Blaze Asks Em: Special Edition - SooMighty on the EC/WC 5on5

Disclaimer: This is not an aim log.

Blaziniflo: Hello ladies and gentlemen
Blaziniflo: we’re here joined by our good friend SooMighty
Blaziniflo: captain of the HMC
Blaziniflo: that’s Higher Magneto Crew for those of you that don’t know
Blaziniflo: How you doing Soo?
SooMighty: im good
SooMighty: whats poppin
Blaziniflo: Not much
Blaziniflo: just catching up on some work after coming back from Cali
Blaziniflo: How come you didn’t go to Evo West?
SooMighty: had a friends bday party i couldnt miss out on
SooMighty: i heard evo west sucked anyway
Blaziniflo: It was fun
Blaziniflo: but the single elim was really whack
SooMighty: reset you lyin mufugga lol
Blaziniflo: i had a much better time just chilling with bill, potts and jal
SooMighty: jeah single elim wouldve fucked me up
Blaziniflo: i really just came out to hang with the dips
Blaziniflo: evo west was just a bonus
Blaziniflo: yea
Blaziniflo: single elim puts you in a different mindset
Blaziniflo: you play really tight and scared
Blaziniflo: But I really just wanted to talk to you about the latest developments on the 5on5
SooMighty: werd
Blaziniflo: Chris Schimdt just announced the WC 5man team today
Blaziniflo: Chris, Potter, Bill, Chunk, and Wigfall Jr.
SooMighty: uh huh
SooMighty: haha
Blaziniflo: there’s so many good players on the WC
SooMighty: great > good
Blaziniflo: it’s almost impossible to make up a 5man team without disagreements and controversy
SooMighty: when we had that 5 on 5 in 03, there was no arguements
SooMighty: except maybe the 5th spot
Blaziniflo: Chris has a really tough job, and I know not a lot of people would want the responsibilities he carries
Blaziniflo: well on the EC, there’s a clear cut of who’s top 5
Blaziniflo: Justin has an easy time picking the team
Blaziniflo: If there is anyone that is considered qualified to talk about the 5man WC team
Blaziniflo: I think it’s you
SooMighty: its set for them doods in the ec
Blaziniflo: you were the only one in 03 that went 5-0
Blaziniflo: including the infamous match vs Justin
SooMighty: 5-0 like the popo
Blaziniflo: what do you think about the WC team this year?
SooMighty: they got good players, but its got potholes
SooMighty: team is solid. solid isnt going to get the W against that ec team
Blaziniflo: I won’t reveal sources, but i’ve had personal conversations about you being on the team
Blaziniflo: if you get an invite? will you play?
SooMighty: Im an unbias person. Im not in this scene enough to like one dood over the next
SooMighty: but i dont like the team the way it is
SooMighty: im not playing
SooMighty: i told chris already
Blaziniflo: I know a lot of people will be disappointed wiith you decision, but they’ll respect it
Blaziniflo: you’re probably one of the most entertaining players to watch in this game…ever
Blaziniflo: why wouldn’t you play to rep your coast?
SooMighty: im just the originator. people nowadays do just as good if not better shit now with msp. yipes, crizzle, ect
SooMighty: theres no unity here in the wc. wc vs wc wouldve been more entertaining to me
Blaziniflo: yipes and crizzle definitely, but after seeing those resets you did on korngo in the 2on2 tourney at ffa, you’re definitely not rusty
SooMighty: reset needs to be on that 5 on 5
SooMighty: btw
Blaziniflo: i agree
SooMighty: reset is that top msp in so cal
SooMighty: nicky hendrix
Blaziniflo: reset is one of the only players on wc that has consistently traveled to ecc’s and do very solid
Blaziniflo: alonside peter docan, who I feel was also overlooked
SooMighty: reset/finesse/chris/chunk/duc wouldve been a mean ass squad
SooMighty: you can throw crizzle in there too
Blaziniflo: bill, chunk and petey are the only other 3 that comes to mind that travels to the EC and does very well
Blaziniflo: they have solid experience playing against the 5 on the EC squad
SooMighty: thats true
Blaziniflo: Even though Duc Jr. got 2nd place at Evo West, do you feel he belongs on that team?
Blaziniflo: I respect him as a player
Blaziniflo: but it just seems everyone on the EC team is a step up
SooMighty: that dood stepped his shit up
SooMighty: i wont lie
SooMighty: but iono
SooMighty: i feel like theres other players that are bein slept on
SooMighty: evo west fucked alot of shit up
SooMighty: no front
SooMighty: you take chris, who won evo west so he deserve a spot
SooMighty: chunk who been placing high
SooMighty: finesse is like the best thrax in cali
SooMighty: reset whos high with any team he uses
SooMighty: crizzle’s msp is off the fishing hook
SooMighty: duc has og smarts plus people dont know what to do against that spiral shit
SooMighty: know what i mean?
Blaziniflo: i do
Blaziniflo: that’s why chris had a very tough job selecting the team
Blaziniflo: gift and the curse
SooMighty: all them cats in the ec squad have placed consistantly and have that stable shit in their hands
Blaziniflo: Well people can argue all week about the team, but in the end everyone should respect chris’s decision
Blaziniflo: only other way is to have a round robin tournamment
SooMighty: i just think when you think of who the BEST are in cali, you can expect some other names that arent in the 5 on 5
Blaziniflo: exactly
Blaziniflo: that’s why I suggest a round robin
SooMighty: i told chris just go with his decision. he cant make everyone happy
Blaziniflo: but all this is moot, it’s chris’s decision
Blaziniflo: exactly
Blaziniflo: it’s his call
SooMighty: the team shouldve been decided differently, but thats life
SooMighty: i got nothing against any of them doods in the squad. i got nothin but love
SooMighty: but if they lose which i hope they dont, that dont mean ec > wc or cali
SooMighty: not to take anything away from ec either
SooMighty: we had that dream team in 03, minus MAG no offesne to MAG btw. ec didnt have their dream team but had a solid ass team and we won
SooMighty: kinda the other way around this year
SooMighty: ec got their dream team besides not having sanford, and wc got a solid team
SooMighty: shit is a mess
SooMighty: and wc aint got ONE msp in there
Blaziniflo: i completely agree
Blaziniflo: msp is wc’s bread and butter
Blaziniflo: i do wish to see either you or crizzle on there
Blaziniflo: It’s also hard to swallow that clearly veterans that aren’t washed up, such as clock and genghis were overlooked
Blaziniflo: even though genghis didn’t do stellar at evo west, he’s still one of the best in the world imho
SooMighty: i had a spot in there. i gave it up. hope reset can get in there somehow and rep that msp
SooMighty: or crizzle
Blaziniflo: It would’ve also been great to see combo on there
SooMighty: genghis is that secret ninja
SooMighty: you dont see him
SooMighty: he only comes around to kill you if he feels like it
Blaziniflo: he did spectacular at final round against the best on the EC including Justin, Sanford and Brandon
Blaziniflo: Yea, genghis still has one of the best team scrubs around
SooMighty: i dont doubt it
SooMighty: his cable is cheap
Blaziniflo: he has a different swagger when he plays that team, to quote potter
Blaziniflo: eye of the tiger
Blaziniflo: It’ll still be hype
Blaziniflo: It’s a shame that Jmar’s not going to make it, he would’ve been a great asset as well
SooMighty: dont even know if ill be there to watch it. might go hit the strip. you welcome to come with me and the boys
Blaziniflo: hah
Blaziniflo: we’ll go afterwards
SooMighty: jmar/row would be on the team fosho
SooMighty: if they went
Blaziniflo: there’s no way we can miss the 5on5
Blaziniflo: well it was great talking to you Soo
Blaziniflo: and I’ll see you in a few weeks
Blaziniflo: always a pleasure
SooMighty: likewise
SooMighty: HMC > all of you
SooMighty: and Korea > all of you
SooMighty: =]

Yea, we all must hit up the strip afterwards! I didn’t get to go last time, so this year is a must!


Hm, a wc vs wc 5on5 would be interesting.

cosign genghis being the secret ninja.

That team is a joke imo

There are so many Good WC players.

We’ll see what happens…

It’s way to early too tell but this should be a great match good luck to everyone in this and Pushblock keep these threads coming man there fucking great thanks for taking the time to do them peace.

haha blaze the big ol srk reporter

Haha bitch…

haha u like that ur chinese and a reporter haha
see u at evo son