Bleach DS/2nd sprites thread

This is my thread for Bleach DS sprites. I doubt anyone else has sprites ripped for this game, but if you do, feel free to post them as well.

-The Blood Mist shield is not accurate. It usually is transparent against everything, including the background. Since I had nothing to go on, I had to do the transparency myself. Also, the color is more crimson than the actual game. I personally like this shade more, actual in-game doesn’t look the correct color.
-Since those green slash/attacks have some transparency, just like the Blood Mist shield, I cannot rip the sprites with the actual transparency, so I left them white.
-Running sprites are impossible to rip with Urahara. The dust covers up his feet, so for now I think the only three remaining running frames are not included.

Next on the rip list: Kenpachi, Ikkaku

I might take requests if I feel like it.

Yoruichi sprite sheet by Sixfortyfive:

Kon sprite sheet by BwdYeti:

How’d you rip these?



I’ve never played Bleach on the DS. is Grimmjow on it?

Kon please.


very nice