Blaze Twin Sticks for Dreamcast

Didn’t really see too much on these sticks, so I decided to make a topic specifically for them. There’s a 90% chance that I have acquired a set of these stick for the SEGA Dreamcast. Thing is, I have no idea what to do with them. I’ve thought about getting a couple of Dreamcast to USB adapters, and using them on both my PS3 and PC, but that’s another $60. How is the quality of the buttons/stick that come default in the controller? Should I mod it, should I keep it as it is? Does anyone want it (I’ll sell it). You guys tell me what to do with it. I thought it was pretty cool, so I bid on it, and now I’m having second thoughts. Anyways, I’m going to make the best of the situation. For those who don’t know what it is, it should look something like this:
Blaze Twin Sticks for DC

How much would you sell it for?

It looks like I’m getting it for $81 with shipping and all. I’m not looking for a profit, just to make back some of the loss if I don’t like it. I’ll let you know once I get it. I might fall in love with it. How do the factory parts hold up, do you know? Does everything have micro-switches or are the buttons the ones with rubber on the bottom?

that’s actually pretty cool, the colors remind me of an astro city setup

The guts are pretty bad. The components are probably the same or worse than the agetec green goblin stuff. As I recall, the joystick is very shallow and even a standard JLF-32 won’t fit in it without cutting a hole out of the bottom.

Yeah I remember seeing someone modding the PS2 Blaze Twin stick also…

Yeah, I looked up the Blaze PS2 mod. The buttons look like they at least have microswithes, so maybe it will work ok. I’m a huge Dreamcast fan, so this may be worth having. However, if I hate it, I’ll sell it for $60 plus shipping. Also, how would one go about making a Dreamcast to USB adapter? I’ve seen them around, but don’t feel like dropping the $25 when I can learn to make my own.

wow…that stick is very very nice…

In 2 hours it’s mine. I’ll let you know if I win.

I have one. The stock parts aren’t that bad. They aren’t easily replaced though. Mine came in very yellowed which wasn’t evident in the auction listing. :sad: Otherwise I prefer the six button layout it has. My Mayflash Dreamcast to USB converter did not work with it. The only place I’ve been able to game with it was on an actual Dreamcast.

I am getting an HSS-0130 (the big mama) in the next week or so. Mine will be up for sale at that time.

Holy shit, someone just outbid me at the last secound. Oh well, I can use the money I spent to buy another stick instead. I’d like to keep this topic open just in case anyone else wants info on the stick. Also, I just looked up that HSS-0130… damn I’d like to have that. It’s actually made by SEGA too!

Haha, I was watching that same auction myself. Almost bid, but I really need the Blaze PS1 stick instead.

i had one of these sticks and they palyed quite good, standard cheap stick and cheap buttons… the real issue here is concerned the buttons themself… they are really “fragile”… everything is soldered and if you want to mod it you have to make some modification at the case… but i quite liked it ,it reminds me of an arcade cabinet :stuck_out_tongue:
As I said if you want to put real parts there you have to do some hand work but it’s all worth it:

Mine was 20bucks back in HK, dunno if it s worth 80+bucks … i mean it’s a good 2players stick but as it is (stock parts), dunno how long it would last :stuck_out_tongue: