BLAZE Twin Stick Mini

Hi Everyone,

Im new to the forums, but have been a lurker for a number of years. One of my videos was even featured here at one point (I had a surge of views the day after posting this). I just picked up this BLAZE Twin Stick Mini off of Ebay for a reasonable price. It came in great condition, but id like to change the buttons. I cant seem to find much information on it, even less so than its bigger brother which is just known as the BLAZE Twin Stick. The buttons seem smaller than any installed on any of my other sticks (I’ve never modded before) and I cant find the size (22mm, 24mm, etc.) or wiring diagram. Anyone have any idea of possible replacement buttons, and maybe opinions if you own or have ever used one? So far its been pretty good in its current condition, I can just tell the buttons need to be replaced. Thanks for reading!

Check in Tech Talk…better to ask there.

Yup. Moved on over.

Odds are you are dealing with 24mm buttons.
But you not know for sure until you get out a ruler, pop out a push button, and measure the hole that sits in the panel.

Well, it looks like the previous owner already modded it to a degree. Those are Seimitsu bubble tops on that baby!

More than likely you want 24mm snap in buttons. I say snap in because they are usually the best for plastic or metal panels. Screw ins for wood. Definitely measure to be sure, but its probably 24mm.

Thanks for the responses guys! I plan on carefully taking one of the sides apart and measuring it. After playing with it a bit, it feels like the left stick needs to be replaced. I did a small video review for it last night too.

Not a half-bad looking stick!

Decent size… not too big, not too little.

What kind of joysticks are in there btw?

I wonder if those cases have enough room for add-on’s or replacement PCB’s. Hmm… I’d think most of the replacement PCB’s (Cerberus, Cthulu’s, PS360+) should be able to fit into the case.

Good alternative to the bigger Twin Stick and the Saturn Twin Stick. The Saturn Twin, when it does come up, is generally not less than $350 – usually in the $400 range. Shipping is at least $100 from Japan where you’re more likely to find it.

I’ve owned two of these and gave them away as birthday gifts. Biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

congrats on the stick and GL on the mod!

Im not sure what sticks it has, I got it off of ebay so im not sure what’s what in it. I plan on opening it up soon and measuring the button holes to find the right button replacements. I have a PS1 version of the full size on the way so ill post pics of that once I get it as well (And eventually another video review).

This is rad. Thank you for posting it.

Hey everyone, just tan update. I received the PS1 version in the mail today. Cosmetically it looks pretty good, but both sticks need to be replaced, pronto. It also doesnt work with the PS2 version of Third Strike, likely because it is technically a PS1 controller. This one I plan on moding for PC use, and definitely changing the color scheme.

PS1 pads are forwards compatible with PS2’s. Must be something about the PCB.

Yeah I agree with Moonchilde here, PS1 controllers should be forwards compatible with the PS2 console.

It could be a odd PCB or the PCB has failed.
It would not be hard to restore with a pair of Toodle’s MC Cthulhu PCBs.

MC Cthulu would be best…
That gives first-three generation PS compatibility and opens up a bunch of other consoles while still retaining the PC/Mac compatibility. There have been no reports of issues with backwards-compatible PS3’s, either. Toodles did a fine job reverse-engineering the right tech and I still think this is the best replacement PCB on the market.

The Cthulus really work well with PC’s – even the AMD/NVidia motherboards PC’s.
I’ve had very few issues using Cthulu-equipped joysticks with Vanguard Princess and MAME. As well as SNES. And Typhoon (Tempest 2000 clone), and so on.

You can sidestep the issues by disabling the pov hat when you go and set up your inputs for mame.
Mame and a few other games do not like taking POV hat input, and by default toodles have it that the stick does analog and d-pad (POV hat) simultaneously.