Bleach DS

Seeing as I can’t find anything here on Shoryuken regarding this amazing gem of a game, I am starting a thread on it. I also have started a forum on proboards.

Here is a gameplay vid of it. Its tight.

So here are the basics on it.

Chain combos with Light, Medium and Hard Slash buttons.
Buffering and Super cancels
Lvl 1 and 3 supers (Bankai?s alot of the time for fans of the anime)
Double Jumps and double air dashing
Dashing on ground
EX moves
Quick Step (like a teleport but limited, can also continue combos and be used in setups)
Aerial launchers (ala Marvel and GGXX) into aerial combos.
2 fields of play, L switchs to foreground (GG: Isuka style)
Game can be (and more often is) as a one on one game similar to Guilty Gear style or some Doijin fighters (kinda Melty Bloodish)
WIFI connectivity (I haven?t had any good matches but my router sux. Lots of people on have had some really good matches it would seem)
Card system powerups on touch screen (unblockable moves, invisibility, quicker, stronger, more spirit power, etc.) Can be turned off for online play.
Download play available (can play 4 player match with 4DS?s and one game basically)
Lots of unlockables (endless) and tons of different modes: Time, Survival, Story, VS, Umahara Shop, Arcade and a whole ass load more.
28 Characters (7 are not considered main characters) 14 initially, the other 14 are earned through story mode.

Now since this game has a 4 player mode, you can turn in any direction. This basically means there is no back dashing. If you ?back dash?, you turn around and Dash in that direction. You can either hold back to block, or hold the guard button. The major drawback to this is crossups are near worthless now. With all the crazyness on the screen tho and setups and what not its not needed.

Special and super moves are commands (no diagonals just d,f + attack for instance or d,d +attack). Since there is no BACK if you do d, b + attack (hurricane kick), you do the d,f move in the other direction. Supers are d,f,d,f + attack or d,b,d,f + attack (Kyos Serpant Wave). That motion seems weird at first since you use back but it works. Lvl 3 supers are all done with this motion: f,b,d,f + attack and are usually pretty flashy.

Execution takes some time to get used to but is for the most part easy and really doesnt take much time getting used to. If you want, you can always use the touch pad to do the specials for you (like programed command attack buttons) including supers.

The system is much more comfortable then Guilty Gear Isuka. It is very solid as a 1v1 fighter. actually has a decent board going since it is only a bunch of importers (typically a bit more serious in the gaming aspect).

If you are a fan of Bleach or Guilty Gear or any Doujin fighter, this game has tons of depth and is really really fun on multiple levels with ridiculous amounts of content and online play. Ive been glued to it for over a week now and couldn?t be happier.

Lets try to get this game on the map people :slight_smile: POST UP!!!

how does this compare to the psp bleach games?

im loving how flexible the game is in terms of combo’s
i’ve found some pretty fun combo’s w/ yoriuchi and tatsuki
though the character i’ve been usin most has been renji(yea, my favorite character, i’m such a fanboy)

Ive never played the one on PSP but this game is known to be the most technical of all Bleach games.

Imma keep this bumped cause I love this game so much ^^

The link to the vid doesn’t work… :sad:

There’s a thread in Fighting Game Discussion that has a bunch of SRK friend codes. I haven’t put mine up yet cause I keep getting jacked by random people online.

Here’s my friend code…

AIM: SSJ Hibiki

I’m always down for a match, so hit me up and we’ll play. I only use cards unless my opponent does, so let’s have some good clean matches.