Blaze Asks Em: The Return

It’s been over 3 years since our last issue.

But we’re back.

And the drama is higher than ever. With money matches and hate at an all time high, the tension on srk is so thick that it’s causing internet browsers to crash everywhere.

Now before Evo, we are going to be very busy. Interviewing top players and some mediocre ones that are good looking.

Below is just a brief sample of what to expect and what topics will be covered.

Why it takes Mike Ross, a film major, 9 years to upload any videos? I bet if it was a video of him raping Rowtron, that shit would be webcast.

Is Chris Schmidt aka Counter Strike an actual clone of Mike Ross? And was sent away to live with relatives at the age of 7 when their parents realized that they just couldn’t handle another incest scandal.

Will Potter be back for the 5th movie? The script seems weak, and is the general public Potter’d out? Regardless, this man makes a mean enchillada.

Why Honey Jal’s Sentinel is faster than most Magnetos, and why is he referred to as Pookie in Florida? And does he feel uncomfortable when he wakes up to find Potter just staring at him, watching him sleep.

What brand purse has Bill decided on? Is it Ferragamo, or has he made an 180 and decided to go with Prada. One thing’s for sure. 4 years later, I’ve finally convinced him any man carrying an Louis Vuitton wallet is better off wearing a “Give it to me lube-free big boy” sandwich board.

And all of the above members of Dipshit…er Dipset, will be in a joint group interview and express their uncensored and honest views of the Marvel community, and the sexual prefernce of Duc Jr.

Other topics also covered.

Does Duc Jr. only keep that ponytail because he likes his Daddy to pull his hair.

Why is Mike Chaos so cocky for being a midget? If he accepts DSP money match and wins, will he spent part of that money for lifts or high heels?

What Yipes and Wigfall think about Midget Chaos? Two Niggas from Queens and Bronx, one of which whom I won’t specify, beat up a taxi driver cause he shorted him 78cents. I expect at Evo we’ll find out who’s the real hard motherfucker, and whos just a fluff piece.

What is Clockw0rk doing with his money? I hope he’s not doing anything as cliched as going to Disneyworld.

What can we expect from Seattle? We know Row and Jmar are still money. But I had a long conversation with Kuaneasy last night, and we’ll be getting more into it. Coud this onetime powerhouse unstoppable town that was considered Marvel Central be putting itself back on the map?

And dozens of Juicy others.

The first interview will be from Senor Petey, aka Robust, aka Harry, aka Potter. Expect this by the end of this week.

Check back for more details.

Good shit, Waiting on the mexicans interview.

chris schmidt’s name is chris mullin.

too funny

After discussions, the Chunksta might be replacing Potter as the debut interview due to the recent scandal that Potter may or may not have rubbed one out on Duc Jr.s masstick. And I mean he really wiped it in there too. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

Another suggestion by Big Will Wellman is that we might do a Team Free interview via live chatroom. More details on this soon.

welcome back.