Bleach: Blade of Fate

Post anything related to Bleach: BoF for the DS here. Strats, friend codes, whatever. I want to see how many people actually play this game.

Any tips for fighting against Gin players? My main is Renji.

is this what the american release of the japanese bleach ds is called?

Meeeeh, I’ve been playing Bleach DS since souten, I tried BoF, but I’m going back to 2nd. The whole being unable to air block ground based attacks has made Renji God tier though.

Anyway, a good tip to remember is to duck A LOT, when fighting Gin, this is because if you get caught in a chain combo, his standing medium will whiff most characters crouching and leave him open ( it whiffs Ichigo’s rushing slash, gayest crouch box ever ).

Since you play Renji though you should be able to stop any aggressive Gin’s from getting close to you, since they have to compensate for your range, and Renji’s distance game easily beats out Gin’s too.

Duck a lot when fighting Gin? Lol.

Well except to deal with overheads, and his are pretty slow considering only his air medium/hard can really be performed as an overhead, his air light whiffs as badly as his standing light does.

Overall Gin isn’t very threatening, I’d put him next to Hitsugaya. You should really worry about Yoruichi and ( at least when Freen’s playing ) Ukitake.

Oh so they actually changed blade of fate from souten ni kakeru unmei? mmm makes me want to pick it up just to test it and stuff.

Been thinking of getting this game, is it good?

Don’t like GG or UMK3 so it’s this or nothing for DS fighting games.

**Byukuya, Kenpachi, and Ukitake. Ukitake is my strongest character. His setups are pretty brutal.

I like it so far. Damn it’s pretty good.

Well, if this game is like bleach ds the 2nd (the same game?) chad has an infinite, kinda hard but not that bad. Involves using the otg glitch.

Just do combo into st.c into his regular dash punch, when they wall bounce run up and do standing b into dash punch, then as they bounce to the the other side do a cr.a, (so it hits right as they hit the ground which should stand them up… do, cr.a,st.c dash punch, and then dash over and repeat.

Note: you may have to change what move you do before the dash punch that comes before the otg or you may end up to close to the wall to follow up correctly. You can also put in a dash punch super into reverse fireball super whenever you want, just be sure you have enough quick movement meter left to dash over and follow it up or you may not be able to continue the infinite.

lol that sounds like some hokuto no ken shit

Any good Bankai setups? LOL

man i stopped playing for a month cuz my net was off and i decided to pick it up again last night only to get beat by scrubs :lol: but on the real though gin isnt that threatening if he tries for his “get over here” move you can throw him immediately afterwards unless it was his RF version. as for me i play soi fon who is majorly dumbed down but i still rock shit with her. pm your fc and we can play sometime.

well generally you’re supposed to use his Super A after his ‘get over here’…otherwise you’re asking to get thrown. Gin’s not so threatening because he’s pretty standard, nothing is overtly special about him ( except that Shinsou is unblockable in the air if the opponent is hit with the start up ).

Renji: Launch, RFed Helicopter special into bankai going in the opposite direction your opponent flies in. Basically all Renji players go for this because all of Renji’s melee attacks are unblockable in the air ( which makes him high tier thanks to the system tweak ).

Hitsugaya: The classic combo is sL sM cM 9B aM aH x3 sL sM cM Bankai loop ice boomerang sL sH aL aM x4 special A.

Me personally I add in a special a during the intial flash step loop but stop after only 2 times and then do sL Flash step behind opponent, RFed HCB Bankai loop etc.

Tousen: Pretty much the same idea as Hitsugaya, but you might wanna do his earlier in a combo since it’ll freeze the damage scaling at that point, so I’d suggest not using any flash steps before activating.

Byakuya: Scrubs love the tele-slash to lvl 3 Bankai…but they never chain it in off a poke or a combo ( which is pretty much the only reason you should be using tele-slash since otherwise it leaves you wide open if it’s blocked…and you can also get thrown out of it ).

Soi Fon: It’s not a bankai but…if you wanna for some reason waste 3 stock and use her shikai, launch a ninja, attack with a 2-3 hit chain ( depending on when you’re able to land a hit ) then activate. Ninja comes down, explodes, gives Soi Fon plenty time to hit opponent with her lvl 3…but then you gotta rebuild meter and do it again…actually it’s pretty gay cause by the time you build up 3 stock again, killing them with the 2nd hit may not even be worth it.

Komamura: From what I remember, the best thing to do is throw your opponent, activate and keep them bouncing back and forth. There’s a way to continue a combo once it ends but you have to knock your opponent into the corner you reappear in ( which if I’m correct is where you activated ).

Other cool stuff:

Ukitake: throw out an invisible reflector ball, shoot the RFed beam special ( HCF ). If they block it ( and don’t guard cancel, which is hard as it’s one hit and comes out really fast ) there’s actually a small window where you can run up and throw them before they can react. Even better, the reflected beam cancels their thrown status,…so you can have even more fun with them. I’m certain it’s completely failsafe, but it’s been a staple for my Ukitake head game when I’m in close quarters with him…then again my Ukitake isn’t anywhere nearly as good as Freen’s so I guess I’ve been getting lucky no one figured this out.

some of that stuff aint correct. i play renji a little, im a serious soi fon player, along with other characters as well but you can block renjis air melees and ive faced enough gins to know his air shinshou isnt unblockable. but this game does have weird properties but i know that much to be true. but send me your fc id like to play you sometime since im just now getting back into it and need to refine myself.

he’s saying that renji’s opponent can’t block renji’s ground attacks and the RF-B when said opponent is in the air

and that shinso on the ground (the knife part) is unblockable when the opponent is in the air

oh ok i misunderstood what he was saying then. yes all ground attacks are unblockable when opponent is in air the best option to defend against that is to clash then flash step away or to their opposite side to hit low or something. i think this game would be much better if it got rid of the universal blocking though. would add to the mix up game instead of just high and low.

As a japanese fighting game, it’s decent. As a DS game, it’s awesome.

How do I do Ukitake’s vertical beam? I saw the CPU do it, but I haven’t been able to.

Better wake me up when the second game comes to US.

There’s another thread dedicated to that game. Don’t derail this one.