Blaze Asks Em: Why SRK died and how it was reborn!


Now for over a year now, the boards here have been filled with nothing but utter bullshit and the occasional Blaziniflo thread and Blaze Asks Em. The only person that ever posts anything constructive anymore is Sanford.


People have been asking the same question for a year. WHY has one of the best places for strategies and information become such a shithole magnet for bandwidth waste like “Why are the colors in Capcom 2D fighters so neat?” and “Please teach me the ROM infinite!!!”

I say fuck it. Just because MvC2 is not a new game anymore doesn’t mean that it’s any less impressive and that there aren’t new strategies and tactics to learn anymore.

So Blaze Asks Em presents the FAQ!!!

This is a concentrated top-tier answering service to any of the line-up from Blaze Asks Em:

Randy Lew
and also including
Sanford, Mixup and others I will add later.

The way it works:
You address ONE person so we don’t have Soo and Wigfall conflicting each other with different tridash techniques.

You ask any questions you want:
But it has to be a serious question. If you asks a dumb question like “How do I do the ROM infinite” you will be ignored with any further questions and get an ass beating at the next tourament you go to.

The staff will be allowed to conflict with each other AFTER the person the question was addressed to has already answered the question.

Address questions to the respective players that know what they’re talking about:
I.e., don’t ask Soo how to play cable and don’t ask kuan how to play magneto, that’s just a waste of time.

ONLY MvC2 questions: If you ask Potts what’s his favorite show on the WB, you will be ignored and get 3 assbeatings at the next tournament.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for a reply: Kids are mad busy so please be understanding. Even though you probably will figure out an answer to your question before 8 weeks, it never hurts to ask.

Let me start off with the first question.

To: J Mar Nigga!!!
Q: How do you beat up Kuaneasy’s Sentinel with Magnus so easily?


To: Um. Shit. Whoever’s the official “Magneto Team Picker”.

Question: Is Mags/Cable/Rogue a decent team? It works for me, but I refuse to play against anyone but mallscrubs.



Okay, you pick a name. Then that guy answers the question. Then the other mag players can agree or disagree. We don’t want 5 people rushing to answer the same question. That’s how friendships end. And no, that team sucks.


To: Soo

Q : What’s the prettiest thing to do with magneto after short, short, tron?


This question goes out to Sanford.

Sanford, let’s say I’m running with Storm/Cap against a Sent/Cap. I’m doing fierces floating down moving away from Sent, and he flies towards me on the ground, being careful not to get under me so I can’t fall on him. He usually swats me when I hit the ground, calls Capcom, unflies, dashes back, low mouth laser, and HSF’s if he sees that I called Capcom (which I do when I hit the ground).

I’m thinking I could just drop down before he gets close to me and start the whole process over, but if I run again, he just swats me when I hit the ground again, making it very hard for me to get some safe hails out.

How do I beat this?


This one goes out to Blaziniflo.

Q: Why are you so gay? Why do you make 47 threads a day on SRK and then ask why it’s flooded with bullshit? More importantly, why do you start threads like “EC Team” and “ECC grudge matches” and this one, and talk like you’re somebody important? When was the last itme you were good at anything, or did anything constructive for the SF community?

Oh wait, I can answer this myself.

A: Because you’re a loser with no life.

Nuff’ said.


i can answer this

its cuz hes a mad kool guy, he can do that because he is right most of the threads are kids from gamefaqs with dumb questions. he does it for entertainment, just something for people to read that is also funny. and he didnt make the “ec team” thread.

now ask urself, are u good at mvc2 when u never place at a tourny, u post vids only when u win(1 to 10 with me), yet when i beat both u and starbury at the break in the triple threat it doesnt get put up the next day.

matter fact imma get onto that topic(triple threat). its funny cuz u had interviewed me and shawn and urself, had all this setup and all that stuff then i beat u ad shawn and win ur little “triple theat” no vids up. but u win and there up the next day. thats funny.

but maybe thats the only way for people to accept u at mvc2 since thats what u want so bad.

and thats y blaziniflo can do that and is still cool cuz he just like to have fun and play the game and doesnt worry about being being a top player, unlike u that cares so much and whines if u cant play a money match on the big cab at cf, or whines if my name come up for team ec. ad u always whine about the joysticks at any and every time ive seen u play(bout 2 years now) dont let it die, keep up ur trend its working for u.


How DO I do the ROM infinite?



Edit: almost 4got my question. OK this goes out to whoever can answer first, who has the best shuma in the community? Personally i think i do, but that’s just me. Shuma is my anti sent. but is there anyone who plays a good shuma?


phil, you’re the best. I can’t compete with you. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit bitch!!! Stop wasting my time with your shitty logic just because you were molested as a child. I didn’t do it. But if you keep talking shit, I’ma anal rape you at ecc. So stfu because I really don’t think anyone likes you at all.


wow, you’re gay. you got an assbeating coming. you too that rei kid. hella fags clogging up the blazed stylo. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit motherfucker.


thread is too good already


i was wondering (this is addressed to anyone that wants to answer). where does one start off in learning Mvc2. I kinda new to it since cvs2 and ggxx have my full attention.


wow, this is a serious thread not one of my other ones. you scrubs please keep the gayness out of here. that definitely includes you phil.


whoa was this addressed to me? :confused: :lol: j/k man


uhhhh anyone play servbot:confused:?


To: Clokwork

I have a quick question for Clock (I don’t remember if Clock was on the top tier list…but you know he should be):

Why do you think Justin Wong picked Cyclops against you at Evo2k3? I know he needed an AAA to counter your Strider/Doom…but why didn’t he go w/ Capcom? It seems more natural for a team involving Sentinel to have a Capcom rather than a Cyke…Why do you think he did this, and, how did that effect your strategy?


To: Clokwork

wow, stop disguising the gayness. If this is a serious question, I feel for you. Damn faggots.


To: Clokwork

Can’t wait to see what Clock says to this.


Re: To: Clokwork

what the hell is your deal man? people come to you with serious questions and you act like an asshole. At least explain why the request is gay…