BlazOrange - My 2009 Pumpkin carving

Hey SRK’ers
I just finished carving my Halloween pumpkin, which I decided to dedicate to my 2009 GOTY
I present:

Let me know what you think!

I love pumpkin, I love BlazBlue, I love BlazBlue pumpkin.

I’d rep you if I could.

yeah that’s a pretty nice pumpkin. you gonna do any other ones? Hopefully that pumpkin lasts longer than the BlazBlue community did.

Oh wow, that’s really awesome. Freaking great work.

Should’ve carved KOF12 instead. Would’ve scared kids away and made people cry by just looking at it. :smiley:

Post of the week right here :wink:

That is pretty damn good. +rep.

I love you. +rep

(No homo)


Repped, that’s awesome sir…

Very nice! Will rep when able. :tup:

nice +rep

:u: pretty much.


Bang up job, old chap.