Bleach DS gets a piece of the '09 pie, Bleach DS 4th is for real son

Teaser Site:

Vaizards baby.

Scan (sorta): [media=youtube]rSCX-0bmiyg[/media]

I actually wasn’t too thrilled with Dark Souls and tried to go back to BoF but the community had already shifted. I’m hoping that since BoF actually contained Treasure’s most recent updates to the game (since Dark Souls was was more or less a quickie translation job) that this will play more like that rather than building off of Dark Souls…which was actually kind of boring by comparison.

Edit: In my blind enthusiasm, I forgot to mention that it hasn’t been stated whether or not this is a Fighter, or an RPG…while classically the series has been fighters except for the 3rd…it’s just speculation that this one is indeed a fighter as well…that’s what I get for hoping for cool things.

Treasure’s name missing from the teaser site is also a sad indication that it might not be a fighter…or it could be an elaborate mindfuck.

Is it a fighter?

or another gay RPG

Not much of a bleach fan anymore but if the game looks like a big improvement from DS2 I’m down

If only One Piece could get games like this

If we jinx it by asking that question, it’ll be a puzzle game.

I bet that this is gonna be another RPG again, as you say there is no Treasure logo so…

if its a fighter ill buy another ds i sold my last one cuz of ds2

Looks like another RPG to me.

Wait, there was a 3rd?

Yep, it was called Bleach DS: The 3rd Phantom.

Famitsu says that is “an action game”

That doesnt really mean that this is a fighter (sure is a side-scroller) but thats something.