Blaze vs Matrix: Evo Teams Retirement Match!


Drama always has it ways of surfacing when it comes to East Coast Marvel!!!

For those of you who missed Evo East Ill give you a brief summary of what spawned this godlike stipulation match, which we'll get to in a minute.

During the Team tournament Jon Sentinaaaal (Team Raw no Rubbers) had defeated Xecutioner (Team Hustle n Flo) with Sentinal on point using Thrax. The next member for Team HnF was Matrix. Sentinaaal decided to run thrax again But starting with Storm on point. The match was played out and Matrix was defeated.

Matrix stated his concern to me (Tournament Director) about changing the order of the team and I did not allow winners to change their order. At this point Blaziniflo had become unglued and claimed Matrix was being shady about the rules then and  from a previous ECC team tournament. In the End Hustle n Flo advanced but not without leaving a bitter and sour taste in Blaziniflos mouth.....hence BEEF!

Which now brings us to the Grudge Match. With soooo many random mm's happening at worlds this year, lets see if we can make marvel a lil more interesting by announcing the 1st Retirement Match!

Heres the stipulation: Blaziniflo VS Matrix FT10 up to $500 depending on what each player can get covered. Winner must keep same team without changing the order. Loser can counter of course. Loser of the series is RETIRED from any Evo related team tourny for ONE YEAR, starting at Evo Worlds 2K7 which NKI and Myself will be running. So if both players accept this match the stipulation will not be void!

Blaziniflo has Agreed to play in this match. When Matrix agrees its going down.

If both Players become Scary, then just say you Scary!




Nytol will help you get your zzzzzs!


would be more hype if they had to retire from all evo events not just team tourney :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe forever puhaha


Weakest Grudge Match ever, i expect more from EC drama.


blazinflo is pringles son, LIKE DAT!


i heard blazinflo sucks?


I heard the same thing about Mo’ tricks which makes this a fair fight then. For the record though, how do you lose and then complain about a switch. He should have recognized that from the jump, not play the match and get mad because he lost later. EC drama is the best.



This is it? Blaze fucking sucks. Who cares.


So what exactly is the big deal with switching order? Is it so that the winner has to rely on the same team, while the next player can attempt to counter with whatever team they happen to pick?


would things be the same had Matrix won?


i say retirement from marvel for life…one year ain’t shit, i’m trying to get fanatiq to play me a retirement match but he won’t agree…

retirement matches ftw!


man if you guys think blaze suxz yall some crazy mofos


I second that… his cable is pretty much zoning anyone out…

Matrix is good, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t see him out thinking justin… he’s justin for crying out loud.


oh yeah, and i’ll cover $50 on justin on this


Is anybody willing to bet on matrix? I need free money too.


I’ve only seen Blaze’s Cable once or twice but damn is it nice.


that is correct. bet 500 on matrix.


I’ll play you for ft10 for 100.


if this goes down 20 on matrix


20 out of a 500 bet, way to show your confidence.