Blaze joystyick?

OK so i saw this dual stick on ebay and i was wondering if anyone has modded one before, or knows of someone that has.

I’m pretty sure Paik4Life has. I never had one myself, but I know people put all Sanwa stuff in there.

whoa never seen that before

Well i won it for the cheap so i guess now its off to lizard lick for some speedy delivery on some sanwa parts.

People have definitley modded these with Sanwa. I’ve seen pictures, and supposedly it isn’t as easy as it looks. I think you have to modify the casing in some way to hold the sanwa parts.

Well any info would help out a ton.

how cheap did you get it for? i want one. :wasted:

i think the grand total with shipping was like $29 and change.

That’s a deal right there :tup: I was bidding on a couple not long ago and they kept going for $60+ and around $20 shipping.

i got to get a 2p joystick like that i like those better than singles

the only thing about my friend is hes to cheap to help me pay

what a scrub

it came out when you were only 7 years old.

it sucks ass as a stick; i stupidly bought one a long time ago.

happen to have it still kingdom? i want one.

:sweat::sweat::looney::looney::wgrin::confused: :confused: :lovin::lovin:

I’ve seen these things forever. The lowest I’ve seen them was I think $15 at an EB Games. They burn out easy so don’t bother trying to save the PCB. And the buttons on the one I saw were attached directly to the PCB not wired to it so you’d probably have to rip out the PCB anyway to fit the buttons in there.

I have one. Lasted me a good while before I realized the stick sucked. Just taking up space right now. It’s too skinny to mod at least not at arcade accurate height anyways.

I got two of those for $10 each at an EB games a long time ago. They worked pretty well for me until I landed a real stick. I haven’t gone back and tried them since then, but I did enjoy them while I had them. They are sitting in the basement of my parent’s house now, so I don’t even know if they still work.

looks like i will have to rip out the guts completly to mod this. well time for the fun to begin. as for making the stick work i was thinking about cutting out the base plate in that area and changing the depth of the plate.

I have always wanted one of those.