Blaze twin arcade stick?

my fren recently got himself a blaze twin aracade stick…

Im wondering whether any one knows if the sticks and buttons are sanwa?

My fren got a feel of it and found out it feels similar to arcade here. Does anyone know more abt this stick?

its knock off shit parts
no sanwa at all

Sanwa snap-ins will fit fine in there, but a Sanwa stick would take a lot of work.

Personally I actually think the buttons feel better than Hori’s stock

These things are pretty fun to use. And if you find them, they should be dirt cheap. I know someone with one and I think he bought it new from gamestop for $8-$10.

It’s definately not high quality, but I’ve felt much much worse buttons than this.

2 noteworthy problems with it:
It’s really light and basically impossible for 2 players (or even 1 player) to use without adding a lot of weight or putting something under it to keep it stuck to the surface it’s on.
The PCB burns out very easily. I’ve known of 3 that friends of mine owned. 2 of them burned out completely and the third only has 1 working side now. And I would say all 3 get less than average use.