Blazing Orb Spaera: Battle Tetris


Not sure if there’s a thread about this game already that I saw at the Mad Catz booth at EVO but it’s pretty fun and the artwork is really nice.
Open beta is on PC right now and coming to Xbox One soon.


Yea I’ve been playing this on and off the last month or two after coming across their twitch stream randomly, very fun.

Some guys are too damn good at this shit though lol. I usually use Harland or Setter Z but all of the characters are pretty great and balanced.


I’ve been using Leon and Joseph they seem pretty easy I guess, I hope they update with a friends list or something during beta so you can actually find and play friends over netplay instead of randoms.


Downloaded, haven’t played it yet. Started jacking off instead.
Heard good things, I’ll try it tonight.


Oh yeah, and if you wanted to use your arcade stick and it doesn’t seem to see it I got mine to work with x360ce 32bit version, 64bit didn’t work on this game for me.


Reminds me of the good, old times playing TetriNet with up to 4 (or 6?) players. One block bomb to rule them all.
Glorious stuff, thanks for the link, will try for sure.


Holy shit this is exactly like Tetris Battle Gaiden on SFC. Loved that damn game.

runs to ebay to see if it’s findable now


Kinda cool how the “demo mode” is love players online going at it. Tho, the game makes it too easy to rage quit. Got players avoiding loses with no issues. Lame cakes.


Yeah there’s a lot of stuff they need to add and adjust, like a friends list to actually play your friends online.


IMO the game is kinda slow.

I still wanna try it though.


What do you mean slow? The pacing? I found it pretty quick when you play against good people or really bad and you crush their blocks with your skills, some games last 4 minutes or so