Blaze Twin Sticks

I got one of these on ebay for £25, it’s in decent shape and whatnot, few scuffs (ps1 version). I had to fix a microswitch in one of the joy sticks, but all works fine now. These crown buttons people have been using; will these also work ? can’t find anywhere selling crown buttons in the UK, and i’m on a tight budget.

Also fitting these, will the pcb that is in already still fit in? seems to be enough at the side but just want to check to be sure with you guys.

Seems fitting in new sticks is the hard part as I don’t have a dremel, and I have no drill to make a hole in the case bottom for the stick to move. What sort of drill can drill metal? will a hand drill do it? I’m new at working with tools.

(I posted in an older topic about this, but no response)

eTokki ships internationally and carry Korean parts like crown buttons.
Yes the buttons you found should work, but I don’t know if there will be enough clearance for the buttons.

Also unless you are exceptionally good ( I am talking hand crafting replicas of Victorian era Furniture using only period tools and methods) I would not try a hard drill. Get a Power Drill, a Dremel or some other powered rotary tool. Many Pros would use a Drill Press. As for the Bits, make sure you have the correct bits for metal drilling, you can find these at your local hardware store.

I’d seriously consider ordering from eTokki and waiting for the crown buttons, those buttons from gremlin look pretty poor. Otherwise, you could use Happ/iL competitions. The blaze stick is quite deep IIRC so they should fit.
As for mounting the stick, take the stock stick out and take close up photos of the mount on the stick and case, maybe we can figure out something that will fit without much effort.

you definitely need a dremel. To drill the bottom I suggest a hole saw. Here is an album with pictures of mine.

Thanks for the info guys. I have a BIG task ahead of me here.