Blaze Asks Em: Mike Ross


Blaziniflo36: Okay, ladies and videogame geeks, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for
Blaziniflo36: the ever elusive Mr. Mike Ross
Blaziniflo36: Sup mike
The GreaterForce: Hello Blazin
Blaziniflo36: Now mike ross is the leader of NSJ
he GreaterForce: LOL
Blaziniflo36: and he plays sent/storm/IM
Blaziniflo36: also CSI
Blaziniflo36: now that team is bomb
The GreaterForce: thanks
Blaziniflo36: you wanna tell everyone what CSI is?
The GreaterForce: Crime Scene Invistigation…See that team evolved once people started realizin magneto was on a rampage of Raping innocent sentinels, dooms, commando’s and what not
The GreaterForce: so they gave the elite squad a call to bring the raping to an end
The GreaterForce: thus CSI was formed
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: but your main team is still SSI?
The GreaterForce: nah CSI is my main
Blaziniflo36: thta seems like a really weird team
Blaziniflo36: is the chemistry there?
The GreaterForce: its like oil on water, dont make sense but its there
Blaziniflo36: well you still haven’t told everyone what team it is
The GreaterForce: i mean, i could, but people may throw up cause of how sick the team is
Blaziniflo36: yea you’re right
Blaziniflo36: let’s keep it on the low
The GreaterForce: ok
Blaziniflo36: so if you’re reading and you don’t know, you better go find out
The GreaterForce: hehe
Blaziniflo36: because you do not want to face CSI for the first time at evo without knowing what it is
Blaziniflo36: Now I first met Mike Ross at Evo last year, when I keep hearing David Lee screaming Mike Ross
Blaziniflo36: then I slapped David
The GreaterForce: lolol
Blaziniflo36: and he fell down
The GreaterForce: damn
Blaziniflo36: but he kept screaming Mike Ross from the ground
The GreaterForce: lolol
Blaziniflo36: and then I look up at the big screen, and there wsa one of the buffest IMs I’ve ever seen
The GreaterForce: phat toi’s?
Blaziniflo36: has he always been one of your main characters?
Blaziniflo36: HAHAHAHHA
Blaziniflo36: no, mike ross
The GreaterForce: lol
Blaziniflo36: although phat toi’s IM is dope as hell too
The GreaterForce: yah it is, and yah i’ve always been on iron man’s nuts
The GreaterForce: i like men in uniform
Blaziniflo36: lol
The GreaterForce: dont take that the wrong way
Blaziniflo36: so why don’t you tell us a little about your crew NSJ
Blaziniflo36: who’s in it?
Blaziniflo36: and how did it start
Blaziniflo36: and what is your message to everyone
The GreaterForce: NSJ, its like a whore house, people have come in and left in a matter of seconds.
The GreaterForce: but the official list would be
The GreaterForce: me, taiji, def1n1tely, tranceboii, selfscience, hungbee, papa trunks, konquer and magnus
Blaziniflo36: magnus has probably the best av ever made
The GreaterForce: yes…it is quite…entertaining
Blaziniflo36: what does NSJ stand for?
The GreaterForce: well this team actually formed in our high school years, and back in high school, we were trouble makers, teachers disliked us and were constantly called jerks
The GreaterForce: thus we went round schools looking for other jerks who could beast in games, and the national society was formed
Blaziniflo36: so national society of jerks?
The GreaterForce: correct
Blaziniflo36: so you’re the leader?
The GreaterForce: negative
The GreaterForce: Def1n1tely formed the whole circus act
The GreaterForce: thats the ring leader
Blaziniflo36: oooooo
Blaziniflo36: why am I wasting time with you then?
Blaziniflo36: bye
The GreaterForce: bye
The GreaterForce: Blaziniflo36: jk
Blaziniflo36: so tell us a little about yourself
Blaziniflo36: before we get to the tactical stuff
The GreaterForce: oke dokes
Blaziniflo36: how old are you, what’s your name, and where you from
The GreaterForce: name is Mike Ross, 20 years old and from Los Angeles, California
The GreaterForce: been here all my life
Blaziniflo36: and how long you been playing this game?
The GreaterForce: since the day it dropped

(I accidentally close the window)

Blaziniflo36: whew
Blaziniflo36: thank god for dead aim
The GreaterForce: gg
Blaziniflo36: or else I’d have to start over
The GreaterForce: you son of a bitch
Blaziniflo36: and what was your very first team?
The GreaterForce: the first teams i took serious was iron man/sentinal/commando and cable/hayato/sentinal
Blaziniflo36: cable/yato huh?
Blaziniflo36: yeah, that’s like the 23rd best combo in the game
The GreaterForce: LOL
Blaziniflo36: definitely should be taken serious
Blaziniflo36: so who taught you the IM infinite?
The GreaterForce: saw it in a video, forgot which one
The GreaterForce: kept watching, trying, watching, trying till i finally overwhelemed the usck
The GreaterForce: *suck
Blaziniflo36: now IM’s aaa is bomb
Blaziniflo36: but it’s hard to use right
Blaziniflo36: i’m sure there are a lot of Mike Ross imitators out there that are trying to figure out exactly how your team clicks
Blaziniflo36: any tips for the fans?
The GreaterForce: take as much dayquil before a tournament, so when ur calling IM aaa you wont throw up all over the screen
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: but seriously, let says you’re using sent/Im
The GreaterForce: yah
Blaziniflo36: what do you think is the worst matchup for that teamup
Blaziniflo36: mag/psy?
The GreaterForce: mag/cyc is a nightmare
The GreaterForce: mag/psy for me is a nightmare regardless of what team i have
Blaziniflo36: what about vs thrax?
Blaziniflo36: storm/sent
Blaziniflo36: sent/ccp
Blaziniflo36: storm/cap
Blaziniflo36: don’t those matchups suck?
The GreaterForce: all those matchups sucks…cause SSI sucks
Blaziniflo36: so why do you use it?
The GreaterForce: cause I SUCK
Blaziniflo36: stating the obvious but okay
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: so your best tips is to NOT use whatever team Mike Ross uses
The GreaterForce: yes, cause those teams have zero chemistry
The GreaterForce: too confusing to comprehend
Blaziniflo36: but you win tournaments
Blaziniflo36: wtf?
Blaziniflo36: how do you do it?
The GreaterForce: nah i dont win anything, they never have footage of us actually playing on the sticks, when you hear the crowd go “ooooooo!!” its cause the other person did a sick combo and i threw up on their side which gave me the advantage to win
The GreaterForce: no bullshit
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: there’s been a lot of talk that you should be on the WC 5on5
Blaziniflo36: now I don’t wanna hear, no way I suck
Blaziniflo36: but given the recent viewings of WC and EC videos
Blaziniflo36: and seattle’s finest placing 3rd,4th and 7th at ECC
Blaziniflo36: what do you think the results will be during the 5on5 this year
The GreaterForce: WC will win again
The GreaterForce: WC B players can beat EC A players
Blaziniflo36: wow
Blaziniflo36: you’re full of shit
Blaziniflo36: i’ll play you for money
Blaziniflo36: BET IT!!!
The GreaterForce: $50 a combo, every combo thats done you hand over $50
Blaziniflo36: wow fuck
Blaziniflo36: I can’t do any combos
Blaziniflo36: and I’ve seen you do at least 3
Blaziniflo36: nvm
The GreaterForce: k
Blaziniflo36: what do you think about that cannon’s catastrophe of an idea
Blaziniflo36: the drafting of players
The GreaterForce: lousy idea
Blaziniflo36: that’s it?
Blaziniflo36: speak your mind kid
Blaziniflo36: tell the truth
Blaziniflo36: don’t be scared of the cannon’s
Blaziniflo36: good stuff
Blaziniflo36: what are you predictions for top 10 at evo?
The GreaterForce: top 10…
The GreaterForce: in order?
Blaziniflo36: yea
The GreaterForce: k…
Blaziniflo36: well number 1. is mixup since it’s console
Blaziniflo36: 2. Justin Wong
Blaziniflo36: so 2-10
Blaziniflo36: lol
The GreaterForce: LOL
The GreaterForce: i never really seen mixup play yet
The GreaterForce: is he dope on pad?
Blaziniflo36: not pad
Blaziniflo36: my mas stick
Blaziniflo36: but that’s up in the open now since he just broke it
The GreaterForce: i see
The GreaterForce: i really dont know who will be top 10 this year
The GreaterForce: but i wont be surprised if Soo wins the whole thing
Blaziniflo36: do you think Mike Ross will be on that list?
The GreaterForce: No, he’s garbage
Blaziniflo36: yea, you’re right
Blaziniflo36: i’ll give you my prediction right now
The GreaterForce: k
Blaziniflo36: 1. mixup
Blaziniflo36: 2. jwong
Blaziniflo36: 3-10, no specifici order: soo, sanford, jmar, row, kuan, wigfall, X, sentinaaal
The GreaterForce: sanford gonna go this year?
Blaziniflo36: isaac graham, the passion, some other ec and me
Blaziniflo36: yea, he will
Blaziniflo36: eh’s just talking shit
The GreaterForce: i want the passion in a money match
The GreaterForce: arrange it plz
The GreaterForce: thanks
Blaziniflo36: i don’t know if he’ll go
Blaziniflo36: but i’ll arrange it
Blaziniflo36: how much?
The GreaterForce: $50, first to 10 games
Blaziniflo36: IM IM mirrormatch?
Blaziniflo36: FUCKS YEA

The GreaterForce: possibly
Blaziniflo36: yea, well no
Blaziniflo36: thta shit’s gay
Blaziniflo36: lol
The GreaterForce: k
Blaziniflo36: so what do you do in your spare time?
The GreaterForce: thats not for the public to know
Blaziniflo36: c’mon
Blaziniflo36: give the fans a little something something
Blaziniflo36: do yo jack off? do you watch Real World?
Blaziniflo36: are you a mall rat?
The GreaterForce: all of the above
Blaziniflo36: Work with me Mike!!!
Blaziniflo36: do you think SRK forums suck?
The GreaterForce: i use to…
The GreaterForce: till i realized all forums do
Blaziniflo36: yea, but recently
Blaziniflo36: srk forums has REALLY SUCKED
Blaziniflo36: let me give a random sample of some threads
The GreaterForce: k
Blaziniflo36: why is rock in so few games?

Blaziniflo36: came across this…thought you’d all like to see…

Blaziniflo36: What would it take for a game like this?
The GreaterForce: LOLOLOLOL
Blaziniflo36: Unblockables confirmed in the PS2 version of 3rd Strike
Blaziniflo36: whos the fat ass chick rollin with EMPIRE from ecc9
The GreaterForce: hahahhaahhaha
Blaziniflo36: nvm, that last one was funny
The GreaterForce: thats hilarious
Blaziniflo36: these bitches are talking all horny about TFGM’s wife
Blaziniflo36: that’s fucked up
The GreaterForce: interesting
Blaziniflo36: if I was him, I’d be pimp slappin some fucks with my powerglove
Blaziniflo36: put nails on the buttons
The GreaterForce: u still have the powerglove?!?
Blaziniflo36: fuck shit up
Blaziniflo36: I don’t have it
Blaziniflo36: he does
The GreaterForce: oh ok
Blaziniflo36: gimme a top 5 matchups you wanna see at evo
The GreaterForce: k
The GreaterForce: i wanna see
The GreaterForce: that rogue guy from ec that i hear ppl talk about vs kaising
Blaziniflo36: patrick vs kaising?
Blaziniflo36: why?
Blaziniflo36: kaising’ll get raped
Blaziniflo36: sorry eliver
The GreaterForce: cause i hear his rogue is throw up material, and kaising is a legend, a myth, a rumor
The GreaterForce: i hear that jmar guy is real good, i wanna see him vs sanford
Blaziniflo36: already saw that one
Blaziniflo36: at ecc

The GreaterForce: …i wanna see…
Blaziniflo36: okay
Blaziniflo36: you’re right this interview’s about you
Blaziniflo36: i’ll just edit that bs out later
Blaziniflo36: lol
The GreaterForce: LOL
The GreaterForce: i wanna see me vs the passion
Blaziniflo36: OH YEA!!!
The GreaterForce: i wanna see taiji vs isaac graham
Blaziniflo36: NICE NICE
Blaziniflo36: one more
The GreaterForce: and of course…soo vs wong
Blaziniflo36: YEA NUCCA
Blaziniflo36: you know the matchup I wanna see?
The GreaterForce: which one?
Blaziniflo36: Soo vs Korean Jordan on the big screen
Blaziniflo36: make it happen Cannons
The GreaterForce: whoa whoa
The GreaterForce: i seen videos of that korean jordan guy
The GreaterForce: fool is sick
Blaziniflo36: you serious?
The GreaterForce: yah
Blaziniflo36: lots of people doubt he’s real
Blaziniflo36: but I talked to him yesterady
Blaziniflo36: seems legit
The GreaterForce: naw he’s authentic
Blaziniflo36: so you’ve actually seen him in person? this jason lee?
The GreaterForce: naw, i was in the same arcade he was in at one time but the crowd was so huge around him i never saw his face
Blaziniflo36: he’s definitely on the come up
Blaziniflo36: okay
Blaziniflo36: we’ve reached the conclusion of our interivew
Blaziniflo36: and this is my favorite part
The GreaterForce: what happens now?
Blaziniflo36: Blaze Asks Em: The Truth
Blaziniflo36: you know how this works right?
The GreaterForce: no
Blaziniflo36: I give a choice between 2 things, and you pick one that gives us a better understanding of you
The GreaterForce: oh ok, sounds good
Blaziniflo36: 1st question
Blaziniflo36: Team CSI or MSP?
The GreaterForce: CSI
Blaziniflo36: Potter or Soo?
Blaziniflo36: that’s a tough one
Blaziniflo36: either way you’re gonna get some shit
Blaziniflo36: be a man
The GreaterForce: yes it is you son of a bitch
The GreaterForce: potts
Blaziniflo36: DAMN

Blaziniflo36: MAN’d the fuck up
Blaziniflo36: Much respect
Blaziniflo36: Team Llama or Team Empire?
The GreaterForce: Llama
Blaziniflo36: YEA!!!
Blaziniflo36: PC or Mac?
The GreaterForce: PC!
Blaziniflo36: Turbo or Normal?
The GreaterForce: Normal
Blaziniflo36: infinite or reset?
The GreaterForce: reset
Blaziniflo36: you like your girls to spit or swallow?
The GreaterForce: swallow
Blaziniflo36: Rowtron or Mixup?
Blaziniflo36: another tough one
The GreaterForce: rowtron
Blaziniflo36: MIKE FUCK ROSS!!!
Blaziniflo36: never back down
Blaziniflo36: though I’d have to stick with my boy mike
Blaziniflo36: we’ll have a side bet should these 2 face each other again et evo
The GreaterForce: hehe, cool
Blaziniflo36: Korean Jordan or Mike Ross?
The GreaterForce: you know, mike ross would give 110%…but in the end korean jordan would crush him
Blaziniflo36: yea you’re right
Blaziniflo36: moot point
Blaziniflo36: Okay, and that’s it
Blaziniflo36: thanks for you time mike
The GreaterForce: thank you blazin, have a good day
Blaziniflo36: any parting wisdoms or fuck yous?
The GreaterForce: yeah
The GreaterForce: FUCK YOU!
Blaziniflo36: HAHAHA
Blaziniflo36: PEACE
The GreaterForce: later
Blaziniflo36: Join us next time when I track down Korean Jordan or a One on One. Until then


A little on the long side, but good shit overall. Very entertaining. (Like the magnus’ tittie av haha)

How does Julius Jackson’s IM compare to phat toi’s and Mike Ross’?


Justin always bringin the dope interviews.


woo, 50$ a combo! some mean sh*t:eek:


Good shit mike!!!


oh shiet that does look like Chris Schmidt (shockwave15) :lol: :lol: :lol:


pfft, you all got the results for this year’s Evo wrong. It’s going to be:

1st. Mike Ross
5th. Soo
5th. Justin
7th. Row
7th. Jmar
9th. Sanford
9th. Mixup
9th. Kuan
9th. Chris Schmidt (WAIT, HOW DID HE GET FIRST AND NINTH?!?!?)


damn, niggas need to ask Soo before they use the Higher Magneto avatar. fucking fakes.


Whoa, $50 money match at evo eh? Hehe, I guess I have to accept.:evil:


what’s the drafting of the players thing i just read?


Selling mike ross’s phone number and home address…

start the bidding.


kj is a verbalist abuse master


Mike Ross Owns LIFE…


stop promoting yourself


new sig proves it all :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: … prepare for the universe to collide when the 2 meet at the next regency tournament


if the big goes too high i have it for sale on the black market… no pun intended


If u buy from me, I will also give u a free picture of MIKE IRONROD ROSS signed by me.

P.S. Please contact me through AIM, my SN is in my profile.


I had to stop reading the interview because I don’t know what CSI is.:frowning: Someone help! I want to finish reading the interview, but I can’t until I know what that team is!!!11!1


Cable/Storm-b/Iron Man