HE called ME out
Wiganator: he won the first game and towards the end his assist one broke and he was talking SOOOOOO much shit
Wiganator: shit like I?m beating this guy with a broke button you ain?t ready, you suck this that and the 3rd
Wiganator: I?m like wow
Wiganator: nigga I don?t even like you
Wiganator: we ain?t on good terms where you can talk shit to me
Wiganator: you threatened tp call the boys on me last year and now you think shit talk is alight
Wiganator: so I stood quiet until I won and then as you saw in the video I spazzed with the shit talk.
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: shit was hot fire
Blaziniflo36: damn man if you went to evo west with me
Wiganator: he threw the money and in all honesty if I wasn?t restrained it probably woulda got ugly
Wiganator: then I ship out for the navy
Wiganator: my first week back home I see a video of this nigga talking reckless again
Wiganator: this time with other niggas with him talking shit too
Wiganator: like I understand that?s your man and all but if you don?t know how shit came to this point you got no business saying shit
Wiganator: if I?m pounding this little nigga out and you wanna save him that?s different but for him to call me out on some G shit he was way outta line.
Wiganator: And 2 he’s seen me twice since that video and said nothing then all of a sudden that vid comes out with him talking reckless
Wiganator: if you feel a ways about what happened why not say something to me after
Wiganator: that?s how men do shit
Wiganator: grown men anyway
Wiganator: then he has the nerve to say I?m a bully?
Wiganator: dude get real
Wiganator: don?t start some shit you can?t finish
Wiganator: I didn?t know him and he started with me. Then I confront you and I?m the bad guy.
Wiganator: No Contest
Wiganator: lets move on
Wiganator: evo in three weeks
Wiganator: I’ll be there

Check back next week on why Duc Jr. has a pretty smile, bitch.


Justin…peace man…peace.

This is going to be epic.

well since evo west dark prince will be at evo
as head of security haha
theres not gonna be any fighting

BUT shit talkin(during gameplay) and money match offers are up
whatever u guys want. but im sure u guys are smart enough to not take it any farther than that

Yeah, but DPC seems to be running away from the MM. I mean, the Clockwork match was a small thing compared to this. This is much more hyped, and finally the chance for DPC to prove he is as good as he says. Evo West had Chris Schmidt and a bunch of guys who won’t get top 8. Now he can face the guy that is the reason of his life. Big MM, huge hype!

I know, I know, Sanford vs Wong is much better Marvel and all that, but if people want hype (any DPC Marvel match) this is probably the biggest and will gather the most bets for the big screen, at least for a single game.

Smoothviper vs DPC would be cool as hell too, but they gotta have mics, because they may very well be the best trashtalkers from each coast, so its a lot of entertainment as well, and Smoothviper is spotting 5 games, damn it!

We’re going to have a Dark Prince interview tomorrow to hear his side of the events.

We all saw what Erik did against Cableguy. That guy thirsts for West Coast blood.

Erik VS DPC would move a lot of money, I think.

Are you crazy? Wigfall put DP on the map. It would move more money that yayo banks.

How could I forget about the pretty smile?

On some real shit I would play dude for money and not say shit. No spazing or anything of the sort as long as he doesnt disrespect me. Thatgoes for anyone in his crew, too. I wanna keep it peaceful just dont cross any fucking lines. Dont say nothing it wont be nothing.

That being said I’d play him for any amount. And now that I’ve openly said I wouldnt beef with him that cop out about a fight breaking out is out the window. There shouldnt be any reason why he doesnt want to play me now except for feeling that he cant win. This aint shit talk. This is just how i feel. I’m sure he practices a lot. It shows in the vidz that he’s gotten better. but that doesnt mean anything to me. So let it be known that I will play (Insert his name(s) here because he has too many for me to keep up with) for any amount he wants to play for or what ever the EC will match. I’d put up 500 of my own money though. Let the games begin.

Cableguy is good at investing money in money matches so he can play top players, but I think he’s decidedly inferior to DucJr/Shake and Bake.

I’d be really surprised if Erik lost to Shake and Bake.

I was really surprised that Christian didn’t start something at Evo West after their match.

Josh vs Shake and Bake… I don’t think I could call that one. I’d put up money on Josh though just on principle.


Good luck to both players. Lets see this shit happen.

wow man dp is hilarious talkin some BIG shit in vids and quiet as hell in real life

i like wigfall over dp if they get to scrappin tho. BET IT. oh and mvc2.

Money on Josh just because he’s EC.

Someone clarify something for me does he have a “real pretty” smile? Or does he have a “pretty ass” smile like how D’NYC says it.

According to the match video between Wig and DucJr, he’s got a “real pretty” smile.

Glad to kinda know the “history” behind that. I was watching that video then all of a sudden crazy shit started happening at the end. Was a big “WTF” moment…

You obviously weren’t at Evo West.

^^^^ truth. ionno, but Dark Prince is making Marvel interesting again. this should be a good match.

cried after the clock match too.
wouldn’t blame him though…all that money he lost to clock, wasn’t his.
got fucking played.