Blaze Twin Stick modding question


I’ve read the thread on modding the blaze twin stick, and I saw that a JLF could be shoehorned (kind of) into it, but does anyone know if an LS-56 would fit without hanging half out? The 56 is the slimmest of the Japanese pro sticks, right?

Mystery Dreamcast Joystick

The JLF requires a bit of drilling to get it to sit in the twin blaze, but the JLF is more compact than the 56 (comparing them side by side right now). The JLF already brushes against the bottom of the shell when mounted so you would have mess around and mod the shell to just fit the JLF. The problem is that the LS-56 requires more clearance from the mounting plate down than the JLF since the shaft extends a tad longer down so I don’t know how that will fit into the twin blaze.


Okay…for some reason I always thought the 56 was slimmer below the mounting plate. Any quality sticks that won’t require modding to fit that you can think of? I just don’t have time to monkey with shoving 250lbs of crap into a 200lb bag.


Other than the stock I’m not sure… I wouldn’t count the hori HRAP joysticks as quality per se, and most other sticks are around the size of a JLF if not larger. Sorry, can’t help much with this one. What are your plans for the stick?


If they don’t sell I’ll make them my primaries for the Viewlix clone I’m working on. One with 6 button SF setup, one with 4 button SNK set up. If they do sell, I’ll end up buying one of the reproduction arcade panels from Jasen and making that into the CP for my Viewlix clone.


Ah I see. If I knew the dimensions of the twin blaze better I could help you, sorry bout that. It’s nice that you have that backup plan. The one thing I did not like about the twin blaze was the amount of palm space by the joystick, but that’s mainly due to how I handle the joystick.

Jasen makes some nice stuff. I already have a lindbergh on pre-order from him.


I kinda hope he does an extra wide body Panzer that will fit the Lindbergh panel. His stuff is awesome.


He makes custom Panzers in any size you want


I actually got out a LS-56 and JLF on reading this. I didn’t have calipers, so this was just a visual comparison. The two joysticks are very close to size with the LS-56 having a wider PCB and longer below panel shaft.
So I agree with you on this assessment.

I believe joystick that would be smaller than the JLF would be the LS-33;

Glad you have backup plans, good luck on your project I like to see the end results.


Paradise Arcade Shop will be releasing a “Shorty” lever very soon specifically for applications like this where there isn’t a lot of room below the top panel. Wait it out and get that!


I’m getting interest on both twin sticks, so there is a good chance I will unload and purchase 2 Lindbergh panels and create custom enclosures.


Thanks! I have the Lindbergh Vewlix Layouts in hand and will be shipping them out soon… pending the artwork starts coming in :slight_smile:

I am thinking of designing a case that supports the Lindbergh as a direct bolt on. I may do a pre-order again to get the price down but the case will essentially be a really wide Panzer with cutouts on the top and embedded nuts to screw the Lindberghs down into it. The ONLY issue I foresee is the hold down. Lindberghs require carriage bolts to hold them in place, which requires a square hole. Finding a bolt that covers the square hole properly could be problematic so it doesn’t irritate the player.



Hey @Chananigans‌… I just recently modded one of these and posted the details on the new arcade stick thread. Pm me if you have any questions… or check out the full write up my blog. I was able to fit a jlf in by drilling holes on the bottom panel and adding rubber feet for additional clearance.