Blaze Asks Em: Tactical Analysis Vol. 1 --- Sentinel

I’ll ask the following players questions about the most complex character in the game, and these includes questions you post here.

Members of the Sentinel Tactical Analysis Committee (or STAC) includes:

Justin Wong
Isaac Graham
Sanford Kelly
Josh Wong
Rick Mears
Bryheem (on what not to do)
Lexington Steele
Hawaiin Ryan
Evil Rashaan
Your Moms

Go ahead and post away, and you may address people specifically.

For example: Yo Sanford, do a black person playing sentinel fly faster than a white player?

Also coming this week, hot from their wins from Evo, Blaze Asks Em brand new interviews: Isaac Graham and Chris Schmidt. Also interviews with Paris Marriott and somebody else.

We’ll also revisit with:
– Soo before he heads off to Korea
– talk with Potter before his Visa expires
– chat with Larry Flynt about the new direction Hustler magazine is taking to incorporate Justin Wong and Rowtron
– and hopefully catchup with David Lee about why he’s still so buff

what are the easiest double rp ff combos with sent/cyke and sent/capcom?

can sent/storm-y or storm-a make for any worthwhile ff combos?

How do I attack without losing half my life bar?

If you could only use any of sents flying normals, what would it be, fierce, stomp, or lk?

best question ive heard in awhile. for me its a close one between fierce and lk( stomp isnt that good) but i have to say fierce, FRY PAN THAAAT SHIT


How do you really play storm? runaway or rushdown?

teach me the truth!

Pott’s a beast

I waz waiting for this to start again lol… We went too long witout it. My question would be for Sanford. Sanford how the fuck do u rushdown wit sent and get away wit it shit is impressive makes mags rush look like shit lol. Anyway im out. 1…