Blaze Asks Em: Randy Lew


Blaziniflo36: Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the one we’ve waiting for
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: This kid’s been in hiding but we here at Blaze Asks Em finally tracked him down
Blaziniflo36: Cable himself
Blaziniflo36: Randy Fucking Lew
Blaziniflo36: sup randy
nano no ko: hello
Blaziniflo36: Randy, is it true your license plate says "Nathan Summers Nigga Wut?"
nano no ko: haha no
nano no ko: i’m going to assume that nathan summers is cable
Blaziniflo36: Now for those of you that don’t know, this man in my opinion and many others has THE best cable in the world
Blaziniflo36: yes, nathan summers is cable
Blaziniflo36: stop trying to be smart
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: Randy got 5th place at Evo last year, after getting anal raped by Justin Wong, and then row got mad lucky against him
nano no ko: well they’re beasts alright
Blaziniflo36: This man put row in the losers, and then beat me in the winner’s finals
Blaziniflo36: but he offered me a blowjob from mikey so I threw the matches
Blaziniflo36: and it was well worth it
nano no ko: lol
nano no ko: yeah me getting row not even in winners finals is weird
nano no ko: o well i guess i was random seed
Blaziniflo36: Randy, is it true you have 5 brothers?
nano no ko: lol
nano no ko: 3 brothers
Blaziniflo36: and your intinials are all RL?
nano no ko: yep
Blaziniflo36: what are the other ones?
nano no ko: ronald, rob, richard
nano no ko: but only rob and ron play games
Blaziniflo36: those are all normal
Blaziniflo36: how’d you get stuck with randy?
nano no ko: running out of r names i suppose
Blaziniflo36: are you the youngest?
nano no ko: yeah
Blaziniflo36: now the 2 matches I wish would have been on the evo dvd were you vs row and you vs soo
Blaziniflo36: the last game of you vs soo (2-1) was nasty
Blaziniflo36: he didn’t touch you for about 90 seconds
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: but a few days before that, he beat you 8-1 at a FF tournament
Blaziniflo36: were you sandbaggin?
nano no ko: no
nano no ko: at
nano no ko: the ff tournament
nano no ko: i beat him in winners bracket
nano no ko: and every game of finals was pretty close but he always won
nano no ko: he’s good
Blaziniflo36: he’s hella good
nano no ko: i just played really well
nano no ko: against him
Blaziniflo36: but your grenade placement was so sick that I think you threw only 2 of them the entire match that he didn’t run into
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: now we’re going to get into the tactics section later
nano no ko: haha sure
Blaziniflo36: let’s get a little better acquainted with you for some of our new readers who don’t know a lot about randy lew
nano no ko: okay
Blaziniflo36: where are you from, how old are you, and what do you do in your spare time?
nano no ko: sacramento, ca ; 18yrs old, and i go to UCDavis
Blaziniflo36: what’s your major?
nano no ko: economics
Blaziniflo36: wow
Blaziniflo36: an asian economics major
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: and you start cable on point
Blaziniflo36: i don’t know what to say
nano no ko: nothign to say eh
Blaziniflo36: now you zoned out mixup, row, soo…
Blaziniflo36: pretty much every fast ass magnetos out there
Blaziniflo36: yet justin wong got in on you like nothing
Blaziniflo36: is justin’s magnus on that high of a level?
nano no ko: i dont think so
nano no ko: he has
nano no ko: a justin factor: where i dont think my stuff will work on him because he is justin wong so i tried to find other ways to attack him
nano no ko: and that got me killed
nano no ko: yeah supposedly
nano no ko: those ec guys scouted me out
nano no ko: after i beat row
Blaziniflo36: those matches of you vs mag for the last spot on team ec were really boring
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: pretty much
Blaziniflo36: one game you actually jumped back for 17 secs on the clock
nano no ko: i was probably using sentinel
Blaziniflo36: oh yea, but we’ll get to your sentinel in a sec
Blaziniflo36: recently you went to seattle for the NWC and got 4th
Blaziniflo36: was the competition serious?
nano no ko: yeah lots of very good players out there
nano no ko: wow i wished i beat row
Blaziniflo36: how about this random JMarNigga?
Blaziniflo36: he any good?
Blaziniflo36: or all hype?
nano no ko: yeah he’s really good i played him at cody’s the day before and had no clue who he was
nano no ko: but i’m pretty sure i woulda dropped him that tournament
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: me too
Blaziniflo36: do you still start sent on point no matter what?
Blaziniflo36: i mean cable
nano no ko: pretty much
nano no ko: i’m trying to learn other teams but not happening too well
Blaziniflo36: what teams do you think are hardest to fight with team scrub?
nano no ko: msp
nano no ko: then team row
nano no ko: and thats it
Blaziniflo36: what about mss-a? mstron?
nano no ko: mss is easier than team row
nano no ko: mstron is not too hard
Blaziniflo36: mstron is not too hard?
nano no ko: i dont think so
Blaziniflo36: have you been smoking crack?
nano no ko: lol no
Blaziniflo36: well, you’ll have to tell me how to fight that team then
nano no ko: use those grenades
Blaziniflo36: you shoulda told kuan before he fought mixup
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: i think kuan can beat mixup
Blaziniflo36: yea me too, mike’s not that good anymore
Blaziniflo36: he fell off
nano no ko: oh i would have no clue
Blaziniflo36: he’s trying to play strider/doom and dhalsim
Blaziniflo36: not going to well
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: i’ve no comment
Blaziniflo36: he tries really hard though, so I let him win every now and then
Blaziniflo36: don’t wanna break his spirit
nano no ko: i’m sure you do
Blaziniflo36: you’d do the same if you were me
Blaziniflo36: that’s what row used to do to kuan
Blaziniflo36: now let’s say you’re fighting magnus
Blaziniflo36: what do you do at the beginning of the match?
nano no ko: well i had the advantage with crouching jab before everyone found out
nano no ko: so i used that
Blaziniflo36: well that’s hella outdated
nano no ko: now you just gotta watch to see if they high or low
nano no ko: you can see lag
Blaziniflo36: what do you mean see lag?
nano no ko: block low first
nano no ko: if short doesn’t come out yet
nano no ko: he’s going high
nano no ko: then pushblock
nano no ko: the first hit
nano no ko: then bomb bomb bomb
Blaziniflo36: what about vs storm sent and other cables?
nano no ko: against storm i use down jab
nano no ko: cuz down jab beats storm up
nano no ko: vs sentinel it’s random i guess
nano no ko: and cable down jab
nano no ko: same stuff anyone can think of
Blaziniflo36: well vs cable, what if they glitch their assist?
Blaziniflo36: it’ll hit your ass and they can super you
nano no ko: you can’t glitch assist
Blaziniflo36: i just fucking block
Blaziniflo36: can’t glitch assist?
nano no ko: i dont think so right
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: we’ll talk in private
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: okay
Blaziniflo36: now for the longest time, cable could not fight magnus
Blaziniflo36: even more so now
Blaziniflo36: cable seems to suck and no one picks him anymore
Blaziniflo36: what do you think?
Blaziniflo36: is it harder and harder to play cable?
nano no ko: yeah very true but
nano no ko: i think cable is for advanced players now
nano no ko: in teh right hands it’s very powerful
Blaziniflo36: are you saying that you’re cable is bomb as fuck and will shot kuan in the grill?
nano no ko: pretty much
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: kuan’s very good
Blaziniflo36: yea whatever
Blaziniflo36: overrated
Blaziniflo36: lol
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: now cable vs magnus, he’s dashing and rushing you the fuck down
Blaziniflo36: and you die
Blaziniflo36: that’s the general scenario with cable
Blaziniflo36: but your cable seem to have some jew repellent
Blaziniflo36: that nigga just can’t get in
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: don’t give away your hardcore tricks before evo
nano no ko: if you watch my video
nano no ko: it’s so simple
Blaziniflo36: but just give us noobs a general basis that we can build on
nano no ko: basically
nano no ko: drones is a better assist than commando
nano no ko: drones + bomb as anti air
nano no ko: yeah pretty godly
Blaziniflo36: sure that’s easy enough
Blaziniflo36: but when do you throw the bomb and when do you call drones?
Blaziniflo36: you make it look so easy
Blaziniflo36: what’s your secret?
nano no ko: are you ready
Blaziniflo36: YEA!!!
nano no ko: jumpgun backwards + drones then jump gun grenade and position according to where they are
nano no ko: that’s it
Blaziniflo36: position according to where they are?
nano no ko: yeah
Blaziniflo36: you mean you want to bait them to come into the grenade?
nano no ko: if they jump
nano no ko: put it a little above you
nano no ko: then cross them up
nano no ko: or my special jump jab fierce gun
nano no ko: ahvb
Blaziniflo36: OH YEA
Blaziniflo36: the randy special
Blaziniflo36: that shits so sexy
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: soo didn’t like that one at all
nano no ko: haha i still think cable is good
nano no ko: but hard to play
Blaziniflo36: now the newest change in plans is that sentinel/cap can fight cable now
Blaziniflo36: it’s harder and harder to zone that fat fuck
nano no ko: yeah true
Blaziniflo36: if you slip once you die
Blaziniflo36: he’s flying all around you and shit
Blaziniflo36: help us randy, what can we do?
nano no ko: dont mess up
nano no ko: but if you can’t do that
nano no ko: use those drones again
nano no ko: can’t be predictable with assist ya kno
nano no ko: and use those bombs
nano no ko: you’ll get supers
nano no ko: and he’ll be scared
nano no ko: cable/sent/cc owns sent/cc
Blaziniflo36: let’s say you sj, and call drones
Blaziniflo36: where’s the ideal place to throw a grenade
nano no ko: dont always throw grenade
nano no ko: cuz that guy can dash up call commando
nano no ko: and people always get hit
nano no ko: but if you do
nano no ko: make sure you put it at a spot where he can’t do superjump fierce on you for free
Blaziniflo36: okay, the supreme question and I feel that you might be one of the only peope that can answer this
Blaziniflo36: times running out
Blaziniflo36: you only have cable/drones or most likely cable/capcom
Blaziniflo36: RUNAWAY STORM
Blaziniflo36: What are your options?
nano no ko: wow that sucks
nano no ko: i have one special trick only
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: but most people dont know that
nano no ko: cable jab on groudn and air like kills storm
nano no ko: but if they’re smart they can get away
nano no ko: that’s why i start cable
nano no ko: i dotn gotta deal with taht crap later
nano no ko: cuz i’m winning
Blaziniflo36: HAHAHA
Blaziniflo36: nice
Blaziniflo36: but besides just the jab
Blaziniflo36: I mean gameplay wise
nano no ko: hmm
Blaziniflo36: strategies
nano no ko: dont do the obvious
nano no ko: like call commando
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: wow if you’re really tricky you could probably use a grenade to set up a trap
Blaziniflo36: huh?
Blaziniflo36: how randy how?
nano no ko: like put it on top of them and they try to jump and they block it then try to get away again…then you go low
Blaziniflo36: NICE
Blaziniflo36: that’s dirty
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: cable can’t triangle jump
Blaziniflo36: then go lk lk rh xx hvb?
nano no ko: pretty much
Blaziniflo36: i mean ahvb
Blaziniflo36: sorry, I’m still not too good at those
nano no ko: sucks for you
Blaziniflo36: now this is another tricky situation, cable vs cable guardbreaks
Blaziniflo36: how do you make it unescapable but still can do 3 of em on him?
nano no ko: i dont ever get 3 but mines is unescapable
nano no ko: i dont think anyone ever gets 3 unescapable now that i think about it
Blaziniflo36: your’s is just do the bullet mad early right?
nano no ko: yeah
nano no ko: that’s all
Blaziniflo36: eh…nothing special
nano no ko: hah yeah
nano no ko: pretty much
Blaziniflo36: I was expecting some revelation and shit
Blaziniflo36: but oh well
nano no ko: lol
Blaziniflo36: you’re not God
Blaziniflo36: just Cable
nano no ko: i’m not i’m cable remember
nano no ko: haha yeah
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: Who beat you in Seattle?
nano no ko: kuan then row
Blaziniflo36: did you play X?
nano no ko: i played him a money match
Blaziniflo36: did you shoot him?
nano no ko: yeah
Blaziniflo36: I hope so, that guy hella sucks
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: Who did kuan play on you?
nano no ko: team row
Blaziniflo36: really?
Blaziniflo36: wow
nano no ko: what u thought he woudl use
Blaziniflo36: storm/sent/cap
Blaziniflo36: not row
nano no ko: naw i would kill that team
Blaziniflo36: that guys mag is horrible
Blaziniflo36: probably beyond horrible
nano no ko: hah
Blaziniflo36: so bad I don’t really want to be talking about it right now
Blaziniflo36: yuck
nano no ko: lol
nano no ko: it blocks
Blaziniflo36: thinking about kuan’s mag just left a bad taste in my mouth
nano no ko: his magneto more patient that everyone elses
Blaziniflo36: that’s cause it sucks and he doesn’t know how to play him
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: lol
nano no ko: it did eventually get shot
Blaziniflo36: everybody gets fucking shot
Blaziniflo36: so what’s the next big tournament you going to?
nano no ko: probably evo
nano no ko: i dont play a lot
nano no ko: my best opponent is hayato/cammy/cable
Blaziniflo36: yea, that teams pretty buff
Blaziniflo36: the plasma combos are killer
nano no ko: haha definately
Blaziniflo36: besides yourself, who do you think the top 5 cables are out there right now?
nano no ko: row/genghis/sanford/kuan/takayuki
Blaziniflo36: teriyaki?
Blaziniflo36: really?
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: his cable’s that good?
nano no ko: very technical
nano no ko: well maybe his cable isn’t as good
nano no ko: so genghis is good too
Blaziniflo36: Tong Ho is beastly
Blaziniflo36: God like
Blaziniflo36: and his cable and sentinel are okay too
nano no ko: his cable is the opposite of mines
Blaziniflo36: what do you mean it’s the opposite?
nano no ko: i go backwards he goes forward
nano no ko: not much more than that
Blaziniflo36: he’s gonna be going backwards a lot at evo when I keep shooting him
nano no ko: haha i’ll like to see that
Blaziniflo36: okay, now let’s talk about your sentinel
Blaziniflo36: I heard you got good with him
Blaziniflo36: so tell me, did you learn how to fly yet?
nano no ko: lol
nano no ko: yes i did
Blaziniflo36: because on the evo dvd, some of that stuff was just painful
Blaziniflo36: I’m just like, PLEASE let him pick 2 cables
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: or 2 capcoms
nano no ko: so harsh
Blaziniflo36: jk
Blaziniflo36: not
nano no ko: yeah it was ugly
Blaziniflo36: shit’s was ugly
nano no ko: tournament play is different than casual
Blaziniflo36: me and mikey were talking about that
Blaziniflo36: we were talking about the best team at the tournament
Blaziniflo36: it was put your cable with kuan’s sentinel
Blaziniflo36: unstoppable
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: i basically had to fight evo with cable alone
Blaziniflo36: yea
Blaziniflo36: lol
nano no ko: and sentinel was like my armor
nano no ko: that ran
Blaziniflo36: ran?
Blaziniflo36: you mean jump?
nano no ko: with whatever time was left
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: yeah
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: how long you been playing this game?
nano no ko: since it came out
Blaziniflo36: and what was your first team?
nano no ko: venom captain america strider
Blaziniflo36: BEEFY!!!
nano no ko: marvel 1 skills
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: you think you can make it to ECC?
nano no ko: i would like to
nano no ko: but most likely not
Blaziniflo36: shit’s going to be the first major this year…and last
nano no ko: i heard there’s like a big pot to win
Blaziniflo36: yea, 1G on top of entry fees
Blaziniflo36: so Justin’s cruising to Evo in style this year
nano no ko: haha
nano no ko: i hope row and kuan go
Blaziniflo36: yea me too
nano no ko: there’s only a few i think can beat justin
Blaziniflo36: I’ll have a hat rack while I play
Blaziniflo36: so Kill Bill’s coming out today…excited?
nano no ko: i didn’t even watch the first one
Blaziniflo36: NIGGA
nano no ko: didnt’ even know the second one is coming out
Blaziniflo36: WTF?
Blaziniflo36: you tripping
nano no ko: no tv
nano no ko: =P
Blaziniflo36: go rent the first one and go see vol2 today
Blaziniflo36: no tv?
nano no ko: haha yeah so i dont get teh news
Blaziniflo36: what you hook up your dc directly to your brain?
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: have you seen boondock saints?
nano no ko: no i’ve never heard of that but i remember X sayign something about that in seattle
Blaziniflo36: yea, fuck him
Blaziniflo36: worst movie ever
nano no ko: oh haha okay i’ll keep that in mind
Blaziniflo36: i wasted 4 bucks because of him raving about that shit
Blaziniflo36: Des, if you’re reading this, I want my money
Blaziniflo36: And my time
Blaziniflo36: shit was long as fuck
nano no ko: hah
nano no ko: so i shouldn’t watch it then
Blaziniflo36: Do you do tigerknee hk grenades?
Blaziniflo36: no don’t watch it
nano no ko: rarely
Blaziniflo36: why are those fuckers so hard to do?
nano no ko: cuz cable doesn’t go backwards
nano no ko: no clue why its hard
Blaziniflo36: what do you mean backwards?
nano no ko: i dont like tigerknee grenades because then the opponent is closer to you
nano no ko: and you can’t shoot a regular jump gun
nano no ko: when you jump backwards adn throw grenade you’re farther
Blaziniflo36: so you just normal jump grenades all day?
nano no ko: about 75 percent
nano no ko: i suppose
Blaziniflo36: nice, I did not know that
nano no ko: you can watch soomighty vs randy
nano no ko: =P
Blaziniflo36: lol
Blaziniflo36: Yea, that match should be in the How to play Cable Handbook
Blaziniflo36: excellently executed
Blaziniflo36: Now we’ve reached the end of our interview, but before we get to that
Blaziniflo36: are there any words you would like to say
Blaziniflo36: thank yous, fuck yous?
nano no ko: haha basically
nano no ko: tahnks to seattle for housing me and they’re really good and if takayuki comes to evo everyone should watch out for him
Blaziniflo36: okay, now this is my favorite part
Blaziniflo36: its called "Blaze Asks Em: The Truth"
Blaziniflo36: you know it works right?
nano no ko: is this the one where you pick one of the two out of your silly questions
Blaziniflo36: silly?
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: Bitch? I’ll edit this interview before I post it
Blaziniflo36: watch it mister
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: okay, first
Blaziniflo36: regular or diet
nano no ko: reg
Blaziniflo36: well you should drink diet you fat ass
Blaziniflo36: you’re really ballooning up there
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: enchillda or burrito
nano no ko: burrito
Blaziniflo36: console major or arcade major?
nano no ko: arcade
Blaziniflo36: potter or soo?
nano no ko: soo
Blaziniflo36: mixup or kuan?
nano no ko: kuan
Blaziniflo36: WOW!!!
nano no ko: lol
nano no ko: wow?
Blaziniflo36: I’m just going by history
Blaziniflo36: playing the odds
nano no ko: haha okay
Blaziniflo36: y’know what?
nano no ko: what?
Blaziniflo36: I’m running out of questions
nano no ko: lol that’s cool
Blaziniflo36: and this shit sucks
Blaziniflo36: I don’t wanna keep recycling this shit
nano no ko: just remember i beat ya at evo
Blaziniflo36: ass or pussy, pull out or condom
Blaziniflo36: yea, you hella shot me
nano no ko: all?
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: shot the shit out of me
nano no ko: come to evo
Blaziniflo36: just don’t be surprised if some of this interview is changed when you read it
nano no ko: hahaha okay
Blaziniflo36: like what do you like to do in your spare time…
Blaziniflo36: I like to get blazed in the face by justin
Blaziniflo36: yea, ill be at evo
Blaziniflo36: most likely
nano no ko: good stuff
Blaziniflo36: 98%
Blaziniflo36: I wanna see teh controller malfunction during the grandfinals
nano no ko: haha
Blaziniflo36: and then steal stuff
nano no ko: is sanford going
Blaziniflo36: nah, he hates console
Blaziniflo36: I think that’s going to turn off a lot of people
nano no ko: yeah true but should still be a big turnout
Blaziniflo36: yea, no doubt
nano no ko: and no one should use it as an excuse for losing
nano no ko: cuz that’s just the easy way out
Blaziniflo36: we’ll see if you say that after I peace you out
Blaziniflo36: lol
nano no ko: haha blue box
Blaziniflo36: btw, what does nanoboi stand for?
nano no ko: it’s just cool
nano no ko: cuz that’s me
Blaziniflo36: alrighty then
nano no ko: haha okay seeya at evo
Blaziniflo36: And that’s it people, this has been a Blaze Asks Em production: RANDY LEW
Blaziniflo36: thanks for reading and thanks again randy for sharing all those exciting cable tips
Blaziniflo36: we’ll see you next time with hopefully Sanford Fucking Kelly, but his log on times are more random than his storm
Blaziniflo36: Peace out.
nano no ko: peace
Blaziniflo36: yo randy, you can glitch assists
Blaziniflo36: shit’s hella ghetto
nano no ko: yeah how’s that work
Blaziniflo36: well we’re not sharing with the rest, so gimme 1 sec
Blaziniflo36: Bye people.


someone send me some randy matches thru aim.

AIM: blackheart3200



:o i want an interview




Dang, I thought it was just me.



i see randy play every week at davis…


Wow you’re fucking pimp!!!


i beat randy at holdem.

now, call me pimp too.


whos randy lew? cable? what?


i shook randy’s hand at evo. Who wants to touch me?


fuck that shit… boondock saints was truth


wow eliver, you’re a fag. Trying to use randy’s stardom to abuse young srk readers.

And boondock saints was the worst movie ever…maybe not ever but definitely top 3. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!!!


I beat randy at hold em, and I’ve shook his hand. Now thats pimp.

boondock saints was decent


Boondock Saints was a great movie and you’re a retarded elf molester, stfu already hoebag.


oh yea…i’ve been mistaken for Randy Lew!

“Is that Randy Lew? Top MvC2 player…no, that’s just random guy playing lame ass Cable.”


I saw Randy Lew when he was wearing GLASSES, where’s my props


ok, this thread got ghey all of a sudden…