Bleach DS 2nd matches

Whos up for it with a GOOD connection?

I’ve played 3 matches against someone I believe to Japanese. That aint working at all. I cant do SHIT.

I need to fight an American ASAP!

Name is Diego, thats whats displayed. I dont know shit about WFC other than how to get into a match. Dont know WHO or where they are, or a Freind code.

is this on GGPO or anything like that?

Its a DS game.

A japanese import one. Fighting systems pretty deep.

I used to play this, Ichimaru ftw.

I dun have my copy anymore =/ Waiting for US ver. to drop :tup:

This game died.

^ Lol @ your av

I know… people went back to US Bleach 1. wtf

Wait for Bleach DS 2nd US version and the game will make some noise again.

Bleach DS 2nd is far for be death… Big Bang Beat is a real dead game, for example.

As it should be.

I wonder if the US release of 2nd will tweak some things (like the first did); it’s kind of retarded some of the nerfs they gave characters (ichimaru can’t link after RF akanna? wtf)

Oh lawd
gamefaqs can help you on this